Las Vegas: New Baby Booties Campaign to Save the NBC Drama

Las Vegas Danny and DelindaOutraged that the peacock network has cancelled Las Vegas after five years on the air? Angry that there wasn’t a proper series finale? Well, you’re not alone.

A group of devoted fans are joining together to deluge NBC execs with baby booties and socks, a reference to viewers being left up in the air over Danny and Delinda’s pregnancy. You can send the infant foot footwear to the peacock network yourself or you can contribute to be part of a group shipment.

Las Vegas’ series creator Gary Scott Thompson has lent his support to the campaign and said, “On behalf of the cast and crew of Las Vegas, thank you for your support the last five seasons. You’re the greatest fans in the world. Good luck with your campaign! We’re ready and willing to give you the series end you deserve. VIVA LAS VEGAS!

To find out more about Operation Baby Booties/Socks, visit this site. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Sam says

    Obviously EVERYONE still wants a proper closure for this absolutely amazing show. Why is it so hard for you people to just give us the ending it deserves. NBC is probably most famous for people to hate them for ending a show just because it doesn’t make them money, taking the show away has lost more money then anyone could ever imagine. Every Las Vegas fan out there doesn’t care that much about how long it takes you people to give us the right ending we just want it all NBC people are dumb as crap. They couldn’t understand if they were Albert Einstein.

  2. SW says

    This is the best show i have ever seen in my life! I don’t understand what was wrong with those stupid NBC people. They only had to make a few more episodes for a proper finale. I wish that someone will make a closure movie because EVERYONE wants to see what happens and to see what happens with the weddings, with Cooper and the baby!

  3. Deborah says

    After watching Las Vegas for years the last episode in which Mike and Piper,and Danny and Delina, were to get married only to be stopped by the absurd way we all thought that Cooper was killed in a plane crash and at his memorial (supposed one) he shows up and Delina starts having pains and blood, why are we left up in the air, that is really wrong we all want to know what happened, Bring Las Vegas back and show us that there is a happy ending. Please.

  4. Melody Blake says

    I just started watching Las Vegas and I just love it. I am watching it from the beginning for the second time and I think their plots were captivating! I am really hoping that you will reconsider and keep them camera’s running. I must have been working at the time it was running because I didn’t realize it was on.
    Melody Blake

  5. Stacey says

    To whom it may concern,

    The show left a lot of people in the dark. Regardless of why it was canceled.. the viewers would like to know what happen. We the viewers / fans are a big part of why television shows, and movies make so much money. We would like to see it come back, but we would all be appreciative to just know what happens. Not being left in the dark.
    Thanks from
    ~All Of Us.

  6. says

    I just got into the series this year (on TNT) and loved it! I wish that I had watched the series when it was on NBC. My wish would be for A network to bring it back with most of the main characters, but I know that is wishful thinking on my part since many of the n actors and actresses have moved on to other things in their careers. However it would be nice if everyone got back together and did a movie and give all of the fans the closure that we have been seeking… I’m just saying!

  7. chris says

    it’s not that they are dumbing down america with their reality shows, what they are doing is saving money. The rumor is that the show was cancelled when the writers strike hit – and since “reality” television doesn’t have writers, they are saving a lot of money – this wiki page can explain better
    so like EVERY strike in EVERY industry, some are going to lose their jobs due to labor cuts and layoffs – sometimes they should just leave well enough alone – i mean do we really need unions now? for cryin’ out loud – this ain’t the early 1900’s anymore! and in true fashion, this ain’t your Grandfathers union no more!

  8. monica skinner says

    Please put the show back on, i just finished watching the show i need to see what happens .They carn ‘t do that please put back on.

  9. Kadie says

    This is typical of NBC. They don’t make a ton of money (because their marketing people are useless) and they cut a show off with no resolution. What gets me is NBC doesn’t care about the fans AT ALL. They are still selling off DVD sets which have no conclusion without letting people know about the ultimate cliffhanger. There should be a huge warning on the box that says “this show has no ending” just so people don’t get sucked into the series and then have nothing to show for it. Meanwhile all these mindless reality shows stay on forever. I guess the networks have to dumb down their programming for the mindless people to not have to think so har so they cut off shows like Las Vegas and Lost

    • Danielle says

      I have to totally agree with you! ABC just did it to me with Happy town! How are the ratings tallied? Why not ask us to text in a vote or call? Most of the shows I have time for i record. When people have lives and there are so many choices out there, we cant be expected to be tunned in every second of the day.

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