Law & Order: Alana De La Garza Joins Los Angeles Spin-Off

IMAGEThe original Law & Order may have been cancelled last May but one of the long-running drama’s characters is coming back. Alana De La Garza is reprising her role as ADA Connie Rubirosa for NBC’s Law & Order: Los Angeles.

As you may recall, Law & Order: Los Angeles is currently undergoing an overhaul. The ratings haven’t been stellar, averaging a 2.2 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 10.75 million viewers. NBC has put the series on hiatus, giving Dick Wolf and company time to work out the changes.

Skeet Ulrich, Regina Hall, and Megan Boone have all been let go from the series. Alfred Molina’s Richardo Morales is shifting from prosecutor to detective, partnered with TJ Jaruszalski (Corey Stoll). It’ll be explained that Morales had previously been a cop.

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De La Garza has been added to the cast of Los Angeles as part of the overhaul, making the show seem a bit more like a traditional spin-off. Her character joined the original Law & Order in season 17.

Of her joining the Los Angeles cast, Wolf said, “I hope fans of the ‘mothership’ will be happy to see the return of Alana’s character, Connie Rubirosa, one of the longest-running assistant prosecutors on Law & Order. Alana has a huge following and it will be interesting to follow her character as she comes to terms with Los Angeles justice.”

There’s no word as to when original episodes of Law & Order: Los Angeles will return to the schedule. NBC has ordered 22 episodes and to date only eight of those have aired. Reruns continue to air on Saturday nights.

What do you think? Are you glad to hear De La Garza is joining the cast? Would you like to see any other Law & Order characters come on board?

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  1. Matt says

    NBC = No Brain Connection I have no idea why they cancelled the original L&O – to make room for crap like Outsourced? or umm Undercovers or Chase anyone? The reason LOLA (FYI – stupid name) sucks is you have 8 cast members. Think of the original formula that works Dick – 2 cops – 2 DA”s. It also took you 3 or 4 episodes to get the voice over “these are there stories…..” put back in. By the way, NYC was the fifth character in the show. LA is no NY and can never even come close. It has a phony feeling to it – just like the people and everything else in California. I say cancel the entire thing and bring back the original – make it like a season of Dallas. Connie wakes up and had a bad dream where she moved to LA and thanks god it was just a bad dream and she is back where she belongs.

  2. Pam says

    Personally I love all the Law and Order’s .What happened to Criminal Intent?I Also I think it is great Connie is comig back too bad u can’t get Jack Mccoy back that would be great

  3. Gloria says

    I love Law and Order LA…I have lived here all my life and really enjoy seeing areas of the city I am familiar with. And with “Connie” returning that is terrific. Sure I miss the original, but the original had so many character changes, all were great; let’s get the LA version back and running.

  4. Rosita says

    Please bring back the orignal Law & Order. NBC needs good drama that is why I go to CBS. DRAMA DRAMA is the key. Why fix it when it is not broken.

  5. Liz says

    Why can’t NBC just leave the show alone! Add a character or two but let the show keep running. I really enjoyed the show.

  6. Anonymous says

    Let’s get back to the good old days with McCoy playing hard ass and bullying indifferent people to get the bad guys, btw the best cast was Lenny, green, abbey, and McCoy. Good times

  7. Bill says

    I think the new Law and Order Los Angeles feels updated, with new likeable characters. Good writing and direction. All around excellent production. Too bad it is on leave. I agree with taking off Megan Boone and Regina Hall, not that they didn’t do a good job, but too many people in the cast. The rest of the cast were terrific. Having no women is unbalanced. Unfortunate that they decided to take off Skeet. I felt he was a solid character, good interaction with partner, and realistic police attitudes. Also, he had a compassionate and respectful nature. If you have to put in a woman, then Connie is just ok, but my favorite women on the original Law and Order were Carrie Lowell and Melina Govich. Both of them were strong women who packed a punch in the shows. Too bad couldn’t tap a perky woman like either one of those. Alana was good, but a little too soft.

  8. joann says

    Bring them ALL back !!!!! Go ahead with your changes to L & O Los Angeles tho. No reason why LA shouldn’t be as awesome as all the others. Wishin em good luck.

  9. Kelly says

    The cast of Law and Order in the final three seasons was stellar, a winning combination. I found it way too late–halfway through its final season. McCoy, Rubirosa, Cutter, Van Buren, Lupo, and Bernard–they had it figured out. Really disappointed it’s over. At least bring back Rubirosa, Cutter, Lupo, and Bernard to LA.

  10. Laura says

    Honestly i love Law & Order Los angeles. All of the Law & Order shows are awesome! THe new detectives on Los Angeles are doing a great job, but to see De La Garza coming to L.A. is a great choice, I honestly think she will bring more viewers into the Law & Order Los Angeles series. She has been great on the other series, can’t wait to see the new shows. Keep up the good work!

  11. Stephan says

    Wow. Alana definitely has the acting chops, but the real challenge will be the writing of the changes. I hope it’s successful. I often wondered why Dick Wolf did not spin off the Abbie Carmichael character with a Federal Law and Order. I thought that would have been an interesting direction, and a way to keep popular characters alive while retaining an audioence and inviting new viewers. Still don’t know why the “mothership” was not continued and not simply aired on an NBC cable network instead. Good luck.

  12. carl says

    Am I glad? Are you friggin kidding me? what kind of question is that? Who wouldn’t be excited. The best, most beautiful ADA they had!

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