Last Comic Standing: NBC Cancels Reality TV Series Again

Last Comic StandingBack in June of 2003, NBC premiered a new reality competition for stand-up comedians called Last Comic Standing. The series ran for two summer seasons and then NBC seemed to get a little greedy. Rather than wait a year between cycles, they began season three in August 2004, just weeks after the end of season two. That led the series to be cancelled due to poor ratings.

The peacock network brought it back in May of 2006 and that summer run was successful enough to spawn season five in 2007, followed by season six in 2008. The TV show run out of gas once again so NBC cancelled it for the second time.

They brought it back last summer for season seven but it didn’t well, hitting a new season low of a 1.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic with just 3.91 million viewers. NBC has reportedly cancelled Last Comic Standing for a third time.

Though the reality series won’t be back this summer, network history leads us to believe that it’ll likely be back at some point in the future.

What do you think? Are you sorry Last Comic Standing won’t be back this year? Do you think it’ll ever return?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Kristen/chris says

    So sad!! My fiancé and I are avid watchers! It always made us happy after a long day of work!

  2. Anonymous says

    This is a shame all the crap on TV during the summer and we can’t even get a show that reminds us to laugh and enjoy life. With all that’s going on in the world today this show is needed. NBC bring this show back or some form of this show that showcases some of the best comedians in the world known or not.

  3. Anne says

    I loved the show last year! It was my first time ever seeing it and now I am into stand up comedy. It’s too bad they didn’t bring it back. It was great!

  4. Brandy says

    I am pretty sad about this, I don’t have anything to watch this summer now. I did find this on NBC’s website and it looks LCSish….

    The national search seeks to find the funniest comics of diverse backgrounds and will be holding open calls in five major U.S. markets. The most-promising stand-up comedians will be awarded a talent holding deal with NBCU, along with other opportunities to be announced later this year.

    The highly anticipated talent search begins in Chicago on June 13, followed by auditions in Toronto on July 25, Seattle on August 7, Dallas August 21 and New York on September 18. The search will culminate in Los Angeles with a final industry showcase in early December. The promising event will present the entire industry with a first look at the nation’s freshest comedic talent as selected by NBCU.

    Prospective participants and audience members can check for details online at or

  5. Tiff says

    I can’t believe this show was cancelled – this is the one show on television that truly makes people laugh. AND some great comedians were discovered [or at least advertised ] so everyone could share in their humor. I am hoping for the show to make a comeback, even if it is not on NBC [ or at least some version of the show].

  6. Dane says

    Wow….just came on-line to find out when Last Comic premiers for 2011 and found out 2 terrible things….the show’s cancelled! NOOOO! and Mike past away….really sad to hear that specially with Greg passing last year…really sad.

  7. says

    I think they’re going to have a hard time “replacing” Giraldo. He was an awesome guy and probably the reason for a good majority of the viewers. I’m fairly sure Natasha Leggero won’t be coming back to judge either. Who would judge along with Andy Kindler?

  8. frog says

    loved the show. stop cancelling. run during the summer and work on getting contestants the rest of the year. network tossed it around too much. cancel, renew, cancel, renew…..ppl probably didnt know it was back on. promote it. ‘REAL’ ppl reality are the only ones i watch. not those stupid celebrity and RICH ppl reality. I want to see an opportunity for the talented “everyday person” , not those that already have it all

  9. J says

    It was a a good concept for TV. We need to be reminded that we need shows like LCS to make us laugh. But they got away from principles and that was to find the funniest person without being bias toward the lesser known funny. And make the working comics compete as well. No one should have gotten reservations because they know somebody that know somebody. Then to put 10 to 15 guys around a table and say give me your best 30 secound with some homeless person as your judge is crazy. But the people that LCS set out to hurt and brain wash there auditions. Were the very same people that, blog , tweeter , post, and protest the show legitamacy, were the same one that help bring down the ratings so the show could fail. So if the show do come back be careful LCS because you never know who’s not watching ‘Comedians”

  10. james wood says

    Last comic standing sucked ass, let’s bring 20 comics that’s been doing comedy for 10 years call them new comers, come on thats reality tv. My 5 year old can come up better idea’s.

  11. John says

    That’s a shame, last season was really strong compared to the last two or three seasons.

    It’s a shame that two people are already dead though (Mike DeStefano and Greg Giraldo).

    • Mike says

      What a shame. I had no idea about Greg! I actually went to a tapping of last season’s show and found him to be hilarious, even during commercial breaks.

      • Anonymous says

        How does someone not hear about Greg Giraldo’s death?? Unreal how clueless some people are.

        • Anonymous says

          when you have children, you are not always up to date with celebrities and other nonsense. i am sad about greg giraldo’s passing and feel it’s unfortunate the show won’t be returning.

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