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Kings: Petition to Continue the NBC TV Show

KingsThere’s no denying that NBC’s Kings has some serious problems in the ratings department. Despite a prestigious cast, some positive reviews, and a great deal of promotion, Kings’ premiere failed to attract a large audience. Of course, Sunday nights are filled with tough competition like Desperate Housewives, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and The Amazing Race. If the poor ratings continue, the network will have to make some changes — either pull the series off the air or at best, burn the episodes off on a little-watched night like Saturday. In any case, there’s little chance they’ll be renewing the show for a second season.

If you’d like to see Kings continue, there are a few things you can do:

Tell your friends and family members to tune in and watch episodes on NBC. If that’s not possible, encourage them to watch online. Maybe one of them is secretly a “Nielsen family” or knows one.

Write to NBC. Let the network know how you feel and keep it civil. Everyone responds best to courtesy.

Sign the petition below and let the network execs know you’ve signed it. Spread the word and ask others to do the same. But do it quickly — it’s going to take more than a royal command to save this one.

To: Universal Media Studios and NBC

We, the undersigned, enjoy watching the Kings TV show on NBC. The series is interesting and complex. It is an epic story that has depth that few other shows on television have. The acting and writing is superb and has us wanting more.

The show was originally going to air on another night. If viewers aren’t watching on Sundays, how about relaunching it and moving the series to another night?

Please keep producing and airing Kings. It is truly a unique and worthwhile show.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • Michelle for QueenCountry: USA2014-04-11 02:57:37
    I realize that this will mean nothing to NBC. But I find that after I have watched this series over again, I am nostalgic for it's prose. Shakespeare would have made even more plays and sonnets if he had known Ian would be reading them daily. I mean really, the man is a king of pentameter and can make anything sound like a symphony. Chris and Sebastian, I know you are young and moved onward and upward but this show really needs your faces again. And I (for realz) want to see Susanna and Allison kick everyones as at who can play royal best. I mean come on!
  • AnthonyCountry: USA 2014-03-02 06:34:05
    Dear NBC, Bring back kings you incompetent bunch of fucking retards. It may be the only show you have ever broadcasted that didnt make me wish i was used for stem cell research 25 years ago. Im sure the whole world is just dieing for another epp of community. That show is so fucking dreadful it actually has an odor. Joel mchale is about as good at acting as Michael J. Fox is at playing jenga. Than theres Parks and rec- Amy Poehler looks like someone superglued a blonde wig to a ziplock bag full of mayonnaise and is about as funny as leukemia. Face it you guys kind of suck so play something that doesnt, bring back Kings. Thank you!
  • Lucinda HardwickCountry: Gath2013-09-04 01:14:22
    Yes...I discovered this amazing and in some ways 'life changing' show only recently...but, one who knows even a little about the Bible is able to conjure the Story of a true King and his undeniable kingdom. There are so many truths with just enough 'nuances' to make even a nonbelievers heart to stir and take notice!!What a remarkable 'show'...only in this day would it be told as such...but, the real Goliath lies dead and David's seed prepared the throne of the One True King. Please resurrect Kings...and the crown to be worn.
  • mikeCountry: usa2013-08-07 23:52:45
    Great show hope you bring it back soon!
  • m comptonCountry: us2013-07-22 19:00:12
    Pleases do a second season of kings.......
  • AnthonyCountry: United States of America2013-07-11 03:43:31
    Please bring the show back
  • Tony.CaiCountry: China2013-07-04 05:45:27
    Please, I love this show, KINGS, the best of many, as good if not better than <>, and better than <>. Please, bring it back!
  • Darrah ElliotCountry: U.S2013-06-13 14:34:50
    This show needs to return. Return of the kings!!!
  • Savannah hammondCountry: United states2013-06-13 14:31:49
    Should have never cancelled this well put together the first season im sure if the time slot was better and it was marketed better it would get ratings.
  • Darrick tCountry: U.S2013-06-12 16:02:13
    I love this show please bring it back!!
  • Genesis BautistaCountry: USA2013-05-31 13:19:05
    I know im late to this party but I have found out about this show from hulu, I was recommended this show and decided to give the pilot a shot. about 15 hours later(bathroom and eating breaks included) I finished the series. Even though I thoroughly enjoyed the show I was disappointed that there was no second season. I would love to see what happens next in the story so far, but I understand that you will not fund a show that didn't meet your expectations in the rating department. However I came with a compromise. If we crowd fund the show, through kickstarter or some other service, will you air it? or at least let Netflix or Hulu host it(much like their doing for Arrested Development) or at least let the producer finish the story with a movie? You don't even have to advertise it! just let us use the copyright to start a kickstarter to completely fund another season(or a movie) and if the audience grows and has a better reception then last time you can continue it. if not at least the fan got their second season(which they funded themselves) please something to revive this!
  • grace lCountry: Canada2013-05-11 20:50:27
    Just found this series on Netflix and its amazing! Very well written and superb acting! Would love to see this come back. Fox cancelled Family Guy and brought it back to see much success, why not Kings?
  • Graham DougalsCountry: United States of America2013-03-13 19:55:12
    Kings was well written with an excellent cast. The fans deserve a second season.
  • PatrickCountry: United States2013-01-15 09:02:29
    Producers need to start realizing that cancelling show simply because the neilson ratings are low does not mean (1) it isn't a good show and (2) people aren't watching it. Most young people today watch the majority of tv on the internet so when you judge a show by its ratings that are up against horrible reality tv(watched by the majority of non-internet tv watchers), it isn't a very good measure of a shows quality. These decisions need to stop being based on such archaic judgement systems and more on QUALITY! Money isn't everything and frankly, even with show ratings low, the show is still making gobs of cash. Stop the greed! Kings was a great show with great characters, acting and intrigue. Cancelling shows based upon comparative ratings and income alone is precisely why younger generations have stopped watching your and other major networks! We're tired of starting to watch something and then have it be pulled because of these greedy, money based reasons. Find a different way to review the worthiness of programs and perhaps you will see how many people actually watch and like things before you cancel them. Bring Kings back and finish the story!!
  • simonCountry: USA2013-01-04 02:01:27
    Please bring this show back... It is one of the greatest show that keeps popping in my mind.
  • LuciaCountry: USA2012-11-01 12:44:23
    I found this show on hulu and I have to say it is awesome. It took my 3 days to see and it has to be brought back it is so good. Please if you cant make a hole new season at least give it a proper ending. It was left hanging to much....I want to see more please bring it back. The plot the characters, everything about this show would have been a better success if it would have gotten the right publicity. Thank you for your time. Lucia
  • AdnielCountry: USA2012-10-10 15:52:41
    i loved kings bring it back
  • LukaCountry: Georgia2012-09-13 13:39:32
    Please we need KINGS ))
  • soniaCountry: usa2012-08-29 16:54:57
  • Michelle ChartrandCountry: Canada2012-08-15 11:17:51
    I loved this show! I so wish there would be another seasson!
  • tg hcCountry: usa2012-08-13 00:45:22
    This is wonderful show.... please keep it alive...
  • Josie CCountry: United States2012-08-09 10:00:45
    Kings is an amazing show! 3 years later and there are still people begging to the story to continue. The script is genius and the cast impeccable. Maybe 3 years ago there wasn't the right audience to keep the show going, but there definitely is one now! Please, please, please, bring this show back!
  • Stephanie WCountry: USA2012-07-24 12:37:14
    KINGS is a very well written intriguing piece of art. it should be resurrected . With all the filth we have on our tv kings was and is the only true art form left . You had tro have a mind to enjoy this . It brought back the bible , fantasy , love and everyones old child hood fairytales of kings and kingdoms. I believe Kings should be aired again, promoted properly , whats the harm of one more shot ? , We need to know what happens to David. We can all pick up a bible and read it , But if al lthe stories were made modern from the bible , i bet you we'd see a change in the world , we'd understand it all better, and be entertained. This is the best idea NBC ever had i hope our protest do not fall on deaf ears
  • AlexaCountry: USA2012-07-08 19:56:51
    Kings is an amazing show with an epicity level through the roof . If the people don't have Kings there could quite possibly be a boycott of your sponsors.
  • AdamCountry: UK2012-06-30 09:16:35
    This show was excellent. Great performances and a moving story. Bring it back, re-air the first season and advertise it properly. Please.

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