Last Man Standing: Showrunner & Cast Changes, Will They Help?

Last Man Standing sitcom changesThere are some changes in store for the second season of the Tim Allen sitcom, Last Man Standing.

Tim Doyle, executive producer of CBS’ Rules of Engagement, will replace Kevin Abbott as a showrunner on the ABC series. Abbott will continue with the sitcom as an executive producer but will be able to focus more of his energies on his new alphabet net sitcom, Malibu Country.

Starring Reba McEntire, Malibu Country will revolve around a Nashville mother who moves to California after a divorce. Both Last Man Standing and Malibu Country will air on Friday nights next season.

In addition, Alexandra Krosney, who plays Allen’s eldest daughter and a single mom, has been let go from the comedy series due to “creative reasons.” The role is being recast.

Last Man Standing started out its first season with a strong 3.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 12.93 million total viewers. Those numbers kept declining over the course of the season however and last month’s numbers fell as low as a 1.5 demo rating with 6.52 million.

Ratings like the latter aren’t typically strong enough to get a renewal, unless the show is airing on Friday nights. It’ll be interesting to see if Last Man Standing can maintain/improve those numbers on Friday evenings or if they’ll drop even lower.

What do you think? Will the cast/showrunner changes impact the ratings for Last Man Standing? Is the move to Friday nights a good idea?

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  1. #OneCritic says

    People please. The original actress was sweet and feminine. This girl looks like Lucy Lawless meets Winona Judd. No offense to her, she’s got her place, it’s just not in that family. Between the new actress and the whole voting thing, 2 minutes in and I didn’t want to watch. Sorry Tim and nancy, Love you guys but the network really goofed on this one.

  2. Steph says

    Letting go Alex was a HUGE mistake! I loved her on this show. The new girl looks twice as old and not as cute. Bummer for the show.

  3. julie says

    what were you thinking,Tim?
    I understand “creative differences.” But the replacement looks almost double the age of
    the original. (even if she isn’t). Looks at least 26. And the child looks 3 years older!
    Within the first 6 minutes I’m already trying to decide if I will continue watching… : (
    Last season, it was one of our favorite shows! Even my husband thought it outdid your
    previous show.

  4. jen says

    I loved Alexandra Krosney as the eldest daughter!! She was one of the reasons I watched. I’ve seen the first time minutes of the 2nd season opener and nope….nothing against the new actress..but get the old one back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really really preferred the other actress.

  5. thom says

    I don’t understand why CBS, FOX, & NBC execs don’t want us to enjoy commercial-free TV. I’m a DISH employee – AutoHop is great because you can easily watch commercial-free TV. Public Knowledge, a consumer advocacy group, is taking a stand for consumers by creating a petition that tells CBS, FOX, & NBC media to keep their hands out of your living room & DVR. Sign their petition to keep control of how you watch TV

  6. Bethany says

    I loved the show, but it didn’t stand a chance to keep the ratings up when I would record the program and watch it (always 1/2 hour after airing) only to find it was NOT the show, or a rerun of the show when it stated that it was a new episode. If they can’t keep the show on in a regular timeslot long enough for people to make a commitment, then people won’t get commited to it. Pretty easy to figure that one out. The show was amazing the way it was, and I will give it a shot with the cast changes. (I personally liked the daughter, but “creative reasons” could mean that she could not work with the new show runner or something too.) I don’t see much of a future for this show, mostly because I don’t think tv execs really give us much to rely on when it comes to good shows like this one. First they bounce them all over the schedule, skip weeks that they should be airing, etc. Then they bring the show back, but not the show that people TRIED to watch every episode of, but a new show that is not the same, or even a natural growth of the show that was so good from the onset. Then people lose interest, which shows in the ratings even more, and we lose even more entertainment provided by the network in question. This is not isolated to this network, it seems to be an industry standard. I just hope that this show gets a real chance at some point. I am still laughing about PHART. Everyone loves a good PHART joke. LOL

    • Bethany says

      2 opinions there.

      1. They could pull a Dennis Huxtable and have her off to school (minus the spinoff) and then come back a whole different person (even a whole different actress).

      2. They could pull a Chuck Cunningham. He was on like 1 or 2 episodes, went upstairs and never came down. They never even mentioned him again.

      I personally like the first option, but the character is a good one, so I just hope they don’t actually kill her off altogether. Take a page from soaps. Nobody ever completely dies on soaps, even when they explode. There is always a way to bring them back, even if only in ghost form (Over, and over, and over, and over. LOL)

  7. says

    I hate that they had to recast or eliminate the oldest daughter.i have to agree that the writers didnt give her the best or funniest lines-those were used by her socialite middle sister whose role model is Kim Kardashian.They didnt send her to college or marry her off was because of the holiday episodes where we would be looking for her guest apperance.They are keeping the youngest daughter because she is a clone of tim allen’s character who is a tomboy who will be eventually working with her dad.The oldest daughter was a cutie and looked like she could be sisters with the middle daughter but they didnt show her with the baby enough and hardly ever showed her at work except for my favorite episode “The my sweet Pie” which thesisters helped her close the place one night.

  8. says

    I really don’t care if they donk the eldest daughter, she was annoying – but not as much as the middle daughter. But instead of recasting her they should have sent her to college to “grow up” and just killed the role.
    Now if you really want to save the show, recast the WIFE. She has zero chemistry with Tim Allen and it shows. It’s really really strained and the actors don’t seem to be able to overcome it. Just recast her role and let it go.

  9. Craig says

    I am just glad they didn’t get rid of Molly Ephraim, Kaitlyn Dever, or Nancy Travis. All three were very funny. They just never gave the oldest daughter much in the way of funny lines. I don’t think they even need to recast her character. I would just have her move away.

  10. says

    Is this still on? It was so bad, one episode of that made me wonder why I wasted all those years watching “Home Improvement.”

  11. Grandizer says

    I loved the show although I can see why certain people needed to be let go.
    The oldest daughter, yes, I never really saw her anything other than a role model for the parents to point at and say, don’t end up like her.
    Her romance with the store employee was laughable, glad it ended.

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