Judge Karen’s Court: Syndicated TV Series Renewed for Season Two

Judge Karen's CourtThere’s order in the court — an order for season two of Judge Karen’s Court. It’s just been announced by the syndicated program’s distributor.

According to THR, Litton Entertainment says that the newbie courtroom show will return with a new season of episodes this fall. It became the number one new first-run strip series on New York’s WPIX and has been renewed by some 57 nationwide stations already.

Daytime viewers may recall that Judge Karen Mills-Francis previously presided over the Judge Karen show. That was cancelled after one season in 2009 and, in many markets, it was replaced by Street Court. When that was cancelled after one season, it was replaced by Judge Karen’s Court with Mills-Francis back on the bench.

In a statement, Mills-Francis said, “After my first show went off the air, many people thought that was the end. But then something extraordinary happened. Several station groups actually lobbied to get my show back on the air!”

What do you think? Do you like to watch Judge Karen’s Court? Is it better or worse than other court shows? How so?

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  1. Beverly says

    Judge Karen is a disgrace to the judicial system. She is a know-it-all and screams at people. She has no consideration for the people she is judging. She constantly interrupts and does not listen to what people say.

  2. Grace says

    Judge Karen should no longer ever be allowed to air again. She let a women win a case that had attacked a mom tried to kid nap her kid and when she did not succeed at kidnapping the lady tried to get custody through the courts. This women ended up with 3 years probation her custody request denied because of lying to a court and many false testimonies. she was awarded in a real court 3 years probation an order of protection 6 charges of harassment by a 3rd party (false CPS reports), breaking and entering, assault, harassment, violating an order of protection 3 times!!! slander, stalking, and she forced the mom of the child to loose her job. Judge Karen refused to acknowledge real proof and we later found out that while my friend (who was on the show) was at the airport that a man who was in the same room as the one lady was telling her to lie to make the show more interesting its all provoked and fabricated to get ratings this show is not for proof but for ratings.

  3. Sandra Hewett says

    I like judge Karen please bring her back I like her show I watch channel 19 I am from Los Angeles.

    Sandra Hewett

    • SONDRA says


  4. sandra davenport says

    I thank God! judge Karen is back. I waited and complained to other, because your show was on in the south. But not on here north (chicago) we love you judge Karen. and the network,think twice before pulling the plug again.

  5. Elsbeth says

    As usual the “powers that be” decide what the viewers want…..I couldn’t see the thread that led them to connect Street Court as a suitable replacement for Judge Karen’s style. Hopefully, someone out there is lobbying on behalf of Judge Penny, too. I don’t think either were given a fair shake at drawing an audience.

  6. Theresanona says

    18 of January at 2pm I watched Judge Karen. I am a social worker. Before her were two young men. One had hit the other over sushi. The defendant was a troubled young man. He stated he does not have a father and his mother was murdered. He was found guilty of damages to the plaintiff’s property. These shows make money off of the cases before them. Other court shows when it is evident the person in front of them has issues, they sent them to some type of treatment program.
    This case was screaming for help by intervention. These shows make far too much money off of the people without offering help.

    I would like a response.

  7. linda langford says

    i love judge karen she is a woman from my heart. she gives it to you straight, no ducking and dodging, she has a pretty smile and she is always in control of her court room. i love you judge karen. keep the good works up.

  8. Wendy says

    Thought Street Court was a much better show. Judge Mazz was just hitting his stride when they took him off. Why the same old Judge with the strange robe? Bring back Street Court.

  9. Janetta says

    I love Judge Karen. She is funny and gives a lot of good advice to the litigants. And she isn’t mean like some of the other judges

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