Law & Order: Los Angeles: Three Series Regulars Leaving; Will This Help or Kill It?

Law & Order: Los AngelesThree actors from NBC’s Law & Order: Los Angeles (LOLA) are leaving the series — Regina Hall, Megan Boone, and Skeet Ulrich. Ulrich was actually the first actor to be cast in the new show back in July and plays Rex Winters, one of two detectives on the series. The ladies both play Deputy District Attorneys, Evelyn Price and Lauren Stanton.

The changes are apparently part of an attempt to revamp and save the struggling series. LOLA debuted in late September to a decent 3.2 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 10.64 million viewers. The numbers quickly tumbled after that and hit a season low of a 1.7 rating and 6.8 million in mid-November. The first eight episodes of the season have averaged a 2.2 in the demo and 8.24 million viewers.

LOLA is currently tied with The Event and Parenthood as the fifth-highest rated scripted series on NBC. It’s hardly a hit and the peacock network certainly needs some dramas that work, particularly in the 10pm hour.

Deadline reports that the cast changes are being made “on-the-fly” and are not out of the ordinary for the early seasons of Dick Wolf-produced shows. The cast and crew are currently working on the 12th installment and production will not shut down for the changes. NBC gave LOLA a full season order for 22 episodes in October.

What do you think? Are these cast changes a good idea? Will it be enough to boost the ratings for Law & Order: Los Angeles?

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  1. Eddie says

    Now Skeet is free to go back for a “Jericho” Renewal. That would be my DREAM come True. Let’s start sending Nina and CBS some Peanuts. We will make it 80 Tons this time.

  2. REC says

    Skeet & Regina were two of the biggest reasons why I watched this show. I never watched any of the other L&O’s religiously, but gave this one a chance. I don’t think this change has anything to do with the people behind the show “revamping.” I think the actors probably did not want to be on the ship when it finally sunk. I do agree with the people who think this show was rushed into production. I feel like they decided to do the idea as a last attempt to save the Network (in a cheap way) and before CBS did a CSI: LA.

    I doubt I will watch it after they leave. Good luck to NBC, hopefully their new president will be able to get things straight by this fall.

  3. mlj says

    Note to NBC: How do you save a struggling LOLA? Bring back Law and Order NY the original. LOLA is awful. I refuse to watch it. They killed Criminal Intent and now they are slowly killing SVU. So sad. They were great shows.

  4. David says

    It can go for all I cares Law and Order New York is still the best and should come back but thit is not going to happen?

  5. G. McComb says

    The only reason I was watching like of the comments here was because of Skeet Ulrich! very sorry to see this happen…will stop watching.!

  6. Jeff Anderson says

    Are you kidding? Skeet Ulrich was the only cast member that might have possibly lured me into watching. Colossal mistake. What were they thinking? Oh, that’s right, it’s NBC. They weren’t.

  7. chris says

    Ulrich was the only reason I watched the show. The writing was weak, there was no flow to the show, there was a horrible lead in, and NO PROMOTION – no title cards. It’s like Dick Wolf wanted this thing to fail from the start. It was thrown together quickly and they keep alternating the DA’s. It’s a mess and Ulrich was one of the only redeeming aspects to the show. Skeet and Corey Stoll had good chemistry and Molina was strong. The rest is a write-off, yet they keep the weaker links on the show???? NBC is clueless. Any surprise it is the last place network? Stupid Pee-****.

  8. Jeremy Rynek says

    Probably not and probably not. That sucks. I really liked Skeet. This was his best work since the first Scream. Well I guess it’s better than it just being canceled I guess.

  9. John says

    Can’t Skeet ever get a break? I think he’s great, but everything he’s in gets cancelled or he gets kicked out of… grrr.

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