Kickin’ It: Season Four for Disney XD Series

Kickin' It season fourDisney XD has renewed Kickin’ It, their highest-rated TV series, for a fourth season. Production will resume in November in Los Angeles with the new episodes expected to air some time in 2014. There’s no word on how many installments have been ordered.

The fourth season of the martial arts series will star Jason Earles, Leo Howard, Mateo Arias, and Dylan Riley Snyder. Olivia Holt is leaving the show to star in a new Disney Channel comedy series, I Didn’t Do It, which will premiere in 2014.

Season three of Kickin’ It is currently airing and is Disney XD’s top series in total viewership and several young demographics. In addition, it’s outperforming season two by double digits.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Kickin’ It? How long do you think the series should run?

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  1. Skylar Smith says


  2. says

    I’m a huge fan of kickin it and I do karate myself I love it. But I think it should run until everyone has to split up from the show because 9x out of 10 they won’t and even if they do that might not be until a while..

  3. says

    Do you people know what you are doing I jest finished the seasons and the very last episode was so sad I can’t go on with my life you have to go on with the seasons and you have to start where you left off or it will turn this show into a fail and I will never watch it when and you have to figure out how to get olivia Holt on the show she was one of the best actors in the show if you don’t you jest mesed up a lot of peoples lives.

  4. Anna says

    I think there should be more seasons of kickin it. I also think that there should be a season 5 and Olivia Holt comes back as part of the main cast again. I know that its been said that she will come back sometime in the middle or end of season 4 but that’s not enpugh for me I NEED MORE KICK

  5. Alex ly says

    Kickin it is my childhood it’s one of the best shows I’ve see. I don’t like Olivia holt leaving I honestly think the series go on lifetime we all can work together and find ideas to inspire people if this series end my life is over thanks in advance please 90 seasons with 32 episodes each just please

  6. Balthazar Horowitz says

    Kickin’ It was a great show when it still had Olivia Holt, but it’s really going downhill quickly. I actually would not be that upset if it went off, but I don’t want it to “Jump the Shark”.

  7. Ashley says

    I love Kickin’ It! I think it should run as long as it can! the only thing that I don’t like is that Olivia Holt is leaving!!!! It isn’t Kickin’ It without her as Kim I don’t want anyone else but her to be Kim and I want Kim to still be in Kickin’ It. A lot of my friends and my two younger sisters friends, probably over 100 people just in my small town with a small pop. wants Olivia Holt to still play Kim and I have heard a lot of them say they will no longer watch Kickin’ It with Kim (Olivia Holt no one else can play the part) gone. That is not good for ratings, so itwould be best if you got Olivia Holt back it isn’t the same without her. I still LOVE Kickin’ It though, but I am extremely mad about Olivia Holt leaving. No matter how long Kickin’ It runs I don’t think I’ll watch it without Olivia Holt!

  8. Wyatt Wheatley says

    Kickin’it should run forever. I don’t want that series ever to end it just so great!!!!!!! 1,000 seasons if it has to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. hailey says

    I personally think kickin it should go on as long as possible I think it is a great show and its realy cool im realy glad there is gonna be a season 4 and I hope kickin it goes on for a realy long time cause I realy love the show

  10. kasey says

    I like kickin it and I am a girl. I dont want to see Olivia leave the show I really like her. You should put someone else in her place. My sister and I watch the show together almost everyday. My younger brothers watch it with us. It is really cool to see them do all the martial arts stuff. You should keep this show going for a long time.

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