King of the Hill: FOX Cancels Animated Show, No Season 14

King of the HillIn a somewhat surprising move, the FOX network has decided to cancel one of the staples of its Sunday night line-up. On the eve of Halloween, the King of the Hill TV show has been cancelled after 13 seasons on the air.

King of the Hill follows the animated adventures of the Hill family from the small town of Arlen, Texas. The family’s patriarch, Hank (Mike Judge), is a propane salesman who’s obsessed with his lawn and the Dallas Cowboys. His well-meaning wife Peggy (Kathy Najimy) holds several part-time jobs and together, they raise their husky teenage son, Bobby (Pamela Adlon). Other characters include niece Luanne (Brittany Murphy), neighbor Bill (Stephen Root), and conspiracy-lover Dale (Johnny Hardwick).

The series debuted on January 12, 1997 on FOX and quickly became a staple of the network’s animation line-up. Having survived to produce over 240 episodes, King has become the second longest-running animated series, following The Simpsons. It’s become very popular in syndication, both in the US and internationally.

In recent years, King has been on the verge of cancellation several times. Earlier this month, Gary Newman, the co-chair of 20th Century Fox TV, hinted to TV Week that it may be time to pull the plug. He said, “I don’t know if the network will be ordering more seasons or not. That show has had its last rites read to it several times, and keeps rearing its head again.”

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This season, King has been averaging seven million viewers and a 3.4/8 rating/share in the 18-49 demographic, a far cry from the series’ heyday. Simpsons and Family Guy, the shows that air before and after, both attract better numbers.

Back in early April, FOX ordered 13 episodes for the show’s 13th season. Production is nearly completed on those and the network has decided that they will be the series’ last. The episodes that are currently airing are actually from the show’s 12th season. FOX won’t begin showing King’s final batch of episodes until February 2009 which means that, though cancelled, the series could end up on the network’s 2009-10 schedule.

King isn’t scheduled to have any kind of series-closing finale. Executive producer John Altschuler says that this is by design. If there’d been a series finale when the show ceased production in the past, it would have been difficult to revive it.

If this is truly the end of King, Altschuler feels good about the run but ultimately isn’t totally convinced it’s over. He told Variety, We’ve been here before… When it’s time for King of the Hill to go, it will go. But I think with the ratings this good, and with quality that doesn’t seem to be diminishing, it would be very odd for King of the Hill not to keep going.”

Influencing the network’s decision to cancel King, aside from the declining ratings, is the fact that FOX is hot to introduce two new animated series in midseason; Sit Down, Shut Up, from Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz, and The Cleveland Show, a spin-off of Family Guy. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. They wanted this to happen says

    They wanted this to happen

    If you’ve read most of reviews on its cancellation That Douche-bag Gary Newmans been trying to get rid of Koth for most of the last 10 years, if one of the main characters hadn’t of died it would of made a comeback, probably double the fun!!!! I don’t blame Seth MCfiggy for it, he saw a open time slot and took it besides i rather his show be there than that gay ass show before the line that i can never even remember the name of (it was canceled like after a month i think.)


  2. glcomedian says

    U idiots I swear how dare u yall suck KOTH was comic genius
    But I believe that they lost me like other shows they need to let
    Them grow up and actually change like all anime shows the
    Characters don’t grow but the great ones did Dragon ball Z lasted
    So long and it was great and an idiot cancelled them and then
    Had the nerve not to play reruns for years idiots but I see they
    Brought back dragon ball z on nicktoons its called dragon ball z kai
    They need to start writing again I know a lot of people out there
    Who will watch it if it came back and Naruto is following I’m its foot
    Steps in becoming a GREAT show and I believe they will bring all the
    Shows back KOTH will be back and better they need toake the
    Characters age that’s how they loose the audience

  3. William says

    Mike Judge is a genius and deserves the respect to let his show be finished when hes ready to finish it. Nothing is sacred anymore, if I had millions of dollars I would start my own TV station and give Mike Judge whatever he needed to keep this great show going. In my honest opinion I think one reason they may have cancelled it is because Brittany Murphy passed and she did Luanne’s voice and her and Lucky were becoming very important characters because of them getting married and her having a baby, they would have to make it to where she moved away or (killed) her off, hate to say it but it could be a case, she will be missed thats for sure.

  4. MikeJudgeFan13 says

    They are really stupid for Cancelling King of the Hill! At least Finalize it with a movie or a 1 hour long episode or something like it. When they stopped making Beavis and Butthead, at least they ended it with a final episode and a movie. The last King of the Hill episode is random and isn’t good for finalizing it. I hate when shows end just like that. Please Mike Judge if your going to end it, end it the right way and not just stop it with a random episode. The Goode family was a good show too, but King of the Hill was much better. I miss Beavis and Butthead too, thank God I have the Mike Judge Collection. I hope he releases the other episodes on a DVD. Thanks Mike Judge for Everything! Your the Best!!!!!!

    PS: The Clevlend show sucks, and so does family guy. Those shows should be cancelled!

  5. TS says

    I have liked this show since I started watching it. It is my favorite show and I think fox is stupid for not going forward with this show.

  6. Jessica says

    Ok, I’m 13 and I just began watching King of The Hill last summer. I was on the verge of tears when I heard it was being cancelled. I can’t watch a lot of shows around my parents… in fact this may be the only show. This was a stupid move, I hope when they realize their mistake, they will quickly revive.

  7. says

    why did they delete the best show ever resason is that these fucked up shiteating asslicking ******** think dat king of the hill doesnt fit in with the fucked up show family guy the simpsons is osome but **** u seth macfarlane u muthafuckin assfuka

  8. says

    king of the hill has been a part of our sunday lineup me my kids and husband will miss it and the cleveland show really isnt too funny dont get me wrong but king of the hill rocks.

  9. Missy says

    Very sad King of the Hill is gone. Cleveland show is ok, but not nearly as good as King of the Hill. What? Does Fox think there is not enough shows with African-Americans?

    • Cris says

      I dont like the Cleveland Show at ALL. For one when did his son get fat and calm?! And for 2, they pretty much ripped apart the whole deal of Family Guy! I miss King of the Hill! :( I still have it recorded on my DVR!

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