Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Could There Be Season Eleven?

Law and Order: Criminal IntentLast November, NBC-Universal announced that Law & Order: Criminal Intent wasn’t cancelled but would be returning for just an eight episode final season. While the news that the show was coming to an end was disappointing, many were very happy to hear that beloved characters Detectives Robert Goren (Vincent D’Onofrio) and Alex Eames (Kathryn Erbe) were returning.

Season 10 of Law & Order: Criminal Intent debuted this week and the ratings were very positive. The premiere registered the show’s second-largest total audience (5.1 million) since the series moved to USA. It was also up by 21-35% in the demos and up 43% in total viewers when compared to the season nine premiere.

With such positive numbers, could there be an 11th season after all? In a recent conference call, executive producer Dick Wolf told reporters that he hoped, “enough fans will come out so the powers that be reconsider their decision.”

In an interview with the Futon Critic’s Jim Halterman, executive producer Chris Brancato noted that, “I think we all probably know that Dick Wolf never says never… He cares so deeply and he is engaged in the show in a way that you might not expect somebody who is so successful and been doing it for so long. He loves it! This is his baby, of sorts. Yeah, I think if viewers are enthused about Vincent and Katie coming back I don’t see why it has to be the final season.”

What do you think? Would you like to see the TV series continue for an eleventh season? Would it have to include D’Onofrio and Erbe?

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  1. Lutfi Arcelik says

    I absolutely love this show and watch it online. I recently moved to europe and was pretty upset that they did not air Law&Order CI. Although I found a few websites that allows me to watch it online I still have to wait a few days after the air date. Please Please do not finish this show…

  2. Mariann says

    Law & Order: Criminal Intent is the only one of the L&O franchise I’ve ever watched, and if it isn’t a D’Onofrio/Erbe episode, I’ve learned not to bother. They are incredibly unique and refreshing. Hate to see them go. The move to USA was annoying and probably didn’t help with the audience. Intelligent people don’t want more alleged “reality” TV or more doctors having more sex with everyone they see. We want intelligent drama like the Goren and Eames team gives us. Don’t be silly–bring them back.

  3. Sally says

    Please, please, please keep this show on as long as you can. I never miss it. I even watch reruns over and over again and never get tired. Best cop show ever.

  4. Karen says

    My mom and I have a standing “phone date” after each episode to discuss the story line, Bobby’s great one-liners, and who dunnit. We love this show, but it’s not the same without Goren and Eames. As long as they keep showing up on Sunday night, so will we.

  5. says

    I Love Criminal Intent & We all Love Goren & Eames. This 10th Season didn’t have enough episodes 8 isn’t enough. Please keep Goren & Eames Alive, everybody wants More. It was a dream come true when you broght these two great actors back, let this dream continue. We Want More!!!

  6. Susan Facciolli says

    Yes, there must be an eleventh season because these last eight episodes were way off the quality of the preceeding nine seasons. What did they do, hire some no name writers who had never watched the show? To end the program with them just grinning at each other was so phoney.

  7. says

    I have thought this is the best law and order of all.It would be a shame to see it end.I would love to see an eleventh season. Gorens and Eames are the best the show has ever had.Let’s bring them back for another season!!

  8. Pat says

    I enjoy watching all the law & order series, but Criminal Intent is my favorite. I would hope that this show will in fact return for another season.

  9. Kat says

    This series is arguably the best of the L&O trio. The characters, Goren & Eames are the staple to the show, and the 10th season, has been excellent. I was so confused by some of the drastic and seemingly sporadic decisions in seasons 8 & 9. The character changes, the decision to kill some very interesting and popular characters, for no apparent reason, then, when Vincent D’Onofrio & Kathryn Erbe left the series, I stopped watching CI, altogether. When I heard Vincent D’Onofrio & Kathryn Erbe returned, in new episodes, I began watching CI, again. I am shocked and sad to have learned that Vincent D’Onofrio & Kathryn Erbe returned, only to finish the final season of CI. The 10th season was one of the best, by far. The character changes have been sorted out and the storyline seems to flow a lot smoother than it did previously in seasons 8 & 9. There is any overwhelming following, and after a bang up 10th season, there should be no reason to not have an 11th season. Please consider the fans.

  10. Karen Douglas says

    Yes I want the show back, and, yes, it would have to have Goren and Eames. I have watched all of the L&O shows (even L&O UK), and really enjoyed them all, but Criminal Intent is unique. and the 1 idiot who said anyone with intelligence wouldn’t buy into Goren seeing a shrink is wrong. I like the angle–kind of like having a non-lethal Nicole Wallace popping up each week. PLEASE BRING THIS BACK FOR ANOTHER FULL SEASON!!!

  11. says

    I was not kidding when I said I drove three hours to my daughter’s house to watch CI because I didn’t have cable. She is so good to dvr it for me and I don’t miss them. Please don’t take CI away from us. With gas so high, and the travel time, I think you should know how much I love it and I’m so sure other’s make just as big as a deal out of it as I do.To cancel this series will be a big mistake. Please Dick Wolf, don’t let them get away with it. Find us another network where they care about what people like. I would like to say to the team, Goren and Eames, you are the best. Good luck in everything you do.

  12. Dave says

    I’ve seen every episode of CI and have been a huge fan of the series from the very first episode. I will admit the past few seasons weren’t your normal CI seasons. While I know there needs to be new wrinkles to avoid becoming stale, the past few seasons (NOT THE LAST 8 episode) were almost uncomfortable to watch, what with the personal issues; the conflicts and the drama between the parties. This season was a fresh return to the good ole days; Goren and Eames looked GREAT! They got back to the glory years, intriguing story lines, working together; solving the case by looking at it from the criminal’s prospective. There was just enough of their personal lives to make them human, to know they were making progress and adjustments and you want to feel good for them. I love this season! Please bring them back! The snippets of Goren with his therapist were a cleaver and warming part of the show. He has finally met someone, perhaps as good at her job as he is at his; and he recognizes that. We want it to continue, please reconsider and bring them ALL back for more. It’s intelligent TV, something we could use more of!

  13. Sunny says

    Please…this is a fantastic show with Goren and Eames. I have never missed a show and it just won’t be the same with them. I didn’t watch last season with them…please don’t let tonight be the last of the best cops on TV

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