Legend of the Seeker: Star and Producer Confirm Show’s Cancelled

Legend of the SeekerYesterday, we reported that Legend of the Seeker there were strong rumors that the TV show had been cancelled after two seasons on the air. ABC Studios, which produces the program, hasn’t made an official announcement. However, two of the show’s most vocal supporters have.

Actress Bridget Reagan (Confessor Kahlan) wrote, via Twitter, “Got some sad news that Seeker is no more. So sad to say goodbye to my NZ family but excited for what’s next.”

Via his own Twitter account, producer Mike Sussman wrote, “The quest is complete. Thank you so much to our amazing cast, crew & all our fans, it’s been an awesome two years. We will miss you all.”

What do you think? Was Legend of the Seeker worth watching? Why do you think the show’s ratings were on the decline?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Jan says

    I think ABC has done it again! Cancelling a show that had the creativity and potential that Legend of the Seeker had is just like them – just as a couple of years ago when they made the stupid decision to quit producing Kyle XY. Because of the stations it was shown on, I wasn’t able to watch Legend of the Seeker at the very beginning, but now, just when I can’t wait for more, there is no more!

  2. Pam says

    Legend of the seeker has been great. I am still hoping to see a third season. When the seeker is stop being shown on local channels and WGN I’ll believe that the show is done. I don’t want to see this show leave. I’ve lost “Lost” GL, ghost whisperer, Gary Unmarried and Flash foward. I’m afraid to get involved in a new show this season.

  3. romeo apsay says

    just like all the fans of legend of the seekers. Please bring it back give another season. I will be waiting or the season 3 to come. Ilove it! All the actors are excellent. the fx is genius. the directors ares great

  4. Brian Alcorn says

    I hope network executives pay heed to what people are saying here, and what they are doing to their audiences… Every time a beloved series is suddenly dropped, viewers become more jaded to embracing another series. I love this series. I love these characters. It doesn’t really matter that they are fictional. Their “deaths” hurt just the same. In order to protect themselves, viewers become more and more reluctant to get emotionally invested in any new shows that are launched. I also fear that the apparent transitional period we are in with the emergence of the Internet providing so many different avenues to watch our beloved shows (many of which are un-measurable by studios) is taking many good shows with it. The old models of advertisement revenue just aren’t yet caught up with the technology available to consumers, thus consumers end up suffering… There are organizations working hard, raising money, raising awareness, writing letters, and really pushing to get Legend of the Seeker renewed, even if it is on another network. Let’s hope against hope that they succeed.

  5. Lacie says

    I am so sad to see this show go. I think the problem is that networks just aren’t willing to step-up and take a chance these days. Every time I really get into a show, it gets cancelled. They take the biggest risk of all: bringing the show to life; then they give up when it seems like it may not go as well as they thought. It is frustrating because they don’t have enough faith in their audience. They need to give us time to grow! The longer a show is out, the more the fandom will build! And so what if it isn’t HUGE … so us little people not count? sigh. It is really sad, because I was just beginning to believe I finally found a good show I could watch every week. Oh well. Guess I better keep looking.

  6. Chloe Brown says

    Well once again I’m late to the party. I just found this show 2 months ago while on vacation. Bought season 1 on DVD, have pre-ordered season 2, and am catching up on all the season 2 eps via Netflix. I’m very disappointed to have the show canceled, but that seems to always be the fate of the sci-fi / fantasy fans these days. Every early cancellation of a good show only makes it that much harder for fans like me to want to invest time in the new shows that come along.

  7. Karen says

    It still saddens me that they canceled Trauma
    We loved that show!! We just bought the one & only season on DVD
    Watching it again.

  8. says

    Why do you do this to fans of shows like Legend of the Seeker and Vegas,Stargate SG 1,I can go on and on.You get something worth watching and than the powers that be decide what is good and not good.If it wasn’t good than it wouldn’t have made it for two season’s with fans that tuned in every sat. to watch it.It’s like Stargate Atlantis.Five years my family tuned in to see that show and than it was over.No warning,nothing.I hate the way you do things,I don’t understand why they are done they way they are.I am almost scared to start a new show.You get where you start to think ok this is great viewing,I can get away from realty shows and stupid setcoms and talk shows.What is on the chopping block next,Stargate Universe.Seeker was a well cast show and well written.It wasn’t stupid.The characters were good from the good to the very bad.I know you won’t bring it back so I am not even going to beg.Been there done that with to many shows that the Network Powers canceled.They don’t care or listen.I know it all boils down to money.I well miss the show.Thank you for at least two years of entertainment. Sincerely Linda

  9. Alyssa says

    I enjoyed the show, though I am glad the last episode seemed to be an ending with a closing of the rift, though would like to see where it would have gone from there. Please bring it back.

  10. Beth says

    Love this show!! I guess I am in the minority…five of my favorite shows are cancelled! I am doomed to watching DIY and HGTV forever!!!!!

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