Last Man Standing: ABC Orders More Episodes

Last Man Standing additional episodesThe alphabet network has picked up two more episodes of Tim Allen’s new sitcom, Last Man Standing. The order brings the TV show’s first season order to 24 installments.

In November, after Last Man had been on the air for just a few weeks, ABC gave it a full season order. Not long afterward, a new showrunner was named.

On Tuesday nights, Last Man Standing has been averaging a 2.8 in the 18-49 demographic and 9.85 million total viewers. It’s the eighth-highest rated scripted series on the network this season (out of 16 shows) and currently has a “B-” on our ABC network report card.

While the sitcom hasn’t been a big hit for ABC, it’s done far better than Man Up! (cancelled) and newbie Work It (sure to be cancelled soon) and continues to be an anchor in the network’s attempt to create a second night of comedies.

A dozen episodes of Last Man have aired so far, leaving another 12 to go. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian will play herself in an upcoming February sweeps episode.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the Tim Allen comedy? Has it improved over the course of the season?

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  1. Kitty says

    We liked this show at first, but then the return of the ex-boyfriend, baby-daddy character turned us off. He’s obviously been added as a joke-foy for Tim Allen to play off, but he’s unsympathetic, obnoxious and always looks rumpled and dirty. We groan when he appears. If he’s not liked by the parents, why is he always around at the kitchen table, sofa, etc???

    Also the contant yin-yang of the characters ideals is getting annoying. During the presidential election it was waaaaaaaaay too much with the Obama v/s Romney, Republican v/s Democrate, conservative v/s liberal thinking and snipping. We don’t turn into a light-comedy show for the same stuff we have to listen to on the noon and evening news!

    Then adding the black neighbors and the Black v/s White adversity between Tim Allen and the African American guy was the last draw. Wow, they don’t get along. Who would have seen THAT ONE coming? Duh.

    Lately we’ve dropped it from our viewing habits.

  2. Dawn says

    I love this show. Tim Allen is a genius and has returned with a great, funny and highly entertaining show. Thanks Tim and ABC. Please renew for another season!!!

  3. kelly says

    i love love last man standing. its funny as heck. i hope this show keeps on going i can not wait for the next show i have my dvr set for the show just in cast i miss it when its on.

  4. Tracy says

    Tim has done it once again. I think he just keeps getting better. Keep up the good work Tim. ABC , you need to sign him on for a second season!!!

  5. says

    I really liked the show but when kim k goes on it i will be deleting the series from my DVR. I mean if your gonna have a Porn Star on the show at least go for the gold and get Jenna Jameson. I know the daughter in Last Man Standing really likes kim k does this mean she is or wants to make a sex tape too to get famous? kim k couldnt even act in her sex tape. Oh well i guess tim can sacrifice his male audience for young dumb woman, I will be watching until kim k ruins it.

  6. Grandizer says

    You Go Tim Allen!
    Have never found a show that he was in that I did not like.

    Waiting for a Galaxy Quest sequel!

  7. Blaine says

    i like the show NO absolutely love this show and all of it’s characters! I look forward to watching more shows

  8. Anthony says

    ABC is going to give Tim Allen the chance to prove to be a success again after his long run with Home Improvement. I have the feeling it will get at least 2 years because it has to grow a bit to be able to move up in the sitcom battle on its own network since ABC has the established Wednesday night.

    I love Tim Allen’s brand of comedy and seeing Hector Elizondo in the role is awesome. He does so many dramatic roles its refreshing to see him be in a comedic role.

  9. Angela says

    I absolutely love this show and all of it’s characters! I look forward to watching every week. I hope that it’s here to stay for while.

  10. DJ says

    I’ve been fortunate enough to attend all of the tapings so far for Last Man Standing. Let me tell you, it moves along quickly and efficiently. Big thanks should go to John Pasquin, the director, for his professionalism and top notch competency. The cast and crew get along great and seem to really care for one another. I’ve been to many other show tapings, and this one is simply the best. If you’re ever in L.A. and can attend a taping, please do. You will not be disappointed.

  11. Hank says

    The show started really stiff but has improved greatly. It must be the new showrunner. Were laughing more and more. I hope they keep it up.

  12. Jimmy says

    The ratings have been going down so with kim kardashian the ratings could go up for that episode and some of those new viewers could stay with the show. This show is curently in 5th place out of 7 sitcoms on ABC and 2 more sitcoms haven’t aired yet this season . So it could use all the ratings help it can get.

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