Las Vegas: NBC in Trouble Over Series Finale — Did This Cause the Show’s Cancellation?

Las VegasThough Las Vegas is on its way out, that’s not stopping a conservative watchdog group from taking some final shots at the NBC series.

It seems that the Parents Television Council (PTC) has a problem with the last two episodes of Las Vegas. They’ve filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) over an image that was shown on the February 15th installments of the five-year-old drama.

In the opening moments of the first of two episodes, three young women gather together in the center of the Montecito casino floor and disrobe. They then begin to run around the casino, creating a distraction for some bad guys to start a robbery. As you might expect, this was filmed without showing any objectionable nudity.

What the PTC has a problem with is what they claim they can see on small casino security monitors. In a recent press release, they say that the women’s “buttocks are visible, and only shadows obscure their breasts and groins.”

In a statement, PTC President Tim Winter said, “This crossed the line of common sense decency. NBC seems eager to test the FCC’s resolve to fine stations for violating broadcast decency laws. I remind NBC that the broadcast airwaves are public property. The TV networks do not own them. The TV stations do not own them. The industry must be held accountable for the content they air and the FCC must act in the public interest by slapping NBC with a significant indecency fine.”

These fines are serious business. A few weeks ago, the FCC hit 52 ABC affiliate stations with a fine of $1.4 million because of a 2003 episode of NYPD Blue. As you might expect, NBC has had no comment on the complaint as yet.

Though the series won’t be back on NBC next season, the network will still have to pay the fine if the FCC agrees with the PTC. Could this complaint from the conservative watchdog group have had a hand in getting Las Vegas cancelled? Even if the peacock network had already decided the drama’s fate, this issue over the series finale likely ensures the network won’t be changing their mind. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Donna Parow says


  2. Shirl says

    I was so disappointed that Las Vegas was canceled without at least being allowed to finish the series. Not fair to all the LOYAL VIEWERS. I’m still in shock that certain watch dogs had that much pull to get the show canceled! What a shame for the great actors and all their loyal viewers who LOVED THE SHOW. Unfair, Unfair, Unfair!

  3. LMM says

    Of all the stupid excuses. These “problem causers” need to go home sit down and shut up. They DO NOT speak for all of us. Who are they to decide for a Country that supports so many freedoms? These people grate on my every nerve. Assuming because they live in their world of self imposed standards, that we do as well. I’m sure most of us here have kids, and we make educated decisions for them. WE CHOOSE. We don’t appreciate someone CHOOSING FOR US. Between these folks and the American Family folks, they all make me sick.

  4. d says

    I just have to say how Stupid some networks can be to leave it hang the way they did, they could have at least ended it properly.

  5. Michelle says

    OMG! I can’t believe this was canceled over something soooooo STUPID!!

    This show was awesome, it had great writers, and actors. I’ve been dying to see what happens after Copper shows up at the wedding, why in the hell would you make that episode the last one??????

    AND Why in the hell who the FCC cancel a great show instead of just maybe putting future seasons straight to DVD, the show has enough fans that there would be a lot of money made.

    I mean god, don’t kill the project reinvent how you supply it to your audience.


  6. says

    I too am a faithful daily viewer of Las Vegas. I have seen the entire series – first to last – at least 7 (or more) times. I am at home daily with very limited mobility and watching TV is one of the only things that makes me feel like I’m still apart if the living world. Where I live, the show runs from 9:00 to 11:00 am daily. This show is what gets me UP AND MOVING every week day. Its fun, lively with drama, sex, humor, friendship, and some true life situations and alot of “gee, I wish I could or wish I had done that” types of story lines. To sum it all up, this was one of the best shows you’ve had IN A VERY LONG TIME AND YOU BLEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I don’t know if you’ve noticed this or not, but the show also had a bit of the old “Ed Sullivan Show” about it. I keep seeing some of the young and upcoming music and acting stars making a debut on the Las Vegas Show TV Show and now appearing on talk shows (ConanLopez (YUCK), other TV show and some movies. Its good to see them and the stars of Las Vegas out with other gigs.

    A couple of the major (but probably necessary) mistakes: 1) having Monica as owner. She was the person you loved to had and I was glad she came and went fairly quick. But then you replace her with a star that EVERY female heart string thumbs on – TOM SELLIC……….. – and that’s the FINAL series???? And the WAY you stopped it????? That was so cold to your viewers. Its like says to all your FAITHFUL viewers “here’s Tom Sellic – here’s a very sad scene after watching DeLinda through her entire pregnancy and Mike Cannon signing the know along with Danny and Sam (?), and just DROPPING IT THERE with DeLinda bleeding??????????????? Well – we’re leaving ow. We can’t handle all the beuacratic bull crap anymore so – deal with it”. HOW COULD YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why not at least do at least two or three more shows to leave your audience with some sort of closure……….. (but do complete the reruns).

    Anyway, I could give you my thought on not only this show, but many others as well. But, I will continue to watch Las Vegas as long as it’s aired. I’m not trying to put an “oh woe is me” on this BUT I am dying of a terminal lung disease which doesn’t let me be very mobile, although I try as much as possible. And the most important things in the world to me right now are my daughter’s health and happiness, my service dog named Cash, and my sisters and close friends. And it’s LAS VEGAS that gets me up and going to be able to love and enjoy them all.

    You guys really made a huge mistake in the TV arena and have lost a ton a faithful viewers. That’s really a shame……………


  7. Anthony says

    I say **** the Ptc and the FCC everyone of us have pravite areas that we see on a daily bases and this was the prefect show it was great and at the last season it said to be countied then these fuckers cancl the show I hate the USA if they have such a problem with nudity stop playboy or free easy porn sites on the Internet i mean **** u guys need to stop messing with little things and deal with the big stuff because u stopped this show and pissed alot of poeple off big fuckers hope u go to he’ll and I’m 14 and this is wat I think of u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Annjanette says

    So if the PTC was so hot to get Las Vegas cancelled a couple of years ago, where are they now when this program is continually being re-aired from 12:00-2:00 p.m. PST on Los Angeles television. It’s just stupid reasoning. Las Vegas was being aired at 10 p.m. on, I believe, Fridays and it was a very entertaining program with good writing (not a reality show like the Real housewives of NJ, OC, NY, DC etc.). What’s the big deal. There is much more sexual insinuation all the time on the daytime Soap Operas plus all of the cr_p that is being bandied about by the bimbo starlets like Hilton, the Kardashians, Lohan, Fishbourne’s kid, the Maury and Springer shows etc. The PTC twits are beyond prudes with no regard for actual entertainment that is interesting. Wrong move by NBC and also by the PTC!

  9. Kevin Benn says

    Are you kidding me?!! This is 2010, I can’t believe that in 2008 “Las Vegas” was cancelled because of a little fuzzy nudity. There are people in this country that must still live in the dark ages,and believe that nudity is too dirty and inappropriate for network television in the United States. The FCC needs to ease up on censorship and stop letting radical conserative groups depict what should be seen on network TV. Everybody is so worried that our kids will be traumatized from seeing a naked person or persons, when in Europe they see it everyday on television, art museums,fountains,etc.. Not only that everybody on this planet has seen themselves naked everyday including children. So let’s stop living in the middle ages and start living in the twenty-first century.

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