Las Vegas: NBC in Trouble Over Series Finale — Did This Cause the Show’s Cancellation?

Las VegasThough Las Vegas is on its way out, that’s not stopping a conservative watchdog group from taking some final shots at the NBC series.

It seems that the Parents Television Council (PTC) has a problem with the last two episodes of Las Vegas. They’ve filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) over an image that was shown on the February 15th installments of the five-year-old drama.

In the opening moments of the first of two episodes, three young women gather together in the center of the Montecito casino floor and disrobe. They then begin to run around the casino, creating a distraction for some bad guys to start a robbery. As you might expect, this was filmed without showing any objectionable nudity.

What the PTC has a problem with is what they claim they can see on small casino security monitors. In a recent press release, they say that the women’s “buttocks are visible, and only shadows obscure their breasts and groins.”

In a statement, PTC President Tim Winter said, “This crossed the line of common sense decency. NBC seems eager to test the FCC’s resolve to fine stations for violating broadcast decency laws. I remind NBC that the broadcast airwaves are public property. The TV networks do not own them. The TV stations do not own them. The industry must be held accountable for the content they air and the FCC must act in the public interest by slapping NBC with a significant indecency fine.”

These fines are serious business. A few weeks ago, the FCC hit 52 ABC affiliate stations with a fine of $1.4 million because of a 2003 episode of NYPD Blue. As you might expect, NBC has had no comment on the complaint as yet.

Though the series won’t be back on NBC next season, the network will still have to pay the fine if the FCC agrees with the PTC. Could this complaint from the conservative watchdog group have had a hand in getting Las Vegas cancelled? Even if the peacock network had already decided the drama’s fate, this issue over the series finale likely ensures the network won’t be changing their mind. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Nikki says

    My hubby and I have been watching the reruns and just found out about the show being cancelled like it was. How disappointing to not be able to give some sort of an ending to such a wonderful show. That’s a bunch of crud.

  2. Rita says

    I agree that it was one of the best shows on tv and that we deserve a proper ending. VERY DISAPPOINTING NBC!

  3. Melissa says

    I am so disappointed in the fact that you canceled the series of Las Vegas and you can keep those stupid reality shows on. Las Vegas was a funny and interesting show because it always kept you on your toes and kept you laughing and wondering what was going to happen next. Then you leave it with the Memorial for Cooper and the Dalinda’s pregnancy and you have all viewers thinking that she is goin to lose the baby and that is wrong, You don’t leave your viewers hanging like that so I am hoping that when at the end of the last show it said “””TO BE CONTINUED””” I am
    really hoping it’s coming back on and I would like to know when and what channel please

  4. Melissa says

    I am so dissapointed! Las Vegas was the best show! I watch the re-runs everyday and was devasted and shocked when it was cancelled. There were no grounds for it’s cancellation! Bring it back! The fans at least deserve a proper finale!

  5. Lisa says

    I just found out this show was canceled, and I am very upset about it. This was such a good show with a great cast. Please bring it back!

  6. holly says

    las vegas was one of the only shows that captivated me. wonderful chemistry with the cast, superb storylines, amazing actors, the show captured the essence and excitement of vegas. i can say i have not seen anything on the show that was controversial, in fact it was far better than many of the commercials they air!! i can think of many stupid shows that have been running along time but nbc chose to end this amazing series. i boycotted nbc!!!!

  7. Russ says

    oh funk the ptc we can take care of are kids nbc just needs to air the real ending to the show watch 5 seasons of las vegas and deserve a proper ending

  8. says

    i hate that the show was cancel, but the season ended in a cliffhanger and this is fair to the people who enjoy watching the show. i wish they would reconsider and return the show to nbc. i look forward to fridays to see it and the cast.

  9. Nicole says

    I didn’t realize until now that the show was cancelled. I’m sad that was the one show I looked forward to watching. The cast was awesome! Josh!!!!!!!!!

  10. Me says

    I’m only watching the reruns (taping it and watching after work), but I really enjoy the show with James Caan and the cast. I’ve also seen the ones with Tom Selleck and enjoyed it. This is a show that I look forward to watching as an adult. Some people take things to the extreme and should get a life. Please reconsider about putting this show back on.

  11. Lucy says

    OMG I am so disappointed of the ending of Las Vegas. I think NBC needs to know that they are losing viewers. I so liked Las Vegas it was the only show I would sit down and watch, the cast was amazing. Children have no reason to be up watching it, maybe the people need to look into their parenting skills. I have three kids they have their own t.v. maybe you guys should consider that ( oh wait that would make sense). I no longer watch NBC. I just think that is sad that people have to ruin things for other people.

  12. Anonymous says

    I’m a teenager, Las Vegas was the only show that actually caught my attention and kept it. People out their who complain about this show need to grab a drink and sit down and watch it. Its a good series and doesn’t deserve to be shut down. I think the very least NBC should film a couple more episodes to tie up lose ends. Come on NBC, you keep this up with the canceling of stuff, im goin to laugh when you go bunkrupt.

  13. Rob Stone says

    NBC Cancels Las Vegas.

    Unbelievable !!!
    Did the ratings drop ???
    What happened ???

    What MORON made this decision ???

    The same Moron(s) who probably ended the show SURFACE….never going to know how that story ends.

    Hey, heres a thought to the Exec’s at NBC…..How about film the last 4 or 5 episodes of a show. That way when the Moron(s) decides to end it, at least we will know the ending!!!

    So to conclude – To the NBC Moron(s).

    In the words of Chef Gordon Ramsay…..Go Piss Off, ya Donkey…


  14. Anonymous says

    I love Las Vegas. If NBC cancels it that will will be just one more reason for me not to watch NBC anymore. They will lost both Scrubs and Las Vegas. Wow, they are really running out of good programming IMO. They are a far cry from the days of Cheers, Seinfeld and Friends.

    The PTC is made up of a bunch of ignorant prudes. Nothing about the show Las Vegas would interest anyone under 18 so why should the PTC be trying to stir up something that was nothing. If they want to censor tv they can always turn it off. It’s a parent’s responsibility to manage what their children watch and not the responsibility of television networks to babysit children.

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