Las Vegas: NBC Cancels Long-Running Series

Las VegasTVGuide is reporting that NBC has unceremoniously cancelled Las Vegas after five seasons on the air.

Las Vegas debuted on September 22, 2003 and was touted as actor James Caan’s first series regular role on television. The Academy Award-nominated actor was cast as the Montecito casino’s Head of Security, ‘Big Ed’ Deline. Others in the cast have included Nikki Cox, Josh Duhamel, James Lesure, Vanessa Marcil, Molly Sims, and Marsha Thomason.

Caan left the series last year to return to his movie career and Cox was cut from the show in a cost-cutting move. Caan was replaced by Tom Selleck and it was hoped that the addition of the veteran TV actor would help revitalize the series. It didn’t and, coupled with the series’ move to Friday nights, the ratings dropped significantly.

Last year, Las Vegas was one of the earliest NBC shows to get a renewal notice. What a difference a year can make.

NBC has opted not to renew Las Vegas for season six. Unlike Friday Night Lights, Vegas apparently doesn’t warrant shopping to other possible outlets and fans of the series are left with a cliffhanger. The last two episodes aired last Friday and was first in the ratings for both hours, Unbeknownst to viewers at the time, it was likely the last time we’ll see the staff of the Montecito. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Karen S. says

    I love this show much that I watch the reruns over
    And over again on TNT, now it’s January 2013
    And they have cancelled the reruns. They put
    on all this old crappy shows but took away my
    Las Vegas.

  2. Johnny says

    this is the best TV show ever made and as many people think,the show deserves to be back ..every day i watched like 5 ep. and i couldn’t wait to wake up in the morning and watch more to see Danny McCoy and Mike the greatest characters.Please,put the show back even if the rating won’t be as much as you expected but atleast finish the show,don’t brake our hearths!

    • Ed Deline says

      You are correct..loved that show. I own all 5 seasons on DVD and watch it at least once a week and the whole series a couple of times a year from the pilot to the last (cliffhanger) episode. Still steams me they didnt give it a proper finish even after millions of fans made thier voice heard.. they had lightning in a bottle huh?

  3. Canadian boy says

    I watched las Vegas when it was on, I’ve bought all the seasons, continue to watch to this day. If you just watched an episode today for the first time, you would swear it’s a new show the network has started, that just goes t show how fresh it is. We need to bring it back. Don’t leave us hanging!

  4. jarad s says

    One of the best shows ever.
    just started watching and loved every episode.
    Please NBC bring it back or at least a story conclusion.

  5. Janice says

    I just finished watching this series during my 3 weeks of holidays, only to find out there is no season 6. I am so upset. The stories were great, the acting was real, it took me away for a while to escape and now it is unfinished. Please bring back the series. This show is fantastic.

  6. michael nut says

    how can it just be stopped like that…………spent the money , spent the time watching all of it thinking wish it didnt have to finish and it stops with to be continued…..and read that its been cancelled. how can a company decide to finish something early…..bring it back to our screens

  7. Clarissa says

    HEY I just dont understand why good TV shows are always getting the ax when stupit or dull shows get to stay on! Can someone please explain that to me! Las Vegas was a great show. All the actors played their roles so well hell, I sometimes felt they were really being themself. When a TV show has actors and a story line that comes across so well and can make and keep the people watching, even reruns why cancle it? If Las Vegas is good enough to play reruns ( which it must be, because TNT is playing reruns everyday) Why isnt it good enough for new shows? The same people watching reruns will watch new ones! Get it together and bring back a show that I am sure alot of viewers or Fans (new and old) would love to see!!!!!!!!

  8. karen says

    I just hate when a good show has to be cancled. The actors played their roles great and I felt like I was part of the family! If there is anyway to get the show back on with the same people it should be done!!!!! But if for some reason they cant get everbody back put someone else in that role but make sure they bring the same feel to the part are is just as good or better then the person they are replacing. I watch the show on TNT EVERY DAY, even the reruns! Do yourself a favor TNT get the show back with new shows. Make it show in the place of some stupit show that is now on! 6:00 pm would be good alot of people will beable to watch it and enjoy it and the newcomers will get to see a REAl class of actors!!!!

  9. Cliff says

    I guess this show ended years ago. Funny I just got into it this last year. Yes it seems when ever there is a good show with good people in the show they kill the show off. I wonder where the networks get there ideas people do not watch a show so time to end it. I for one have never in my 60 years of life been asked what I like or do not like. I guess if I want to see all of this series I will just have to buy it. It kills me that they end good shows and keep the junk they have on. I for one can’t stand these so called reality shows. I do not see any reality to any of them. And what a way to end a show, sounds like NBC, could care less what we think.

  10. says

    I started watching this show a couple of months ago and have fallen in love with it. I liked the show with James Cann, but I liked it even more with Tom Selleck! The writing was great! I wish that they would reconsider putting the show back on! It baffles me why stations always mess with a good thing!

  11. whitney says

    I think its just wrong to end a show like this.. What about the baby? I mean you get invested in these characters and to not have an ending..just not cool. I watch this on TNT so there are still fans out here.

  12. says

    will this series ever come back?it is not ok to not let us know what is happening to the caracters wo have followed for such a long time . darlene b

  13. Anonymous says

    hey alot people out there do like the show and want to know what will happen to delinda and dannys baby how did cooper get out of the plain

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