Last Resort: Cast of Cancelled TV Show Hoping for Miracle

Last Resort cancelled series photoWhen ABC didn’t renew Last Resort, most concede that the TV show has been cancelled. Still, some are hoping that the remaining episodes will bring in positive ratings and the network will have a change of heart. It’s highly unlikely but stranger things have happened.

The cast and crew are still working on the final two episodes of the season (and most likely the series) and the last episode’s script is being tweaked to give the show some closure. On Tuesday, Mike King (Hawkes) wrote, “Back on Oahu, read the last episode of #LastResort and holy crap is it going to be good!”

He tweeted this photo yesterday and wrote, “Laughing till it hurts on set with @JesseLuken & the great @robertpatrickT2 on #LastResort_ABC #FunTimes #CarpeDiem” Earlier, King tweeted, “we have 6 eps to pull off a #miracle! #vote for #LastResort best new drama, #PeoplesChoice #Support #love”

After receiving the cancellation news, Last Resort co-creator Karl Gajdusek wrote, “Sorry, folks. #LastResort didn’t make the cut. We’ll still bring you 13 episodes of kick ass, but then we take our bow. Thanks for watching.”

When asked how they would fit seven seasons worth of storylines into seven episodes, he responded, “Not sure but we can try :)”

Here are some other reactions to the cancellation:

Shawn Ryan (co-creator): “For the record ABC was always fantastic with us in every regard. Don’t get mad at them. If you’d like to curse out Nielsen viewers though…”

And later, “Technically #LastResort isn’t cancelled but I understand why some are using the term. Still 6 more eps to air. Miracle unlikely but possible”

Last Resort TV show supportRobert Patrick (Master Chief Joseph Prosser): “You need to know we all IN! Because great episodes still to air. It’s a great show! Fans please support the mission #LastResort”

Daniel Lissing (James King): “Thank you all for the kind words! We all put our heart and souls into #LastResort. Damn shame!! However, great eps still to air. Enjoy!”

Followed up by, “Sad news.. But remember you still have another SIX awesome episodes of #LastResort to watch! We’re still on set working hard for you! :)”

Autumn Reeser (Kylie Sinclair): “Thank you so much to all our #LastResort fans for your support! All 13 episodes will air, and there are some AMAZING stories coming up!!” And later, “I’m sad about #LastResort being cut short, but I promise you we are going to make these final episodes count and make some GREAT TV for you!”

Reeser’s husband, director Jesse Warren delivered the news, “Unfortunately #LastResort didn’t get picked up for the back 9. Still airing 13. It’s possible it could move with enough love. #BooNeilson”

Jessy Schram (Christine Kendal): “Thanks for all the love & support for #LastResort. We won’t be adding to the season, but there are 6 eps left that will BLOW YOUR MIND :)”

Daisy Betts (Lieutenant Grace Shepard): “Deepest thanks for the love everyone! Enjoy our 13eps of #LastResort! Our amazing cast & crew are working so hard on this incredible show.Dx”

What do you think? Do you think there’s a chance that the ratings for Last Resort could rise enough for the show to be saved?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. damen says

    i started watching the last resort only recently and got to say i really got into it , its a shame it got cancelled i still havnt got over sg universe getting cancelled yet would love them to reconsider as their has been some terrible tv series that have been giving a second season even just a feature length movie would help

  2. Anon says

    I’d really like a season 2 ABC. I think that sometimes, you need to have a little bit more patience. Last Resort is a phenomenal tv show that I just discovered, a few months after the fact. I am very disappointed, I was looking forward to season 2. You left season1 on a cliff hanger. Please bring back the show!

  3. Glea says

    This show is awesome, and I am sure to buy it on DVD too. Why did you have to rush it with the last episodes? Please, make a public vote or something.. so that we, the fans, could vote for at least one season more for this show.
    The cast is very very good, and in the end.. by then we had just got known the characters. This is an interesting, entertaining, different, exciting tv-show, and I think it would be a shame if there won’t be any future for it.

  4. Donna Petrillo says

    Is ABC totally out of its mind?!?!?!?! This was the best show on tv!!!! I personally feel it was too controversial for our American government and they couldn’t handle what could possibly some day be the truth!!! Great acting, scripts, and actors!!!! What are you afraid of ABC???? Instead you give us more dumb ass slap stick comedies, BORING!!! I hope another network picks it up, it goes on to win tv awards and ABC ends up with egg on its face!!!

  5. kim says

    i knew three weeks that the final episode would not go to air as it would be too controversial for the american gov. as it has more than likely happenned in reality for all we kinow and could be an embarrassment

  6. Bryann says

    I’m really disappointed. Just finished watching the only season. It was an original idea that required some great acting skill and insane writing to pull this one off. It is very controversial and politically driven brilliance. I can’t imagine a better time to put a show on the air in which a Country’s own army questions and defies it’s leaders decisions and actions. That in itself deserves outstanding ratings and an applause. Kudos to the creators and all the talent and hard work that was put into this brilliant work of art!

  7. Morgan says

    Abc as always you never fail to cancel a good show eastwick, desp housewives, the gates, LR,etc other than Jeopardy you suck!

  8. Darren says

    ABC suck, Am still somehow hoping that they will sort theyre heads out and make another series of LR, even if it has to be as corney as Chaplain waking up after the crew were drugged and this rused poor ending was a dream of some sorts, bulking at a second series just because you feel the show was’nt feminine enough?….please!

    This show was brilliant and could have gone anywherw! ANYWHERE! but you keep all the trashy reality tv on the screens and you keep all the other rubbish coming while kick ass shows like this get the boot, how about a chamnge in ABC’s management and leave shows like this run theyre full course instead of ramming crap down our throats.

    Am I giutted? yes, to many shows get the boot while rubbish runs and runs, Last Resort was awesome and there’s been a big BIG mistake made in scrubbing it.
    Thanks a bunch ABC

  9. Mike says

    Please don’t cancel this brilliant show, it’s got lots of great plot twists & intrigue. I heard that its mainly watched by men not women as something with marketing & sex appeal. Shouldn’t it be on storyline & acting ability of which is what this show has in abundance. It really shouldn’t be cancelled on who looks the prettiest or most handsome. This is a truly amazing show, please don’t cancel it when there’s clearly so much more to see

  10. Norman says

    UK viewer who has lost faith with the US tv companies….any new shows arent given enough time to develope and are often pitted against well established shows in an attempt to gather ratings. The list of cancelled shows rolls on…..Jericho, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe, Caprica, Blood and Chrome(cancelled before pilot shown) Eureka, Terra Nova, The finder…….not worth watching any US shows till they have made it to season 2 or 3.

    Farewell Last Resort – all thats left on TV now is ” Chewing Gum for the eyes” for the reality show watching vegetables…

  11. Nell says

    Last Resort should not have been cancelled. It was a good show, but of course all the
    shows I like seem to get cancelled. They keep the ones that should be of course.

  12. Lisa says

    I never heard about the cancellation at all. Watched the “final episode”, and was shocked. Loved the show, and looked forward to it every week. It kept you wanting to come back for more. I think they should renew on another network different day. It was up against some long running hits, and that’s tough competition. I was able to watch all with time shifting on satellite. I hope someone reconsiders. The show had great actors, and great chemistry.

  13. Mike says

    Never fails, they cancelled ” Last Resort” they cancelled ” The Event” They cancelled ” Alcatraz” they cancell just about anything that has some sort of political tannins. It’s said because all your left with is brain rotting sitcoms that are just repeats of previous sitcoms. Like threes company that turned into friends that turned into the new girl. Blah blah blah. We want cutting edge dramas. Want want to be tested, we want the boundaries tested but not just for one season. Oh yea They cancelled ” Heros” , The “4400”, The ” X Files” does the general public not get these dramas? Are we that hopeless that a one liner from some terrible sitcom writer is what keeps us glued to the television. No its the anticipation of I can’t wait till next week to see what happens. I m pretty sure I knew what Ross or chandler was going to do in the next episode. Quit wasting our time networks. Put something good on and leave it for at least two or three seasons or just put it on Netflix.

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