King & Maxwell: Cancel or Keep the TNT Series?

king and maxwell: cancel or renew?Tonight, TNT airs the last episode of King & Maxwell’s first season. Should the cop series return for a second season or should it be cancelled instead? Is it a ratings hit? Cancel or keep it?

King & Maxwell takes place in Washington, DC and revolves around a pair of former Secret Service agents (Jon Tenney and Rebecca Romijn) who’ve become private eyes. Co-stars in the series include Ryan Hurst, Michael O’Keefe, and Chris Butler.

The show debuted on June 10th to 3.52 million viewers with a 0.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic. That was a very positive start. Viewership fell 21% in week two but climbed back upward in later weeks.

A couple weeks ago, King & Maxwell nearly matched its premiere with 3.39 million and a 0.5 demo rating.

While the new show isn’t as popular as Major Crimes (4.82 million) or Rizzoli & Isles (5.66 million), it’s nearly matching fellow TNT dramas Falling Skies and Perception (3.53 million apiece).

Though they haven’t announced it yet, I suspect that TNT will bring King & Maxwell back for a second season.

But, what do you think? Does King & Maxwell deserve a second season? Or, should it be cancelled to make way for something else? Cancel or keep?

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  1. Lyn Barton says

    Dangonit! This was the most enjoyable show I have seen in a long time! Jon Tenny and Rebecca? Plus all the other quality actors? Please, please bring it back. I loved it! The finale with Christian Kane was outstanding. I love him as well. Great, great show.

  2. Charlene Rush says

    Why oh why, does a network not realize the probable success of a new show, when they see one? This could very reasonably be one of those programs that takes more than one ‘fly-by’ to take hold. I have been looking forward to its return. Perhaps, those of us, who do not write in constantly, cheering its popularity, give you the impression that it isn’t appreciated. That would be incorrect.
    BRING IT BACK, please.

  3. xiang says

    I cannot believe they cancelled this! It had more than double the viewers of Boston’s Finest and they brought back the latter. Why? Boston’s Finest was cancelled initially. It should be a local TV show only.

  4. says

    I’m very disappointed that King and Maxwell won’t be back. The biggest problem with the show is that it was up against UNDER THE DOME. It was well written, well acted and funny. I would hope that someone else would pick it up, but that probably won’t happen. Maybe if TNT had moved to another night, there would be a Series 2. Putting it up against UNDER THE DOME was suicide.

  5. elaine says

    This show is the best show I’ve seen in ages. I LOVE IT. PLEASE DONT CANCEL IT>The premise is unique. ,The show has humour ,action, great interaction between all the characters. The actors all do a great job. I love the stories and there isn’t one character I don’t like. Stop only looking at “the numbers” and give great shows a chance.

  6. Barbara Smalley says

    PLEASE bring back King & Maxwell. It is a very good show. Good characters, good plots,acting….I could go on and on. Please do not let this show get away.

  7. Barbara Baytor says

    It should definitely be renewed as it is one of the best new shows for this and previous years. Rebecca Romijn could have been the new Ziva!! ( you can’t get any better than that)

  8. Anonymous says

    I can’t believe you cancelled a great show. I have also read most all of Baldaccis
    books and love them as well. Shame on you!!!!!!

  9. Sue says

    why do these stations take a show off after the first season? It was a good show, just fun.. You have to give shows at least 2 seasons for people to catch on. I like King and Maxwell

  10. ellen gallagher says

    It should have gotten a second season.the show was very good without a ny trash in the show good clean could watch with you and thats hard to find now adays.

  11. Zandor says

    Very glad they cancelled this crap. You people are why so much bad TV is out there. If you think this was a good show, you clearly have no judgment or ability to tell what is good and what is not. If you truly like the actors, you should want them to do great projects and not garbage that just makes them look bad. Think about it.

  12. says

    I strongly believe that king and Maxwell should be continued. Jon Tenney and Rebecca Romjin are two very attractive people who are good together in the TV series. Rebecca is very beautiful and seems to have a sense of carelessness in the show which becomes her and Jon Tenney seems to be more serious and mature which is the exact opposite of Rebecca and this combination is very positive and attractive.
    Hope the show will continue on to more seasons on the air.

  13. Marillyn says

    This one grabbed from the first moment. I watched it to begin with because of the actors and continued because I loved it. Due to the strange seaons I can only have so many shows at one time. I don’t keep marginal ones, this one I will keep hoping they will bring it back like Revolution came back.

    I love the fact that they seem to be equals and their assistant is wonderful. Great characters on the show.

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