Leverage: Series Finale Sees Jump in Viewers

Leverage series finaleThe last episode of cancelled Leverage provided a nice gift for TNT on Christmas Day. The series finale drew 3.04 million viewers to the cable channel with a 0.7 demo rating. That represents a 36% bump in viewership when compared to the previous week’s installment.

It was also nearly the show’s best viewer number since the season premiere on July 15th (3.39 million). Compared to last season’s finale on January 15th, TNT was up by 19% — vs 2.55 million.

The final season of Leverage averaged a 0.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 2.48 million total viewers. Compared to season four, the show was down by 13% in the demo (vs a 0.8 rating) and down by 10% in viewers (vs 2.76 million).

What do you think? Did you watch the last episode of Leverage? If so, did you watch live, a DVR recording, a rebroadcast, or online?

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  1. Susan says

    I watched both live airings of Leverage and recoded it also plus i watch it almost everyday on On Demand. I loved the episode but was also sad that it was the last one. Leverage was truely one of the few family shows on the air, a show for both young and old.It will be missed.

  2. Julie Martin says

    I have never missed an episode of Leverage from it’s pilot episode to it’s series finale. This show kept me and my family on the edge of our seats trying to figure out how the “Con” would play out. In a day where bad language, nudity, and overt violence seems to be the norm, Leverage was a fresh show that provided great entertainment without having to stoop to using negative things like these to get ratings. Thank you to the producers, writers, cast and crew for making such a great family show. You have become part of our family and will remain forever in our hearts. TNT, I don’t know what you were thinking in canceling this show, it’s obvious that you care very little for the opinion of your viewers— and that’s sad, very sad. It’s the viewers who support your network, who buy your merchandise and support your sponsors. Leverage provided an escape from the daily grind for many of us. It was good to see someone stand up for the little guy and take down the greedy corporations. I really wish that TNT would stop and listen to their viewers and rethink their decision to cancel this wonderful show.

  3. Sandy says

    I thought the last episode was amazing! It saddened me that it has now ending, but they left it open for new shows. I am hoping we can find a network to give our Leverage a new home!

  4. carolyn websster says

    Yes me and mom love watching Leverage we just started watching it in 2,011. Now it not on any more we going to miss seeing it. Now theres no more Leverage this summer is not going to be right with out it.Everybody loved watching the show. I’ve seen all the posting and read most of the posting about Leverage not being on air. Wish they would put it back on.

  5. Katrin Schiller says

    I watched it online as I’m living in Germany and have no other way watching the latest episode. Still I didn’t miss a single episode and I’m still in complete denial that Leverage has been cancelled! It’s my favorite show!

  6. Elvira says

    I watched it and I keep watching recorded episodes, because it’s the only show which makes me smile and relax after a hard day. It’s absolutely amazing, the actors are brilliant and the stories are really interesting and intriguing. We lost a lot when TNT cancelled Leverage. Very sad.

  7. Fran Baker says

    I am sure had the entire 5th season received the promotion from TNT that the finale received, the viewership and their ratings would have been much higher the entire season. Not counting the fact that it was moved from Sunday to Tuesday, so viewers had to find it and some did not even know it was back on! Leverage was the best show on TV and deserves another network to pick it up.

  8. Jeannean says

    I watched the first airing live with my family and then watched the second airing that night live also. We also recorded Leverage via DVR and watched it twice the following couple of days. I am really sad to see Leverage end. It is my family’s favorite show. I loved the finale, but I just want more episodes or a movie. I am hoping for another network to see how loyal the fans are and pick up this show.

  9. kim says

    I have watched the final episode every single time it has aired on TNT! Four times so far, including once on DVR. Best show on tv and most definitely the best thing TNT has! I hate cop shows, reality tv, and medical dramas. Where are we supposed to go for new, fresh, family entertainment now that TNT has dropped the ball? Finally something we can watch with the kids that won’t leave us having to answer embarrassing questions or cover their eyes so they don’t see something they shouldn’t, and TNT cancels it. So disappointed.

    • odile says

      I concur, Kim and I’d say more : where do you go to have a family show that can raise intersting topics to discuss after the show as a family ? There was so many things in that show. We will miss Leverage for sure.
      And we hope that projects of tv movie, spinoff and prequel are in motion.
      If no network or producer is willing to take the ride, I think european ones could be interested.

  10. Mike Kuzan says

    watched it live and TNT is wrong to cancel it!!! I have not missed an episode and watch the reruns every time they are on!

  11. Pam Upton says

    I watched it live for both 1st and 2nd viewing on Christmas night, watched the repeat of another Leverage episode after that, which meant staying up until 1 am in the morning! Watched the reshowing of the finale on Saturday morning and have taped so that I can watch it over and over. What is great about Leverage, is that the whole family can enjoy it. From older viewers to the younger, there is something the show can connect with and emjoy! TNT does not realize the stupidity of their decision. They have only a couple of good “original” shows and those that are being brought in to replace Leverage look to be boring and nothing anyone would want to watch and like their show “Dark Blue” will be quick to go away. They had loyal viewers for Leveage that came back week after week no matter how many times they changed the day or the time of the airing of the show. Leverage had great actors/actresses, writers, producers and crew. They were a family and that came through onto the show. Not many shows can say that. We, the loyal fans, will not give up hope that a smarter, more open minded network will pick up Leverage and give it the proper treatment it so richly deserves. Unlike TNT who wouldn’t give it promotion unless it was middle of night to early morning commercials. How could it get ratings increased with the poor job TNT gave it? But if a network is not willing to take on the team……PLEASE! Someone make sure that the final season of Leverage is put onto DVD for us fans!!!!!!

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