Leverage: Exec Producer Dean Devlin on Series Cancellation

Leverage canceledEarlier this month, Leverage executive producer Dean Devlin penned an open letter to fans of the TNT series. He wrote that it was still unknown if Leverage would be cancelled or renewed for a sixth season so the fifth season finale had been shot as a fitting end, just in case.

TNT has now offiically cancelled the TV show so Devlin has written another letter to the viewers.

The Long Goodbye is our final goodbye.

It has been decided today that this Tuesday’s episode of Leverage “The Long Goodbye Job” will be the series finale as TNT has decided not to renew the show for a sixth season.

I want to take the opportunity to thank TNT for five amazing seasons and 77 episodes of a show that has been so good to me. I’m incredibly proud of the show and what we’ve accomplished. Throughout this journey TNT have been the most amazing partners. Their support and collaboration I will cherish forever.

I also want to thank everyone involved in making the show. Tim, Gina, Beth, Christian and Aldis are the finest ensemble of actors I’ve ever worked with. They’ve become our partners, our friends and our family.

The amazing crew who pulled off miracles every day on our show. Thank you for everything you’ve contributed. Your blood and sweat is in every frame of our series and I’m eternally in your debt.

And, of course, on behalf of everyone involved in the show, thank you to all the fans who’ve supported us and the show. You have amazed us all. We love you and thank you all.

I’m so happy we were able to film the series finale we had always envisioned and I’m happy we’re able to present it on Christmas as our gift to you. It’s a bittersweet goodbye.

Gratefully yours,

Dean Devlin
Executive Producer/Director LEVERAGE

What do you think? Do you still like the Leverage TV series? Do you think it could have kept going?

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  1. shelley says

    I was shocked at the end of the last episode. It is the one show that I have looked forward to each week. This a show that I and my grandson enjoy. He is in another state and we hook up to discuss it each week. He is a teen and I am in my 70’s. You can see how wide the interest is . Please don’t stop.

  2. Sandra C. says

    Everyone start emailing the TNT network and tell them we want this show back on the air! I feel as if a piece of me has just been ripped out! Maybe, if enough people campaign to bring it back, TNT will make a SMART decision and reconsider, right?? Well, I can dream can’t I?? Afterall, it is Christmastime – – a time for hope and miracles?? I’ll miss you tremendously “Leverage”!!!

  3. says

    In the past I have watched several show and watch most of them fail. But Leverage is one of the best shows. It had drama, comedy, and 5 of the best actors I have seen together. I know it will be reruns, but won’t be the same, I have looked forward each year waiting to see what type of show that is coming up next. I say BOO to the cancellation of my favorite show. Get rid of the reality shows. Too many of the things that are not good. It you want a reality show go to the lake, set up your own.

  4. Cmorrblue says

    This is another example of the decline of family television. A show that the whole family could enjoy has been taken off the air. Leaving nothing but undesirable programing. Leverage was a program that could have ran for at least 12 seasons. The fan base was truly there, hell ION TV is making a killing showing the reruns of the show. TNT you have truly error in this decision. Thank you to the writers, crew and the magnificent Cast that kept me tuned in every week.

  5. Jane says

    Just watched the final Leverage. So sad that it has been cancelled. It was my all time favorite show and one that I consistently bought on iTunes because I didn’t want to be interrupted by commercials. I wish they would reconsider. As Wolf says, “It sucks?”

  6. M. Rutz says

    Leverage has just gotten to be a really good show……the cast has developed amazing energy and their characters have developed into relationships with each other that never existed before. Just when the series has found its groove, TNT makes a HUGE error in judgment by canceling the series. There’s So much silly, crappy TV shows…..empty and stupid….that when we finally have a good show w evolving, mature characters they cancel it,

    Typical TV Producers and Executives…..if its a good show….take it off the lineup and replace it with something vacuous! Good Luck to the actors, writers, producers, directors and entire team! You deserve better. And thank you for 5 years of great entertainment!

  7. kochav says

    I am sadden by the end of the series .all the good show ending fast . you need to continue like suv for 14 or 15 seasons

  8. laura christmas says

    Sad to see it over have hooked my whole family on your Robin Hood good vs bad but doing it “their way” show thanks for 5years but will enjoy reruns for many more

  9. Melissa says

    I am so sad about the ending of Leverage. TNT has made a HUGE mistake!!!! This was a great show and I looked forward to it each week. Please don’t let it end!!!

  10. Ginny says

    Such a shame – first Memphis Blues and now Leverage. Such incredibly good shows and they get cancelled. Crying shame.

  11. Bill says

    I am sadden by the end of the series. I am grateful for the five excellent seasons. I would of enjoyed the show for as long as it ran. These were characters that touched you and made you care. This show was “something good” on TV, that didn’t involve, moonshiners, brides dresses, and anybody with “Boo-Boo” in their name. Sorry to see excellent entertainment leave the air. I wish the best for the cast and crew. Thank -You Again for the 70+ episodes of choice TV.

  12. Bud Gammell says

    Another well cast, well acted, well-written entertaining show down the hopper. Probably to be replaced with yet another dose of (yuck!) “reality TV”. Makes you wonder who just these coneheads making these decisions are???

  13. Melinda Derfler says

    Leverage has been one of the most amazingly smart, witty, unique and sharply written shows on television today. Why TNT would decide to cancel it, yet keep other shows that have zero talent or creative smarts is beyond me. Another great show I love has hit the dust (can anyone say “Harry’s Law?) for no reason. I guess they’d rather keep reality garbage on to entertain the nameless rabble (I’ll never watch the idiotic Honey Boo Boo) than continue to entertain the more intellectual audience with the likes of Leverage. There will be no other show like it. I hope that all of the extremely talented actors are snapped up for upcoming TV shows. Ones that I will surely watch if even one of them are in it! Thank you for a great run. I cried at the end.

  14. GwenEllyn says

    Another terrifically well-written show is taken off the air. What a crime! And, like the underdogs they helped, we are stuck and just have to suck it up. gag.

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