King of the Hill: Watch the Last Episode, “To Sirloin, with Love”

King of the HillSunday night, FOX aired the series finale of their long-running animated sitcom, King of the Hill. The series has had a good long run on the network but it’s still hard to say goodbye to any characters and series that you’ve enjoyed.

When FOX cancelled the show last Spring, it didn’t look like King of the Hill fans would get a chance to see the last episode for quite awhile. Production of animated shows takes quite a long time and studios sometimes order larger-than-needed batches of episodes in the expectation that a network will order them.

According to Variety, the FOX network had purchased the rights to air 13 episodes of the series’ final season. The 20th Century Fox studio however had produced 17 episodes, with the last one being the series finale.

The network didn’t own the rights to air the last episode so Sunday night’s pair of installments were originally scheduled to be general episodes. The finale looked destined to air for the first time in syndication.

But, in the end, 20th Century stepped up and renegotiated the deal with the network. FOX still paid for the rights to air 13 installments but one of the regular episodes was traded out for the finale. The other four will debut in syndication at some point.

The last episode, titled “To Sirloin, with Love,” revolves around Hank (Mike Judge) and Bobby (Pamela Adlon) finding a common interest. It seems that young Bobby has a real talent for judging the quality of beef. He joins a local “meat examination team,” they compete, and make it all the way to the state championship.

While the finale doesn’t include any big changes for the Hill clan, it was written with closure in mind and does have some sentimental moments. The episode performed well for the network, attracting over six million viewers and performing well above average. Take a look…

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Daniel says

    It was a wonderful tv show that didn’t rely on outrageous schemes, ridiculous / nonsensical situations, talking dogs or other animals or crazy hi – jinx for its humor, unlike Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, American Dad, or even The Simpsons. A shame to see it go, but Mike Judge thought it was time to go out on a high note.

  2. JoeCool says

    Who decides who is watching what? The freaking electoral college? A lot of shows that get canceled due to low viewers are ones all my friends and family watch. WHO DECIDES WHAT I AM WATCHING? NO ONE EVER ASKED ME?

  3. skilo says

    its about time. this show lost its edge years ago and has been limping on ever since.

    mike judge needs to bring beavis and butthead back already and quite wasting time on all these stupid side projects. lord know the pathetic politically correct world we live in now could use some beavis and butthead not more than ever.

  4. Justin says

    Fox cancelled the show, but Mike Judge wanted it to end. The show had ran its course, and it has been a great ten+ years but everything has to end sometime. He wants to focus on other projects. Don’t blame Fox for cancelling, blame fox for giving us too much Seth MacFarlane.

  5. Ellen&Richard says

    Why are you not making any more King Of The Hill show’s? we watch this show all the time. We are not to happy about that at all. King Of The Hill show is one our favorite cartoons. We love it alot. I use to watch at with my grandma.

  6. Nelda says

    I wouldn’t mind fox canceling King of the Hill if they replaced it with something better than “The Cleveland Show” which has to be the worst TV show I’ve ever seen.

  7. J Clarke says

    How ad that you could care less about waht the people want. It is Sunday night I looked up where knig of the hill was and found out you cancled it. Brothers is on the tv right know and it not worth watch most of the shows aren’t Once again you made a mistake

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