Law & Order: Los Angeles: NBC TV Show Cancelled; No Season Two

Law and Order: Los Angeles canceledAfter several months away, original episodes of Law & Order: Los Angeles returned to the NBC schedule last month. April 11th was a sad day for fans of Skeet Ulrich as his character was killed off. A month later, the whole series has been eliminated. NBC has cancelled Law & Order: Los Angeles.

The latest in a long-running franchise, Law & Order: Los Angeles follows the men and women of the justice system in the Southern California metropolis. Castmembers include Alana de la Garza, Alfred Molina, Corey Stoll, Rachel Ticotin, Terrence Howard, Megan Boone, Regina Hall, and Ulrich.

The Dick Wolf series got off to an okay start back in September with a 3.2 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 10.64 million viewers. Unfortunately, the numbers took an immediate turn for the worse and the TV series lost 25% of the demo viewers in week two and another 21% in week three. After just a handful of weeks on the air, L&O:LA registered a truly horrible 1.7 rating in the demo.

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NBC announced that the series was being put on hiatus so that it could be reworked and relaunched. L&O:LA finally returned last month and few cared. The series lost 32% in the demo, compared to the last original episode in December. The next episode dropped another 27% and hit a series low with a 1.1 in the demo and 5.12 million viewers.

Though Wolf has a long history with NBC, it’s not enough to save this series. The peacock network has cancelled the show after one season. Because of the hiatus, only 13 of the 22 produced episodes have aired. Its expected that the remainder, including some that were produced before the revamp, will air.

What do you think? Are you disappointed that there won’t be a second season of Law & Order: Los Angeles? Why did it fail where others have succeeded? Did you like it better before or after the revamp?

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  1. L.M. says

    I think this was a great show with very good characters. NBC gave it a bad hand when it moved it around & thne revamped it. Reality TV is all the networks seem to want to produce because it is cheaper? How many times can the public listen to Donald Trump snarl “you’re fired”???

  2. Bruce says

    Hey wait a minute, the past couple of episodes, the guy that got killed has been back, and Morales is a DA again. WTF?

  3. dennis says

    one of the top two series (the other is Modern Family) which lets us think, reflect and learn on the issue/script – always relevant.

    Galileo was subject to ratings as well by the Catholic Church. Thankfully, for us, the rating people were completely wrong. Same here with L & O: L. A.

  4. gabriela rowe says

    killing skeet ulrich off was the biggest mistake they could have made. he is a terrific actor and definitely made the show. sometimes it is very hard to understand what HOLLYWOOD is thinking !!!!!!! seems like they kill off good shows/characters a lot. it is very sad to see that great writing and acting is not appreciated anymore.

  5. Betty says

    I really liked it more after they revamped it. So how do they take it off and rework everything, bring it back and give it what 3 or 4 weeks and then cancel it?? That didn’t give people a chance to even find it and then realize they weren’t reruns.
    I did like Skeet Ulrich and was sorry to see him leave.

  6. Roro says

    That’s too too too bad. Great acting and writing. Maybe real fans will stand up and make a fuss. Move all the actors to another city, try again.

  7. LB says

    For someone who doesn’t really even watch much on NBC, LOLA was my first L&O show, because I love Regina Hall, Skeet Ulrich, and especially Terrence Howard. I knew it wouldn’t be good for the show to put it on hiatus like that; I was searching to see if maybe the time slot had changed? Most viewers don’t do that- they just go to something else. My only other show here was Undercovers with my guys Gerald McRaney and Boris Kodjoe, and y’all screwed that one up for me, too. Thanx a lot, nbc! O yeash, I liked Rachel ticotin also from LOLA.

  8. jan says

    I am sure that viewers tuned out when Skeet Ulrich was dropped. Plus, if wasn’t that different from the original Law and Order……IMHO.

  9. EsandBee says

    I really can’t understand what goes through people’s minds. LOLA has been a strong show for its first season in so far as its writing/acting, in my opinion. One poll I saw said that 75% of viewers thought ending the series was a bad idea, so where is NBC getting their numbers?

    • Anonymous says

      The show got canceled because of ratings.  A lot of people don’t watch live tv anymore and unfortunately old fashion ratings is still the main factor on whether a show gets canceled or not.  With the help of devices like TiVo, a DVR, iTunes, the Internet/Computers there are many different ways for people to watch their shows.
      The problem is that the people paying for the shows “Advertisers” don’t care if you watch a show unless you watch the commercials also.  Unless the whole advertising market is changed a lot of good shows that a lot of people watch will continue to get canceled because of poor ratings and the only thing left will be crappy reality tv.
      The standard ratings system must be let go and a new form of determing how many people watch a specific show has to be created.  Also advertisers need to find a new way of promoting there products.  Like using the actors of the show in an add so people may watch it by mistake.  If we don’t find a new way for them to decide if a show should stay on or be canceled then TV will continue to get worse and never be the same again.

  10. Jessica says

    NBC does it again. They cancel these good shows, and leave the viewers without closure. I hope another network picks up Law & Order LA. This is why I no longer see NBC Primetime shows. Maybe that’s a reason why the ratings go down.

  11. Maureen says

    What a shame.. I happened to tape the show on
    My dvr because it comes up against “criminal minds”
    But, I absolutely love law and order: LA
    And feel it was another mistake by NBC.

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