Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Jeff Goldblum Out; Going to Be Cancelled?

Jeff Goldblum on Law & Order: Criminal IntentIt’s not a great time for fans of all-things Law & Order. Though a new series, Law & Order: Los Angeles, is coming in the fall, the original Law & Order was cancelled after 20 years on the air. Now, things don’t look good for Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

The spin-off series follows investigations of high-profile cases. The show moved from NBC to USA Networks in 2007. Up until last year, it starred Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe. The show currently stars Jeff Goldblum, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, and Saffron Burrows.

The future of Criminal Intent has been up in the air for awhile as the cable channel tried to decide how they wanted to proceed (if at all). According to Deadline, a number of scenarios were bandied about, including a full-season pickup, a two year renewal, and a partial season pickup. They’ve apparently settled on an eight episode “mini-season” for the show’s (likely) final season. Some of the original cast, like D’Onofrio, may be asked back.

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Meanwhile, Goldblum has decided to exit the series. His contract has expired and, according to his representative, has decided to walk away rather than renegotiate because of the uncertainty of the show’s future.

Actually, all of the actors’ contracts have reportedly expired. They ran out at the end of June and were then extended until the end of July. When/if Criminal Intent returns for a 10th season, that could mean that Goldblum won’t be the only castmember missing.

USA is likely to make a final decision on Criminal Intent’s fate within the next week.

What do you think? Should Criminal Intent be renewed for a 10th season or should it be cancelled? Would you be satisfied with the ninth season finale, “Three in One,” being the series finale?

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  1. Becky Delaney says

    Eames and Goren were the Law and Order Criminal Intent show. I was sad when they took them off. I hope that the show continues and they bring them back. So, we can get back in business. Never, change a recipe when the seasonings is perfect.

    Becky Delaney
    Garden, CA

  2. SF MaMoo says

    This is SO sad. Just how the writers decided to get rid of a great cast was shocking and abrupt. Jeff G. is a different character and a great team player, but there wasn’t much time for his character to develop into carrying the entire series. The writers did seem to leave some holes where we can see some of the characters back. I don’t know what the fate is right now but I do hope they bring back Eames and Goren.

  3. bbwrgv says

    BRING BACK GOREN AND EAMES! i watched it everyday, i didnt care if they were reruns, if i had to be out, i’d record them to watch at a later time. once they let go of Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe they killed the show…now i only watch the reruns and L&O:svu. what a huge mistake in letting these two actors go! they are law&order: ci.

  4. cp says

    i don’t know if there’s still a chance for it to come back, but i was thinking the same thing as everyone else….bring back Goren & Eames to STAR in the final season, they were the only reason to watch in the first place……..or…do something crazy like making Brigitte Nielsen and Flavor Flav detectives…who wouldn’t stop to watch that car wreck?

  5. Scott says

    This show is addictive and has come to be my all-time favorite. Personally, D’Onofrio makes the show, but but the early supporting cast was exceptional. Probably a pipe dream, but bring back Bobby, Eames, Sheridan, Vance….let me live again…I wanna live again!!!! I’ve had to resort to reruns to get my CI fix.

  6. Marcie says

    I happened across this because I was looking for and have been for a while the airdate for the season premiere. I am at a loss why a network would screw with a great show. To heck with the reality crap I want my L&O-CI. It’s bad enough the original is gone–not to mention the change up of last season with cast, etc… No dis towards Jeff G who has his own quirly and loveable traits but Goren and Eames were the best. Even after all these years–the show still held your attention, made you think and you were like a silent partner. Have the guts to stick with a classy and intelligent show for God’s sakes!!!! Re-think it if need be but why mess with a good thing? Had you aired it up against some of the drivel on TV they’d have regained an audience. But then again–us true fans never left anyway. Do something to save this show. If it means bringing the characters back–the actors who MADE the show? Then do it PLEASE!!!!

  7. says

    Bobby needs to come back, he made the show the show went down hill after he left, I do know OR, I am guessing that the ratings of the show have went way down. We all luv Bobby and we want him back,,come on back Vincent

  8. says

    Bring Back Goren & Eames, nobody has the Chenistry these two bring to the Screen.
    They are the Best Of the Best. Please Come Back!!! Missed you Two.

  9. cloudwaltzer says

    It was a huge mistake letting Goren and Eames go – they WERE the show!!! I did not care for Eric Bogosian’s character as well as Jamey Sheridan’s (he was perfect for their boss). Bring back Goren and Eames! Whose stupid idea was this to rid the show of the main characters?

  10. Joyce says

    I LOVE Law and Order S V U —and never miss a show !
    I ” used ” to watch Law and Order C I — -but when Kathryn Erbe and Vincent D’onofrio weren’t on it anymore – – – I ‘ STOPPED’ watching it – – -cause it
    certainly wasn’t as good !!
    I think is was a BIG mistake to put Jeff Goldblum on the show – – because older
    people like me – – can only think of him as a comediane or ? but does NOT make a good detective. He speaks too softly – – -his eyes are always moving around in a weird way – and he in no way is believable as a detective !

    I have nothing personal against him – – -in other things – – -BUT – – -he sure
    is not believable on Law and Order ! !
    Put others back on the show – – -to make it more like it was – – -when it
    was BELIEVABLE !!

    My favorite show however is ” Law and Order ” SVU and if I’m not home to
    watch a re-run of something I missed – – -I record it !
    THAT show is still THE BEST one of the Law and Order programs !
    Good Stories – -Fantastic lead actress and Actor – – -all in all GREAT ! ! !
    I think Christopher Melon and Marika Hagerty are two of the greatest and
    most believable stars I have ever seen in a detective show !
    PLEASE keep it on the air ! !

  11. gintonic says

    I didn’t mind Goldblum’s intro to the series in season 8. It became a different show, but I always like watching him work, and the character was interesting.

    But, as I said, it wasn’t really Criminal Intent anymore.

    This last season was just a tragedy, and I understand why Goldblum is leaving. The show really jumped the shark; the ludicrous way they got rid of Bogosian, d’Onofrio in a rare phone-it-in performance volunteering to become an intelligence operative — please. It was just insulting to all concerned, not least to loyal viewers of the show.

    AND THEN they got completely gave up on what was interesting about Goldblum’s character, shifting the focus to his partner, who was, frankly, dully written and drably directed. Then there was the unbelievably weak rip-off Da Vinci Code episode. When I saw that, it was clear the writing was on the wall. There is nothing good you can say about season 9. Nothing good at all.

    Which is a shame — better the show ended on a high note. D’Onofrio and Erbe were amazing. I am grateful for the episodes we have, and like everyone else wish they’d been able to keep the momentum going so we could have just a few episodes more.

  12. Anonymous says

    I agree with everyone if you bring back the original cast of Goren & Eames then this show would be perfect. Even bringing back Sheridan will help but the show is lacking since they left the dont have a real DA bring back Vance too!!

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