Leverage: Exec Producer Dean Devlin on Series Cancellation

Leverage canceledEarlier this month, Leverage executive producer Dean Devlin penned an open letter to fans of the TNT series. He wrote that it was still unknown if Leverage would be cancelled or renewed for a sixth season so the fifth season finale had been shot as a fitting end, just in case.

TNT has now offiically cancelled the TV show so Devlin has written another letter to the viewers.

The Long Goodbye is our final goodbye.

It has been decided today that this Tuesday’s episode of Leverage “The Long Goodbye Job” will be the series finale as TNT has decided not to renew the show for a sixth season.

I want to take the opportunity to thank TNT for five amazing seasons and 77 episodes of a show that has been so good to me. I’m incredibly proud of the show and what we’ve accomplished. Throughout this journey TNT have been the most amazing partners. Their support and collaboration I will cherish forever.

I also want to thank everyone involved in making the show. Tim, Gina, Beth, Christian and Aldis are the finest ensemble of actors I’ve ever worked with. They’ve become our partners, our friends and our family.

The amazing crew who pulled off miracles every day on our show. Thank you for everything you’ve contributed. Your blood and sweat is in every frame of our series and I’m eternally in your debt.

And, of course, on behalf of everyone involved in the show, thank you to all the fans who’ve supported us and the show. You have amazed us all. We love you and thank you all.

I’m so happy we were able to film the series finale we had always envisioned and I’m happy we’re able to present it on Christmas as our gift to you. It’s a bittersweet goodbye.

Gratefully yours,

Dean Devlin
Executive Producer/Director LEVERAGE

What do you think? Do you still like the Leverage TV series? Do you think it could have kept going?

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  1. Kenshin says

    I always hate watching TV. It seems that I find a show worth watching just to see it come to an end. I understand that there is economic issues that prevent a show from continuing. But it seems that there is more political influence than anything. I understand that a spinoff involving Hardison, Parker, and Elliot will fail (all spinoffs usually do). If all good things must come to an end… then is it worth having a good thing??? Now I have to hope to find another show that can fill my time and imagination in the way that Leverage did. C’est la vie. Good bye wonderful show. I have all four seasons on Dvd, and will the fifth as soon as it is released. You will live on in my video library.

  2. jennifer hayward says

    TNT has made such an incredibly poor choice by canceling this great show. What are they going to do now? Put on another damn hospital or police show??? Until ‘Leverage’ is brought back TNT has lost me as a viewer.

  3. Char says

    I don’t have cable TV. I found Leverage on the MeNetwork, fell in love with the series. I am bummed because now it is no longer on Me and the series has been cancelled on TNT. I hope a network picks it up and continues or runs all of the reruns of the series. It is such an uplifting show-the old good over evil. I really dislike the reality shows and don’t watch them. It is nice to see quality TV shows like Leverage.

  4. Alicia says

    I’m sad about losing this show. My husband and I loved watching it together. The characters were so fun and original. I really will miss seeing the crazy heists and cute banter between the characters. I loved the positive messages and the happiness of the show. When everything is going to h*ll in the real world I loved coming home to watch this show. I loved the development and growth of the characters though out the last 5 years. Why do you guys always cancel the shows we like? Take away some of the crap “reality” shows like “Honey boo boo” and leave Leverage on TV!

  5. Marilyn Janiga says

    One of my favorites. What a disappointment. I even taped and watched the reruns over again several times. Something I usually only do with special movies. Would like to see more. This was innovative as well as pointing out some of the unfairness that the greed and selfishness of those in positions of power can invoke upon ordinary honest people..

  6. Francine says

    I was shocked when I found out it was cancelled. Why can’t you continue with the remaining cast if Timothy Hutton is out? Although he is the reason I was interested in the show to begin with. My Husband and I watched the entire series. As everyone else said every time there is an intelligent show it gets cancelled. Please reconsider, for those of us who like to use our brains!!!

  7. Joyce Brisco says

    The comments I have been reading show that others enjoyed the show as much as I did. It had great stories, and I enjoyed the personalities of the characters. These actors did a fantastic job of playing their roles. It always reminded me of the TV show, Mission Impossible, with a fun twist. I am really going to miss this show.

  8. Tanya Byrd says

    I am so disappointed!!! I jsut couldn’t believe that they cancelled this show. There are so few decent television shows on any more. Too much junk, and not enough real entertainment.
    This show was good, good plots, and extremely entertaining
    I can only hope that someone with someone with some business sense will pick it up!!

  9. Patricia R. Gross says

    My husband and I really enjoyed this show. It showed that people can be reformed from doing bad to performing good deeds. It showed that it is neither too late to do the right thing. Please reconsider and continue this show. The characters are great.

    If the show had been advertised more, many people would have been exposed to it and many requests would be sent to keep show on.

  10. says

    Well, I’m bummed!
    This show had fantastic writing, acting, music, scenery, and gave us hope! How better to unwind than to watch a show that righted wrongs! Sure, they were rather far-fetched, but it was still a feel-good show rather than the less-than-classy reality tv out there!
    My kids are just getting to the age that I’d let them watch this, so we’ll have to buy the DVDs.
    Thanks to the Leverage team for giving us something great to watch and having a purpose!

  11. Dharma says

    WOW. What a shock. I and many others loved this show. It feels like someone has died way before their time. I feel that there was still a great deal of life in this series. It is listed as a popular series, and it WAS popular. It was never advertised and it was difficult to track it down. Those who knew it love it and compared to the garbage that is being left on, I am amazed at this unfortunate result. I am really, really going to miss this and as I said I am shocked.

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