Kidnapped: NBC Really Finishes the Serial Drama

Jeremy Sisto and cast of Kidnapped on NBCFans of NBC’s new drama Kidnapped just can’t seem to catch a break. The show debuted to a less than impressive 7.5 million viewers and the numbers dropped with subsequent episodes. As a result, NBC asked producers to wrap up the storyline in 13 episodes and the network moved the show to the television graveyard known as Saturday nights. A sad tale for one of NBC’s most anticipated new shows.

Well, it just got worse.

Only 2.9 million households watched the most recent episode. So, after airing for just two weeks on Saturday nights, NBC has pulled Kidnapped from the schedule, seemingly for good. Repeats of Law & Order: Criminal Intent will fill Kidnapped’s Saturday 9pm timeslot beginning this Saturday, November 4th.

Only five of the 13 serial drama episodes have been broadcast thus far. It’s been reported that the 13th episode has just recently been completed and NBC has announced that they’re making the remaining episodes available online via their website (as was done with the controversial The Book of Daniel series). It’s also been suggested that the series will ultimately be released on DVD. TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Jerome - Cleveland, Ohio says

    I’m very disappointed the show is no longer on. I was really looking forward to see how things would turn out. With so many good shows on the air this season, it’s hard to see them all. I bet if you look at the numbers across the board most shows are pulling the same numbers. At least they could have finished this season.

  2. hilda keeton says

    I am very disappointed to hear that kidnapped has been withdrawn. I thought it was great. I hope to see the conclusion online if possible.

  3. Linda says

    Why is it that the really well written, KEEP YOUR
    ATTENTION shows like E RING and KIDNAPPED get
    the boot, just when you one gets hooked. Maybe
    NBC should consider shooting whole seasons
    and selling whole DVD series to we, appreciative,
    discriminating audiences!!!

  4. Anonymous says

    I cannot believe the dimwits at NBC canceled a show AS GOOD IF NOT BETTER than studio 60 and law and order. What in the world could have possessed them to make such a bad decision. What a bunch of jerks.

  5. Marie says

    I cannot believe that you cancelled this excellent show! You obviously cannot decern quality programming from trash programming (which is still playing). Kidnapped was suspensful and cineamatic in it approach to filming and editing. The cast is superb. We eagerly awaited every episode and long for more. If you wonder what the future of television is, it will be choice and programming will be done by the viewer. ie dvd rentals, netflix, etc. why rely on the television business to provide what we want to see. Creative artist and producers with vision will build a market and create directly for dvd and other outlets, leaving the middle man (tv) left in the dust.

  6. Douglas Rice says

    I am dismayed at the info relating to the demise of Kidnapped. I found it to be a fast moving action hour with very good acting. You will obviously find one of the many mindless reality shows that keep me from watching television. Back to HBO!

  7. Anoushaigh says

    I really hope this series comes out on DVD, though, it should’ve never been taken off of TV to begin with. I love this show, it hardly seems fair that NBC would pull it so quickly. Idiotic shows such as Deal Or No Deal never seem to fail, but when we actually have a good, intelligent show it gets yanked off? Yes, I’m more than just a little bit upset.

  8. Sharo Grieco says

    Hey NBC: Ya know the 7.2 million viewers might like to see the end of Kidnapped!! You gave it ONE SATURDAY NIGHT and then pulled it – thats not even giving it a chance – We were so THRILLED to finally have something on Saturday night – and then we wait and look and wait and look and no Kidnapped!! Come on!! You didnt give it a fair chance in the new slot – at least do what you promised and let it finish off in 13 episodes – you really wouldnt want 7.2 million viewers angry with NBC would you? You are going to make us think we shouldnt bother watching ANY of your new series because more than likely as we get into it – you will remove it!

    One more note: Greys Anatomy repeat got more viewers BECAUSE – #1 they have been around and we know the show – and #2People needed to remember what was happening in GA to move on with the new shows….. something you wont let us attempt with shows like Kidnapped….. you made the episodes – so let them be viewed! You are NOT FAIR – its a good show – you starte dit off in the wrong day and time slot – to hard to compete with – but never gave the move to Saturdays a real chance….. could be why a lot of us dont watch anything on NBC – we cant trust that it will be there the next week – so why bother!

  9. Sam says

    Where is kidnapped – I love this show, why are they putting repeats on instead of this show, how are repeats of other, older, shows going to offer better ratings than this show? Also how are people who don’t have access to a computer suppose to watch the episodes…very cruel is all I can say!!! When is it going to come out on DVD?

  10. MARIA says


  11. Sergio says

    I agree with Raynae 100%. Kidnapped was (is?) a riveting, fast paced, unpredictable, genuinely suspenseful show. A rotten shame that it didn’t even get the chance to even to show it’s 13 episodes. And I just can’t seem to get excited about watching the 645th return of a L & O episode.

    THE GOOD NEWS is that now every Friday NBC will put the the remaing shows on it’s website. I’ve just watched the latest episode which would have been on this Saturday night. Believe me it’s just as good as the previous shows. At least I’ll get to see how it all plays out

  12. Raynae says

    Please put this show back on the air. You barely gave it a shot. It’s one of the best new shows out there. I am on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. I am totally addicted to this show. I have family members who also watch the show and are totally disappointed that it is not on.

    I was shocked when I went to my list of shows I TIVO and it was not there. I was glad at least to be able to watch it online. Please do not leave us hanging wondering how this ends. Give it another shot on a different night.

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