Knight Rider (2008)

Knight Rider on NBC canceledNetwork: NBC
Episodes: 17 (hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: September 24, 2008 — March 4, 2009
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Justin Bruening, Paul Campbell, Yancey Arias, Deanna Russo, Val Kilmer, Sydney Tamiia Poitier, Bruce Davison, Smith Cho, Paula Garces, Johann Urb, Morgan H. Margolis, Rick Hoffman, and Vanessa Williams.

knight rider (2008) past TV show

TV show description:
A follow-up to the successful 1980s TV series.

The new Knight Industries Three Thousand (KITT, voiced by Val Kilmer) is faster and more powerful than its predecessors. It’s a supercomputer automobile that can hack into almost any system; its weapons systems efficient; and its body is capable of actually shifting shape and color. On top of that, KITT’s artificial intelligence makes it the ideal crime-fighting partner: logical, precise, and possessing infinite knowledge. It’s the ultimate car — one that some would be willing to do anything to obtain.

Sarah Graiman (Deanna Russo) is a 24-year old Ph.D candidate at Stanford University who’s following in the footsteps of her genius father, Charles Graiman (Bruce Davison). After some men try to abduct her, Sarah receives a mysterious call from KITT warning her that he’s a creation of Charles, who also invented the first KITT 25 years ago — and that her father is in serious danger.

Together, they seek out the help of Mike Traceur (Justin Bruening), a 23-year-old ex-Army Ranger who has a strange connection to KITT. Mike left home at the age of 18, served in Iraq, and returned home feeling jaded and lost. Sarah and KITT eventually convince Mike to help them. They’re assisted by Carrie Rivai (Sydney Tamiia Poitier), a tough FBI agent who has a long friendship to Charles and Sarah.

The team succeeds and Mike is asked to pick up the original Knight Rider’s mission of trying to help the innocent, with the help of KITT. After meeting his father for the first time — Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff), the original Knight Rider — Mike decides to step up to the challenge.

Series Finale:     
Episode 17 — I Love the Knight Life
Mike and KITT must find a stolen experimental serum called HXP that maximizes physical strength it can be sold to North Korean buyers on the world market. When Mike corners the main suspect, Galt, he finds that the criminal has overdosed on the serum and possesses super-human strength.
First aired: March 4, 2009.


Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Paul says

    I really wanted to like this show. I was a fan of the old one, and I was in love with the idea of having Kilmer as the voice of the new Kitt. The new car was sweet! But the magic isn’t there. All of the 80’s pizzaz is gone. There was too much filler, the action was a bit bland, and the our main human character isn’t that interesting. There are just too many sci-fi adventure shows on TV, and between Heroes, Terminator, Dollhouse, and many SciFi Channel shows, The new Knight Rider is, unfortunately, last on many a list.

  2. I love that show says

    I love knight rider too and Hope they can keep the run for next new season for knight rider.. It was very good show and wonderful action too.. Please keep it without any cancel!!!!! I can’t live without the show to watch knight right!!!!!

  3. Shawn says

    Knight Rider or no Night Rider.

    I say Knight Rider. The show has just come back after 13 plus years. 17 epi, in you all at NBC wanna **** can it. Well thats ******* bullshit give it a shot. Its better than American Idol. Least Kitt can sing Deanna is a hotty Smith well damn. Paul the dork that should get at least one swirlly in one epi. Come on NBC don’t **** this up please. This show has alot of promisse. Im sure Jay Leno wount mind he’s a car guy. Im a Mustang i wount lie call me a redneck i dont give a ****. Bring the ******* show back. We need it. We want it. We love it. It’s a good show. Justin the best line you had all season was KITT I want a Burger dude that was ******* great lol. Bring it back please.

  4. floyd says

    DON’T CANCEL……….It has taken most if not all the season for the show to get interesting. The show was sluggish and boring when the CIA and Fed’s were involved, but since, it’s just Knight Enterprises, it’s much better. Back to the orginal heart and soul of the orginal show, helping the little guy. Give it a chance now that the monkey (government) is off their backs. The characters seem much more realistic, and not as stale.

  5. nicole and Tyler says

    PLEASE DON”T CANCEL My son and I watch Knight Rider every week. We have 4 kids and each can have one hour of alone time with mommy and Tyler wants to spend that time with me watching this with me. I love it and I am 30. I followed Justin to this show because I loved him in All my Children. Now my son Tyler(8) loves knight rider and is so sad to see it cancled. He loves Kit and and remindes him of Transformers. This is the first adult show he has liked and his interest in science and technology has peeked since watching this show. PLEASE DON’T CANCEL THIS SHOW!!!!!

  6. Vinchy Torres says

    No. Don’t cancel the show. Give it a chance to make its changes. The show deserves a second chance. Besides the ratings are going up NBC!!!!!

  7. anthony ramey says

    PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL THE SHOW…I agree that the movie was a little less than to be expected, but as the show progresses, it is getting better. The show is evolving,kitt is learning, and yhe acrors seem to be getting used to each other. Cancelling the show now would be equivalent to shutting off half of NBC’s transmitters. This show has a following, young and old, and it is starting to grow…i ask you as a devoted knight rider fan………DO NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW. do not screw up like general motors did when they cancelled the rear wheel drive platform cars ….(caprices,camaros, and trans ams) these cars were built too well meaning that they were not ready for the scrap heap after two years

  8. me says

    I love Knight Rider this is nuts canceling all these shows that have’t even gotten a chance. Need to keep Knight Rider it’s a great show especially since Justin Bruning is from our home state of Nebraska…….

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