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Kyle XY: Petition to Continue ABC Family’s Cancelled TV Show

Kyle XY CancelledUp until last year, Kyle XY was ABC Family’s most successful series. The ratings were so good that the network ordered over twice as many episodes for season two and ABC Family’s president said, “Kyle XY is the highest-rated show ever on ABC Family; it is truly the show that has defined this network.”

Unfortunately, the ratings declined after that and Kyle XY has been cancelled after three seasons. Because of the timing, the show’s many ongoing storylines won’t be properly concluded. Are you ready to say goodbye to Kyle, Jessi, and the Tragers? At the very least, shouldn’t the story be given a real ending?

If you’d like to see Kyle XY continue, there are a few things you can do:

Tell your friends and family members to tune in and watch on ABC Family. If that’s not possible, encourage them to watch online. Maybe one of them is secretly a “Nielsen family” or knows one.

Write to ABC Family. Let the network know how you feel but, keep it civil. Everyone responds best to courtesy.

Sign the petition below and let the network execs know you’ve signed it. Spread the word and ask others to do the same. But do it quickly, Kyle’s biggest struggle for survival has just begun.

To: ABC Studios, Benderspink, and ABC Family

We, the undersigned, have truly enjoyed watching the Kyle XY TV show on ABC Family. The series is a wonderfully entertaining show that the whole family can enjoy — filled with drama, mystery, and even a touch of humor.

Kyle XY is a great show and has performed very well for the network. We have faithfully tuned in each week and are very upset to learn that it has been cancelled. We have been very loyal to you, why not show some of that loyalty to us?

Please reconsider your plans and continue to keep producing and airing this inventive show, if not on ABC Family then on another Disney-ABC network. At the very least, please film a conclusion so we know how Kyle’s story ends.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • AmalieCountry: Denmark2014-09-30 18:18:05
    Please bring Kyle XY back! We also love the show in Denmark!
  • Vicks cainesCountry: Uk2014-09-30 17:49:57
    Loved kyle xy, but can't believe we are left with so many unanswered questions
  • SarinaCountry: finland2014-09-27 11:35:59
    I was watching the show on Netflix and after the crazy cliff hanger that Kyle shared a mom with Cassidy, I wanted to watch the next episode. Only to find out it was canceled. Omg I didn't even get to say good bye to the show. I'm more heart broken than when josh woke up to find his girlfriend gone.
  • MelissaCountry: United Kingdom2014-09-25 17:09:42
    I seriously cant believe this incredible show got cancelled like WHAT!!, this was a programme my whole family watched together and was obsessed with!!, Me and my bro have recently rewatched nearly all the series we are on series 4 and have 4 episodes to go!! #obsessed is the word!!, I love this show a lot,come on a series 5 needs to be made, abc you where stupid enough to cancel it, you owe us fans!!
  • BrandonCountry: USA2014-09-25 13:54:04
    Please bring Kyle XY back on the air. That was an absolutely amazing show. That was one of the shows that you actually feel like you are in. You almost feel close the characters. That was by far one of the best series I've ever watched. The ending was too suspenseful not to continue it any further. There was so many directions the series could have been taken. I would love to see it back on again.
  • RahulCountry: United Kingdom2014-09-25 08:12:57
    ABC, I cannot believe, after having watched all episodes of Kyle XY, that you haven't even considered the feelings of the fans and at the very least commissioned a feature length ending to the series. Are fans of your TV series of so little regard that you end such a popular series so abruptly
  • TbCountry: USA2014-09-23 14:27:11
    Started to watch Kyle XY throught Netflix, can't believe was canceled. Please bring back show to good to end like this.. Thank you
  • Idont knowCountry: United kingdom2014-09-22 17:00:08
    I really love kyle xy just watch on sky demand season 1 to 4 i was absolutley devestated when they just left us witha unfinished puzzle what happened to amanda and and did kyle find any new abilities come onn pleaseee make a newwww kyle xy everyone loves it
  • GeorgCountry: Sweden2014-09-22 16:08:07
    Bring Kyle XY back!
  • Fray CronieCountry: UK2014-09-22 11:38:27
    Please please make another series. What happened to them all?
  • Rick CastanedaCountry: United states2014-09-22 01:16:54
  • Natalie cousinCountry: England2014-09-21 16:53:16
    Please bring Kyle xy back for season 5 or make a feature length show to end it properly. The show was awesome, cant believe it was cancelled in the first place. You cant really leave it like that, too many great shows are cancelled, bring this one back for the amazing finale it deserved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Lorena DiazCountry: United States2014-09-21 15:06:43
    Kyle XY was a very interesting show and would love for season 4 and so on to come back. It left me hanging which I hate when TV shows do that, so please do us all a favor and bring Kyle XY back. Thank you
  • Tracey CookCountry: England2014-09-20 20:27:52
    Just watched all 4 series on Sky on demand. Please bring the show back or do a feature length ending so we're not all just left in limbo.
  • Pam huntCountry: United Kingdom2014-09-19 20:01:59
    I have just watched all of seasons 1 through 4 and am horrified to discover that we are all left hanging from a very high cliff. As arthritis has had a devastating effect on my hands, I won't be able to hang on for long. So please reconsider your decision to cancel the show so abruptly and with no suitable closure. How would we have managed if Shakespeare had decided tony to complete any of his plays?
  • Alfredo UgaldeCountry: Ecuador2014-09-17 10:47:59
    Kyle XY was a great show, please bring it back, or make a book of it.
  • Sarah robertsCountry: UK2014-09-17 05:29:12
    Please keep Kyle XY on our screens or at least give us a happy ending thanks :)
  • Kathryn jamesCountry: United Kingdom2014-09-16 14:48:13
    Cant believe such a brilliant show in not to be continued. Very sad! It's because of shows like this,one of a kind that i pay my tv licence. And one of the few programmes that the hole family enjoyed together. It's a great lose.I just hope that they decide to indeed continue it at some point. Get story lines with great characters. Had us all grip frm start to finish.
  • natz rhoneCountry: england2014-09-16 10:06:14
    Pls pls pls bring back kyle xy ended way too soon and me and my 11 yr old son miss it, great show and love the characters
  • AdamCountry: United kingdom2014-09-16 02:29:31
    Please continue the kyle xy series. Kind regards
  • Max vincentCountry: United States2014-09-15 22:52:18
    Please continue Kyle xy it's the best show I have ever watched please continue it.
  • Russ Cappellino Jr.Country: USA 2014-09-14 23:32:30
    Kyle XY was never given the time to become popular... Nearly all of the great shows that turned into shows that went of to become huge successes had a slow following as the audience starts to grow. Coupled with changing time slots by ABC only helped kill the show that could have been as big as: Friends Disparate Housewives Big Bang theory Will & Grace Three and a half men Each of the above were slow to pick up momentum but after a few Grammy nominations the attention and focus began to expand and this they became much bigger than anyone anticipated. An example of shows cancelled too soon were: Breaking Bad.. Cancelled too early but everyone can see now that it could have been huge! Joey Prison Break Falcon Beach I understand it's a numbers game, but Kyle XY was not properly advertised and lacked the use of using ITunes to get free episodes out their to the public which could have turned this into something big and not have upset your fan base. I used to watch a lot of abc family shows but after too many cancelled too early it became something to not invest into. As a viewer why get caught up in a show that is going to be cancelled or even worse cancelled without proper closure. That's just poor planning on the ABC executive staff. The best and well handled cancellation was breaking bad. That is a true model on handling the show cancellation but ordering 6 more shows so Vince could properly end the series. I think Kyle XY can easily make a come back but it will take done work.
  • NadineCountry: Scotland2014-09-14 18:25:28
    I am devastated that I invested so much emotion in Kyle XY only to find out that the show was cancelled. My sister and I spent the past few days watching all 4 seasons after coming across them on Sky. As we were watching the last episode of season 4, we realised there was no way the story would be concluded in the last 5 minutes, which gave us hope that there would be another series. Then, with the huge cliffhanger the story was left on, we were absolutely sure that there would be a fifth series. So I came online to search for it only to be faced with the horrible news that that was it. No more Kyle. I feel like I am stuck in some sort of fantasy limbo with no closure. I genuinely can't believe a show could be left the way season 4 was left. It's unfair to the fans who devoted so much time and emotion to the series. Please bring it back.
  • SaskiaCountry: UK2014-09-14 09:56:15
    Please bring Kyle XY back!!
  • ElizabethCountry: England2014-09-12 14:27:36
    Omg!please bring it back!its so entertaining,i love it from the beginning up to the 10 episode of season 4 which is so exciting,!!!
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