Kings: NBC’s Silverman Still Has Hope for Low-Rated Drama

KingsSunday’s premiere of Kings was less than impressive in terms of ratings, especially considering the amount of promotion and money that NBC poured into it. Not even the prospect of seeing Deadwood’s Ian McShane in another series could draw in a big audience.

While things don’t look good for Kings’ future, NBC Entertainment’s co-chair Ben Silverman says he’s encouraged by the interest in the series and has faith that the show can pull through.

He tells the Hollywood Reporter’s James Hibberd, “I’m hoping because intent [to view] went up and awareness went up after it aired, clearly people responded to it, and it grew over its two hours. That gives me some hope. It’s just hard to launch things that are not obvious. We may get nailed for it, but I’m proud of the show, and we need to keep taking chances like that.”

Though his faith in the show is reassuring for the show’s fans, Silverman’s comment about the show’s audience growth over the two hour premiere is a bit misleading.

While the 18-49 demographic had slight increase in the show’s final half hour, the overall size of the audience dropped. Approximately 6.47 million started watching at 8pm and only 5.9 million stuck with it until the end. That’s not growth. Even if it was, the show was still in fourth place overall.

So, will Silverman and the network stick by Kings or abandon it? One thing is certain. The show certainly has an uphill battle for survival.

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  1. Bill Bays says

    Sorry about the typos in my last post, I meant to say Plot and over there , not over their, I do know the difference between the two. Sorry, I was just irritated and typing fast. =)

  2. Bill Bays says

    For those of you that do actually like to watch televison programs that have a plat and are enjoyable instead of completely tedious to watch: I would like to recommend “Being Human” on BBC America. I watched the first episode on Saturday 7/27/2009 the other day. I am excited. This promises to be a very good watch. It is actually not brand new, it’s been running on BBC 3 over their for about a year now, but I think that it has only recently come to BBC America. The only shows worth watching on network t.v. andmore are: Desperate Housewives (ABC), Brother and Sisters (ABC), Castle (ABC), and Law and Order (NBC, both the original and SVU are good). The rest of the offerings of the networks are crap. True Blood on HBO is pretty good for any of you who haven’t seen it. And of course, there is still the other good cable shows: Weeds (Showtime) and Entourage (HBO). I refuse to watch ANY of the stupid reality shows that litter the airwaves every single night. I couldn’t care less about The Apprentice, Dancing with the Stars, and last but certainly not least The Biggest Looser. Why would I want to watch a program about a bunch of obese peole loosing weight for money? How about loosing weight so that your heart doesn’t explode?!?!?! You do realize this goes along with the entire rest of the planet thinking that Americans are a bunch of idiots?

  3. Bii Bays says

    I think it’s a terrible shame that this show didn’t make it. It’s well made, visually appealing with an actual plot. Unfortunately this is probably it’s undoing. It isn’t a stupid reality show about people living in a house with 100 cameras watching their every move (most of which involve little else except siting around talking aimlessly about who is and isn’t forming an alliance to get so and so out of the house), fat people loosing weight for money, or idiots trying to impress a washed up millionaire to get a job. All I can say is ENOUGH OF THE CRAPPY REALITY SHOWS!!! I hate them all. And what does it say about the collective intelligence of the people of this country that the only kind of shows that stand a chance are these?

  4. Kenny says

    This series was a well thought out well written drama that kept me wanting to see the next episode. The finale this passt weekend is a prime example of that hook. It’s almost maddening to know that now I won’t be able to find out how Capt. Shepherd will fullfill his promise to his higher power and his country. Beyond that… now that Silas is becoming the villain I want to see how low he can go to maintain his crown and whether he’ll be redeemed and pulled from the brink of damnation at the very last minute. Would it be because of the child his daughter carries that is Shepherds or his son ….. though because of what was aptly named the death of quality TV (reality shows) we may never know. I mean for the love of Mike out one of those in the death slot or for that matter one of the million cop shows because i know as well as most they already have thier fan base built and can contend there. I believe this could be a long running and very productive series should it run at 9pm tues or thurs. Sometimes its good to pull corporate mentality out of the corporation long enough to sustain something worth turning your TV on for. I swear to God if i see that Janice chick appear in another reality show or even another reality show period Im switching off NBC for life and sticking with PBS. Just keep what ya got and leave it be.

  5. Christy says

    Please, please, please, pretty please do NOT cancel this show. It’s brilliant. There is so much crap on television. I think the reason that it had too few viewers is not due to lack of interest but the fact that it was not promoted strongly enough I spoke to several people who would have loved the show had they known it even existed. So upset about the cancellation oh but what ever you do don’t cancel those cheap to make insulting our intelligence reality shows. NOT!!! Shame, shame

  6. Love this show! says

    This show is awesome but I also think that Tuesday @8 would be so much better for everyones hectic lives! I think it would be a real shame if NBC decided to cancel Kings.

  7. Nunz w/ Gunz says

    “KINGS” is the very first tv show on NBC that is semi-biblical but is not offensive. The writing, acting and overall production of this televised theatrical drama is overwhelmingly brilliant! Given a proper chance (airing it any weekday) I believe will improve ratings. I’m not insulting NBC, you do your jobs phenominally, I just think that your fans deserve a little more loyalty. Fans invest their time and attention spans on a particular program just to have it torn from their lives…It’s quite cruel actually. But in the end, if rating still plumit and plug has to be pulled, I hope it recieves a proper send off and not a “Kyle XY” (ABC fam.) or “Sopranos” (HBO) bomb ending.

  8. Futureman says

    Yea, They need to move the show to a different time slot Tuesday 8:00 would be good. This show is just too good to end. Its the best TV show. NBC will force me to hate it if they cancel.

  9. Dan says

    What’s wrong with NBC (wtf!!). They spend all this time and effort to produce a fantasitc program and then set it up to fail. Everything about this show is great; period.
    And then they decide to pull the plug!!.

    Perhaps NBC could replace it with some sort of reality TV program or crime scene show,or mabey a dating show; I don’t think I’ve seen that before on TV.

    I don’t understand why people would rather watch crap like today’s reality TV (eg. bachelorette; my girlfreind HAS TO watch it) week after week and can’t give Kings a chance.

    I never really watched NBC before and now I now I have no reason to watch at all.

  10. kings fan says

    Also, how can you have a show 8 o’clock on a saturday night? Your showing the 18-49 demographic correct? Well I’m 18 and I know i have hockey starting at 8:30 pm and i know people party alot on saturdays. I agree, 8 pm on a tuesday would be perfect. Kings you need to exist!

  11. me says

    How is it everytime a good series comes on TV you cancel it. No wonder we watch CBS most of the time. Forget your 18-49 they don’t watch TV they sit on the computer. Try 50- till dead.

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