Judge Alex: Syndicated Court Show Cancelled

Judge Alex canceledLong-running court show Judge Alex has been cancelled. The cancellation was confirmed by Stephen Brown, executive VP of programming and development for the Fox Television Stations.

“We would like to thank Alex Ferrer as well as executive producer Kathy Sapp and the entire staff for producing a strong daytime court program,” said Brown in a statement. “Alex’s extensive police, legal and judicial experience combined with his great sense of humor made for compelling daytime television for nearly 10 years.”

Judge Alex debuted on September 12, 2005 and features cases that are presided over by Judge Alex E. Ferrer, a former police officer, lawyer, and Florida judge.

The series is the lowest-rated of the five remaining court shows and will continue airing original episodes through August.

In a statement on his Facebook page, Ferrer said, “It was not my decision to end the show. I enjoyed doing the show and would keep doing it but, for many reasons, the company that produces the show wanted to move on. I am grateful that I was able to work with really amazing people like my EP Kathy Sapp and Associate EP’s Tera Roberson and James Glover; Directors Eddie October, Michael Dimitch and Art Bergel; Bailiffs Mason Burroughs & Victor Simon, my makeup, hair and wardrobe help that changed me from hideous to tolerable; incredible producers and associate producers who found great cases for me to try and so many others in our 100 person staff and crew who made the show a success. I’m also grateful to have so many great fans and friends, many of whom I got to meet; and I’m sure that I’ll still get to meet more of you at other events.”

He also hinted that he may return to television at some point in the future.

What do you think? Did you like Judge Alex? Are you sorry that it’s been cancelled?

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  1. says

    No!!!! I love Judge Alex he was very fair and I enjoyed watching him. Please bring him back he is much better than Judge Judy. He had the best court room program and I am so sad to see it cancelled.

  2. judyh says

    good show, personable guy. i don’t get it. and 30 minutes is about the right length for a court show.

  3. Rose Perez says

    Intelligent, fair and witty is Judge Alex! Great to look at, too. I hope some other more cultured network picks up his show. What a sad day to find out that Judge Alex’s gavel won’t be pounding anymore….well, maybe only for his wife (lucky lady)!!

  4. Adam says

    That’s disappointing I get a laugh out of how stupid his litigants are and what they say at the end and how they cuss and say things they shouldn’t say. I’m very disappointed

  5. Tracy says

    I think the network is stupid for canceling his show, because he had the best Judge show out of all the judge shows. He had Good cases plus he was funny. I was very disappointed that you all cancelled his show.

  6. Sandie says

    Yes. I was surprised that he is been cancelled. He was one of my favourite
    court shows. He will be greatly missed.

  7. Karen says

    I LOVE the show. I will be so disappointed when its over. Judge Alex always seems to get it right. He is fair…and adds some humor to the show. The other court shows are so degrading, the judges think it funny to embarrass the participants. and show how righteous they are. Not Judge Alex. Bad decision.

  8. says

    I can’t believe the cancelled this show, i wish they would have had him on double the time, i use to wish that i could really watch it after work, some people don’t get home until after 6 or 7. Very entertaining, and helpful, and a lot of cases, made you laugh. You could be going through hell at work. I recorded them everyday, we got all these stupid reality shows, but the court shows, they are real, and it can help people stop acting a fool. It’s like really, come on. I really hate to hear this, i had notice that i would record, and i would wine up see the shows month after month the same ones. Still worth watching. If Judge Judy can do it, so can Judge Alex, he’s very nice, and strick, and he sets people straight. You are going to have a lot of unhappy people. Ok, lets do this, we don’t want to over work our Judge, but maybe he could have maybe two cases a doing the each half an hour. Maybe that’s way Judge Judy has lasted so long, because if you don’t like one case, there might be another one, next that’s better. I wish the Production People would reconcider. Sh, sh, sh, i watch it at work, for real. LOL

  9. June says

    Terrible news!
    wonderful jidge. Gtreat personality.
    very bad decisoon, perhaps a different time slot would have made big difference in the ratings!

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