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Kyle XY: Petition to Continue ABC Family’s Cancelled TV Show

Kyle XY CancelledUp until last year, Kyle XY was ABC Family’s most successful series. The ratings were so good that the network ordered over twice as many episodes for season two and ABC Family’s president said, “Kyle XY is the highest-rated show ever on ABC Family; it is truly the show that has defined this network.”

Unfortunately, the ratings declined after that and Kyle XY has been cancelled after three seasons. Because of the timing, the show’s many ongoing storylines won’t be properly concluded. Are you ready to say goodbye to Kyle, Jessi, and the Tragers? At the very least, shouldn’t the story be given a real ending?

If you’d like to see Kyle XY continue, there are a few things you can do:

Tell your friends and family members to tune in and watch on ABC Family. If that’s not possible, encourage them to watch online. Maybe one of them is secretly a “Nielsen family” or knows one.

Write to ABC Family. Let the network know how you feel but, keep it civil. Everyone responds best to courtesy.

Sign the petition below and let the network execs know you’ve signed it. Spread the word and ask others to do the same. But do it quickly, Kyle’s biggest struggle for survival has just begun.

To: ABC Studios, Benderspink, and ABC Family

We, the undersigned, have truly enjoyed watching the Kyle XY TV show on ABC Family. The series is a wonderfully entertaining show that the whole family can enjoy — filled with drama, mystery, and even a touch of humor.

Kyle XY is a great show and has performed very well for the network. We have faithfully tuned in each week and are very upset to learn that it has been cancelled. We have been very loyal to you, why not show some of that loyalty to us?

Please reconsider your plans and continue to keep producing and airing this inventive show, if not on ABC Family then on another Disney-ABC network. At the very least, please film a conclusion so we know how Kyle’s story ends.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • MichelCountry: Canada2015-02-26 01:18:17
    At least make a real conclusion for this series, even though it was cancelled, that's not a good reason to piss off all the true fans of this show.
  • GautierCountry: France2015-02-25 19:09:39
    Love this series
  • DejanCountry: Serbia2015-02-23 15:01:40
    Awesome of the best i ever watched and it ended in worst posible way...please make more of it...
  • Bianca GuirelliCountry: S2015-02-23 11:12:53
    Please season 4!!!!
  • Daniel BondCountry: United Kingdom 2015-02-22 16:03:37
    I know it's maybe late, by a lot but I've recently been watching Kyle XY online and I was absoloulty devastated to find that it's not finished and felt the need to persue the matter, so I've come across this petition and would like to ask this one thing: Will you try to release a long episode just to tie up the loose ends and answer the many questions asked throughout the three seasons, I dot think it's too much to ask for. How would you feel of you got emotionally attached to a show and ten found out it had been cancelled without a proper ending? Think about that and that's how many people worldwide feel present, please just finish what you started or bring a book out that finishes everything, that way it won't be a loss if profit, it would probably boost profit in my opinion. Thankyou for taking time to read this and respond via email at "" if possible.
  • Renee StraverCountry: The Netherlands2015-02-20 17:22:51
    There is an open end at season 4. I want a decent end, so give us season 5.
  • Ruth Recio VeraCountry: Espa2015-02-19 23:26:46
    Por favor queremos que vuelva!!
  • j risingerCountry: USA 2015-02-19 20:40:39
    loved the show but very upset however that it ended the way it did. Seems to me ABC family does this often making it almost impossible to want to start a series when the continue to cancel shows, while leaving everyone hanging. What's the point honestly? loved Kyle XY !!!!
  • Kimberly DecockCountry: Belgium2015-02-17 15:44:32
    Kyle xy is so addicting to watch. Please give it a decent ending!
  • ghazalehCountry: USA2015-02-16 08:07:28
    Please renew this show😳😯😯
  • Annemarie HoogstadCountry: Netherlands2015-02-14 05:53:31
    The 4th seasons cliffhanger deserves more than a open end... Did not watch this serie in 2 weeks.... 4 nothing so please take it in consideration and give us what we want season 5 lol
  • Fabio Luis de paulaCountry: Espa2015-02-11 19:33:09
    Que vuelva
  • Marina SmargiannakisCountry: USA2015-02-06 22:12:20
    Please bring back a GREAT show that was wholesome, and so true on so many levels. My soul totally responded and it was truly one of the best series I have ever watched. Please, PLEASE bring it back!!!!!! I believe!!!
  • MagnusCountry: Norway2015-02-03 04:20:12
    Hi! Usually I don't have time for TV-series, but Kyle XY just got to me in some strange way, and I've been stuck behind the screen for days! Love this series! Please make a season 5, so that we all cannget some closure :)
  • Roy EllisCountry: England2015-02-02 19:39:40
    Please please Do a special feature length episode so that the caricatures can have a desent ending.
  • Blake LewisCountry: America 2015-02-01 00:31:49
    I got hooked onto Kyle Xy on Netflix quite some time ago and I have been addicted ever since. I have just seen the series finale and after about an hour of trying to find a "part 2" or a "season 4" I've realized it just ended like that. So please, do what you can to show the viewers; restart it, an internet series, anything. I know there a lot more fans out there dying to know what happens next.
  • Florence RealCountry: Romania2015-01-27 13:08:50
  • EthanCountry: Ph2015-01-27 00:48:31
    How about a movie?
  • Kye BeardCountry: England, UK 2015-01-25 17:07:01
    I first watch Kyle XY when I came onto UK television, and lately, I've thought about it a lot, I started watching at again a few days ago and have finished watching each episode, Kyle XY is one of very few shows that managed to peak my interest, my love for science and interest in the possibilities of successful human cloning real made this show one of my favourites, and then suddenly it was gone. Kyle XY was the show that got me into Sci-Fi and fantasy and these genres of shows have made a huge contribution to my life, they allow me to escape from reality for the best part of an hour and really allow my imagination to, like Kyle in his pod, gestate and grow. I was really sad to see Kyle XY simply vanish from broadcasting and would really like to see more of it, if not another season at least an end to series 3. Where the show ended has truly left me wanting to know more about the truth of Kyle and Cassidy's relation... are they really brothers? will this spring something for Kyle and Cassidy? Will Kyle and Amaanda back together? these are just a few questions that the last episode has left me with, and I'd really like answers to them... please please pleeeease, at least finish season 3 properly and don't leave us all with unanswered questions. Thank You
  • Sandra amesCountry: USA2015-01-25 16:12:33
    Please give Kyle Xy back!
  • Ingvild SolheimCountry: Norway2015-01-22 14:19:06
    I've never been the person to watch that much tv-series, but Kyle XY got me addicted. It was and still is such an amazing show, and it can't end like it did. Please make a season 5!
  • Lauren BoltonCountry: England2015-01-21 16:19:36
    I have only recently started watching kyle xy on Netflix and I am hooked I have allready got through season 1 and 2 in a matter of days! The story line is brilliant as it is unique and leaves you wanting more. I would love it if you would consider making more of the kyle xy seasons they are just incredible. I am sure others would benidorm from this too. We just need to see a perfect ending to a magnificent show. From a viewer wanting to see more of kyle xy
  • Rick VerheijenCountry: Netherland2015-01-21 15:13:45
    R.More Kyle
  • MarielleCountry: Sweden2015-01-20 17:24:30
    I'm usually not a big fan of tv-series, but Kyle XY has had me glued to the screen from the moment I first saw it. I love it! But it's not really fair to leave the show in the midst of all action like that. So please, please bring it back!
  • Lauren JamesCountry: New Zealand2015-01-19 02:30:23
    Please bring KYLE XY back, its such a great show, and it ended with such a massive cliffhanger. Although its year later, people still want those questions answered, please.
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