King of the Hill: Watch the Last Episode, “To Sirloin, with Love”

King of the HillSunday night, FOX aired the series finale of their long-running animated sitcom, King of the Hill. The series has had a good long run on the network but it’s still hard to say goodbye to any characters and series that you’ve enjoyed.

When FOX cancelled the show last Spring, it didn’t look like King of the Hill fans would get a chance to see the last episode for quite awhile. Production of animated shows takes quite a long time and studios sometimes order larger-than-needed batches of episodes in the expectation that a network will order them.

According to Variety, the FOX network had purchased the rights to air 13 episodes of the series’ final season. The 20th Century Fox studio however had produced 17 episodes, with the last one being the series finale.

The network didn’t own the rights to air the last episode so Sunday night’s pair of installments were originally scheduled to be general episodes. The finale looked destined to air for the first time in syndication.

But, in the end, 20th Century stepped up and renegotiated the deal with the network. FOX still paid for the rights to air 13 installments but one of the regular episodes was traded out for the finale. The other four will debut in syndication at some point.

The last episode, titled “To Sirloin, with Love,” revolves around Hank (Mike Judge) and Bobby (Pamela Adlon) finding a common interest. It seems that young Bobby has a real talent for judging the quality of beef. He joins a local “meat examination team,” they compete, and make it all the way to the state championship.

While the finale doesn’t include any big changes for the Hill clan, it was written with closure in mind and does have some sentimental moments. The episode performed well for the network, attracting over six million viewers and performing well above average. Take a look…

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. anonymous says

    i don’t really think it’s a question of playing parent to america. it just shows how much more talent Mike Judge’s and Matt Groening’s teams have than Macfarlane’s or others of the sort because they manage to portray the same kind of humor, and succeed, without having to rely on washed up toilet humor.

  2. anonymous says

    waaah go cry, its entertainment and if you are going to try to be a big parent for every american that watches family guy or other crap like that, you should just bury yourself and hope you grow into a flower.

  3. Anonymous says

    Why do they always take off some the best shows on telivision. All other shows on fox sundays are dirty and filled with filth and should not be allowed to be watched by annyone let alone little kids. children should not watch some of the crap that they put on fox sunday. King of The Hill and The Simpsons are the best shows on fox sundays . I think they should make more episodes of King of The Hill. i loved that show and still do.

  4. says

    I hate fox they always get rid of shows that actualy are god for $h1t that sucks for instance they cancelled Family Guy in it’s infency for crap like Andy Rickter Controlls the Universe, The Tick,Are You More of a Red Neck then Jeff FoxWorthy, Hell’s Kitchen, and all the other BS that they have pushed out of there asses over the years, Why would they cancel a show that has been growing in popularity for 13 years to fill the time slot with pilots and other garbage that will be lucky to make it threw a season. In my opinion it is a poor business judgement as well because like many other Fox shows (such as Family Guy, Futurama, The Pj’s, the Oblongs, that 70’s show,) it has reached syndication and only will grow in popularity only to reach a point of stagnent appeal where it will drop off the map. Honestly the Writers are the ones that blew it for King Of The Hill, I mean some of the episodes in the later seasons are a little dry and bland and are riddled with added charecters and deats, which honestly only detracts from the appeal of the show in my opinion, basicly because they change the social dynamic of the show while adding no new appeal to it. In esscence it is the same crap fox pulls with every single one of it’s longterm shows that leads to the show sucking ass in the later seasons and series finales. Example include that 70’s show, King Of the Hill, Marryed with childeren and more. Fox is basicly a one trick pony. They should have maybe changed the line up of there animated shows, while animation domination is kind of ok its just to basic, they should have spread out the animation to more then one night a week to create a broader appeal, oh and lets not forget that during sports season ther is no animation just sports, which would be find if they would just move animation to another night so that people stay in the habbit of watching fox’s brand of animation. Also they should have more episodes online,like comedy central. The south park site has tens of millions of views(oh which translates into lot’s of advertising money)while fox is simply a few episodes of animation which is boring it makes me not want to visit there site and reminds me how much Fox sucks, and reminds me of how 6 nites a week at 8 O’clock I have to hurry to change the channel because there programming is GARBAGE. They try to cram crap like Let’s make a deal, House,Are you smarter then a Hillbilly, bad reality shows , and other low rent game shows and poinless specials (esspecialy the show with the magician(it was cool in the 90’s now its lame) down my throat). SCREW FOX THEY SUCK00======)

  5. BRAD (COLUMBUS, MS) says


  6. Schoaf says

    it took me a few seasons to get into the King of the Hill show, but after a while I found myself wanting to watch it more than some other favorites (Family Guy).

    You will be missed Hank Hill.

  7. R.J. Sheedy says

    I loved this show since the very begining and i just loved this finale. Expecally at the end, when they are all eating at the barbcue, kinda reminded me of the Everybody Loves Raymond Finale, when the hole barone clam was around the table and eating brefast. LOVED THIS EPISODE!!

    Goodbye king of the hill. Sunday Night Will Nevar be The Same Without YOu!!!

  8. Skysoldier173 says

    Good Bye and Good riddance to Hank Hill.Th e best way to end this dimbwitted show would have been for Hank and Dimbbulb of a son Booby to be grilling together to suddendly have both their grills blow up in their faces making a bigger crater than the one the Israeli’s made when they bombed the Osiraq reactor in 1981.In the words of Stewie Griffin “Your uppance has come Hank Hill”would look great on a tombstone(and i’m not talking about pizza.).

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