Law & Order: Criminal Intent: USA Renews and Cancels TV Show; No Season 11?

Vincent D'OnofrioLast month, we reported that USA Networks was considering cancelling its long-running Law & Order: Criminal Intent series. After a number of different scenarios were supposedly bandied about, the cable channel has made up its mind — or has it?

The spin-off series follows investigations of high-profile cases. The show moved from NBC to USA Networks in 2007. Up until last year, it starred Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe. This past season starred Jeff Goldblum, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, and Saffron Burrows.

Due to the TV show’s uncertain future, Goldblum decided to exit. The rest of the cast’s contracts expired over the summer.

USA has now decided to both renew and cancel Criminal Intent. It’ll come back for a 10th and final season of eight episodes. This will bring the series total to 195 installments.

On the positive side, D’Onofrio is returning as Detective Goren, a character he’s played in 133 episodes. Other castmembers are still in negotiations to return.

Executive producer Dick Wolf said, “Only time will tell if this is a fond farewell or a renaissance for Detective Robert Goren but everyone is ecstatic about going back to work on a show that’s a passion for all of us.”

Interestingly, Jeff Wachtel, president of original programming for USA, doesn’t sound totally committed to ending the show. He said “We have been the fortunate caretakers of this legendary series, and we plan to give it the world-class farewell it so richly deserves. Dick and his team promise to create a major event for television with incredible surprises. The plan is for this to be the series finale, but with a Dick Wolf franchise, one really never knows until it’s over.”

The 10th and final (?) season of Law & Order Criminal Intent is expected to air in 2011.

What do you think? Are you happy there will be some closure for the series? Do you think Criminal Intent should continue and return for season 11?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. A. E. Bryant says

    What first you take off Law & Order, now you want to take off the only Law & Order: Criminal Intent that I had left to watch. I love Bobby & Alex. Maybe if you bring back the original cast members minus the DA, you would have more people watching it. I love this show, I live to see this show, those reality shows are for the rich and so call famous folks. I do not need to see how people act at home in ral lfie, I have a life of my own with my family and that is enough reality for me. Its stupid to me to have your personal life on TV; come on, don’t you have any pride? BRING BACK LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT with Bobby, Alex and Wheeler.

  2. Donna & Jack Hallock says

    We use to watch Law & Order: Criminal Intent faithfully. Then they took off Ames and Goren and it just wasn’t the same, so we eventually stopped watching it all together. Then one evening we saw a commercial stating that Goren and Ames were back. We watched every epsiode and loved seeing our old friends back on the air, as if nothing had changed. Now it is being considered being cancelled again? We want to see it stay WITH the same characters playing Goren and Ames. We love both of them and love the show once again. Ple
    Please don’t cancel this wonderful show!

  3. patricia rosenberg says

    Get the actors and others to get it together and bring the show back. It’s a legend – why end it.

  4. D.Jeffers says

    Pleeeease don’t end this show. This is absolutely my all time favorite show on TV,not just on USA network.Goren and Eames are my favorite characters,and I look forward to each season and even the oldr episodes that are in syndication,so please bring it back with Goren and Eames.

  5. RCMPolice Member says

    Best Law Enforcement show of all time, with top credit to Vincent & Kathryn for their portrayals.

    Bring on Season 11

    Viewer & member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

  6. Donna says

    Law and Order has been a favorite of mine ever since it first started.I looked forward to each week and I can only hope and pray that Dick Wolf comes through for all of us devoted fans so we can watch Criminal Intent with only Goren and Eames for season 11.
    Please do not disappoint your loyal fans after all these years. Give us more,more and more please Dick Wolf. This is such a great show. You will make us devoted fans very,very happy.Thank You Dick in advance for making this happen. A Devoted Fan.

  7. patricia flowers-gaines says

    I think it is dumb to bring a show back and get people excited and then turn around and cancel it again. Goren and eames are the best. Donofrio is very handsome, comical and to the point. I think dick wolf should reconsider keeping the show alive. I am an avid fan of criminal intent. I do not like svu. How is it that it was not canceled? Should have been.

  8. Kathleen Fisher says

    I can’t believe you cancelled Criminal Intent, it’s the best of all the Law & Order shows.
    Goren & Eames are wonderful together. Jeff Goldblum was silly, and acted dumb, of course we know the writers did this, because he was good in The Fly and Jurassic Park.
    Goren has just the personality for his role, and Eames is his backup. Please bring them back!

  9. says

    USA should be cancelled for cancelling Law and Order Criminal Intent. Law and Order CI and SVU are the ONLY shows I will watch. USA Network thinks they have winners with White Collar, Royal Pains, I have never watched them and never will. Please bring back Law and Order CI. I never write in conceerning a show, but this is important and it is needed. Thank you for your patience, S. Crawford

  10. Yvonne Black says

    Please dont end the show we love it. Goren and Eamies are my favorite . They have such chemtry together like real partners . We are so fed up with these stupid reality Tv showes . There is no real action pack drama anymore . Law and Order CI is that and more . We love Goren dective style and how Eamies is alway in tune with him . This show is just great. The last of the great . It will be a great loss for us all .. Well hope to see ya soon the best dective of all time “Bobby and Eames” love ya

  11. Logikal1 says

    I swear NBC is intent on destroying itself. It’s had some of the greatest shows – then cancelled them on seeming whims. I’d hoped the original Law & Order would go on to break the 20 yr record of Gunsmoke, but for whatever reason NBC opted to suddenly cut it from the programming. Communication is NOT one of their strong points according to everyone who works for the company

    Now, just when they’ve got D’Nofrio back and the show is getting back to what made it great, they cancel it. (Goldblum was positively awful – the only suspense with Goldblum’s character was at what point he was going to show he could play the piano [like who doesn’t?] He had zero show appeal for me. I will never understand how he ever got the part. Few comedians successfully make it in drama – Richard Balzer being an exception.

    I disliked on sight the new captain they’d chosen – he was in the way of the story and was more of an irritation than any help. Seems his only role was to rankle the genius detective and prevent him from solving cases with his classic Columbo-like reasonings. Meanness never plays well with audiences and if they thought they’d garner sympathy for the poor returning detective they were dead wrong. They should have simply brought him back sans the psyche crap and merely made it seem he’d been putting on an act to catch those crooks from his last season. After the outstanding performances he gave all that year, making one actuallly feel him coming apart – I think he deserved an Emmy. Then when he came back he should ‘ve been fit, trim, ready to pick back up where he was before the ‘act’ and welcomed back with open arms for breaking the ring – then start in with the new case.

    CI was my favorite of the franchises. Law & Order came second. SVU sometimes gets too dark and graphic, which draws away from the story line. Still, the L&O shows always had top writers and performers. Their problems started when NBC got bought out by a company that should’ve stuck to light bulbs and appliances: they don’t know anything about running a TV station. Is it any wonder NBC continues to slide in the ratings each week? They have almost nothing to offer. Even their news shows from Today to the evening news in Cleveland (with prima donna Romona Robinson giving news-lite and trying to make even the smallest non-news into HEADLINES are no longer on my must-watch list.

    I loathe reality shows (most are scripted and fake anyway: most are geared to 13 yr old teens) so that leaves me with just one option. Glad I got Netflix and, when I get the urge to watch TV can go back and watch some of the great series of the past. Those were the days when entertainment meant gifted stars (who weren’t in the news everynight for drugs, sex or other criminal acts) gave great performances and one never had to look at decaying corpses or amoral scenarios. Today? Don’t watch TV before meals or bedtime or suffer the consequences according to the shrinks. TV is a giant pacifier for the masses and is designed to keep up from thinking when we’re not wasting time with Facebook & Twitter – both of whom add nothing to one’s day and often destroys peoples careers before they get off the ground. [I know – I’m a Director of Nursing and I regularly check for facebook postings before I hire staff. I can’t believe what I see- prospecitive RNs draped over toilets with vodka bottles strewn around them…and they think anyone will give them a job? Fat chance.

    I wish TNT would pick up the CI franchise. I think it would do much better with the intellectual freedom that station gives it’s shows. I enjoy Burn Notice and such where characters are welcome.

    And if there’s nothing else, I always can pick up a good book or listen to composers abd bands of all types on Dish TVs outstanding music stations. Everyone should find something else to do with their time if NBC is what you’ve been watching…it won’t be long before they’re off the air and gone, killed by wannabee media moguls.

  12. Ltp says

    Please do not end this show!!!! This is the best show in the history of television in my opinion. Have watched it for years and never tired of Goren and Eames. Please bring CI with Goren and Eames back!!!!

  13. NOT HAPPY says


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