Lie to Me: Does the FOX TV Show Have a Chance or Is It Already Doomed to Be Cancelled?

Lie to MeSadly, Lie to Me’s fate is still undecided. The FOX drama was given a full season renewal in November but the network has delayed its return until after the May sweeps period. That’s exactly a show of faith. And now, showrunner Shawn Ryan has jumped ship.

Lie to Me follows Dr. Cal Lightman (Tim Roth), a human lie detector, and his team of experts who help law officials solve their most difficult cases. The cast also includes Kelli Williams, Brendan Hines, Mekhi Phifer, and Monica Raymund.

Last season, Lie to Me had a very healthy series premiere with a 4.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 12.37 million viewers. Those numbers slowly melted away though and, by the end of the season, dipped to a low of a 2.3 in the demo and 7.75 million. Despite the decline, FOX renewed Lie to Me for a second season of 13 episodes. Shawn Ryan (The Shield) was brought in as a new showrunner.

Year two kicked off in September to a 2.9 rating and 7.73 million viewers. Though Lie to Me was losing a significant percentage of the House lead-in, FOX gave the series a full season renewal and added nine episodes. Soonafter, Lie to Me hit a new low with a 2.2 rating and 6.64 million viewers.

FOX put the series on hiatus in December and it already looked destined to be on the bubble for a third season renewal.

It was expected that Lie to Me would return before the end of the 2009-10 season but FOX chose instead to hold original episodes until June 7th. That means they won’t air until after the May sweeps period and until after FOX has announced their 2010-11 schedule.

FOX execs could make their decision based on Lie to Me’s existing ratings data. Or, they could wait until after some more original episodes have aired in the lesser-watched summer months. Neither option is likely to put Lie to Me in a very positive light.

Now, it’s been announced that Ryan, the program’s well-respected showrunner, has decided to leave the show. He’s already committed to a new drama he created for FX called Terriers. It also looks likely that FOX will pick up his other new show, Ride Along.

While none of this means that Lie to Me will necessarily be cancelled, it’s certainly not positive news — especially if FOX execs like what they see in Ride Along. Why stick with a show that’s lost Ryan as a showrunner and has been losing viewers when you can pick up Ryan’s new show that’ll get some attention and might do a lot better. FOX may make a decision about season three at the upfronts next Monday or not for a couple months.

Whether Lie to Me is renewed or cancelled, it seems very likely that viewers will still get to see all 12 of the remaining episodes for this season.

What do you think? Does Lie to Me have a good chance of returning for season three? What would you do — keep it or cancel it and go with something new?

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  1. C.flynn says

    This sucks. Tim Roth is a bad-ass. I can’t believe considering all the bad tv shows out there fox cancelled Lie to Me for a bunch of wogwash shows. I for one will sorely miss it. I can’t wait to see what else Timothy Roth is in. Lie to me, yeah same premise…but so is House. You don’t watch it for the main part(catching the liar/finding the disease) you watch it for the back-story. And this back-story was just gaining ground. Nearly as bad as ABC, FOX. Already Been Canceled, before it can catch or gain any ground. What happens to Emily? What about the Lightman group? You really think the replacement shows will do better? Stick with Family Guy and some non-sense shows, but keep Lie To Me, FOX, otherwise…all you got is sports and some bullsh*t news.

  2. AMANDA says

    LIE TO ME IS in my opinion and many others that it is an amazing show!!! No other show has this kind storyline, action, or drama. This is an amazing show and I would be in tears cause I’m such a die hard Lie To Me fan if they cancel it….. Please hear me out FOX don’t do this to an amazing T.V. Show!!!!!!

  3. Nicholas Foster says

    I am in love with this show it gives hope in an dismal under educated nation that we call America. With shows like this on air we the viewers not only learn something different but we are also entertained by the great dr. cal lightman and his shenanigans (which are very comical if i do say) and disbelief that everyone has something to hide.

  4. Melody says

    I have been waiting for this show to come back. Now I have to wait some more! This is a good possitive show and it should be renewed!! Please bring it back Fox the more you put it off the more chance people have to find somthing else to watch!!!

  5. Denise says

    My husband and I are faithful Lie To Me fans and would be extremely unhappy if it were taken off the air. We look forward to watching Tim Roth and his antics! What is FOX thinking…it’s one of THE best shows on TV!!

  6. Joe Java says

    It seems that everything is all about the money. We, who watch and learn and enjoy are the ones that should drive the ratings. We, who love the show and love the actors, should be first in line. We are waiting to please our intellects once again and again.

  7. Clive says

    As I’m also a Firefly fan I already dislike Fox and they’re deciding whether or not to cancel Lie to me for crying out loud do they honestly not SEE decent T.V shows any more we’re not all drooling morons waiting for our next mind numbingly boring drivel show.

  8. Anonymous says

    I didn’t start watching the show until this season. I fell in love with it so much that I immedately ordered Netflix so I could watch previous seasons. I hope Lie to Me will be renewed. Fox would be foolish not to.

  9. mille says

    I love this show there is nothing like it on tv. The writers are pure genius with perfect story lines, you never know who the killer is.Bring back Lie To Me!

  10. C says

    Lie to Me should be renewed. It’s intuitive and makes your brain exercise itself which is polar opposite from the reality shows that have dominated TV. Reality shows have no plot, require little talent and are empty and unwatchable.

  11. James Hamilton says

    I love the show. It is vibrant and exciting. Roth’s character is unique and convincing. The show is not the typical TV drama. I find the concept of determining truth thru facial expression and so forth fascinating. The growth of his daughter, and her yearning for independence is real and refreshing. She shows spunk yet she is not rebellious. Not all the characters have developed yet and further development would add to the show. The sexual tension between Roth and his co-star is not fully explored and there many more possible interns for Roth to torment.

    • Chrisat says

      FOX has cancelled several of our FAVORITE SHOWS!!! It’s time to counter attack FANS!!!! TIME TO BOYCOTT FOX!!!! Get them where it hurts!
      I for one love Bones, Fringe and House, but it’s time to “unlike” these major shows on Facebook, Twitte…r, and MySpace. It’s time to threaten their meat and potatoe shows. Obviously, pleading to the shows through community discussions, Facebook pleas, Twitter and hey, tons of fans!!! Fox has decided to cancel the shows FANS LOVE!!!!

      We need to let them know that the FANS aren’t taking their crap anymore when it comes to TV!!! It’s time to take a stand people. Stop watching FOX. Unlike their meat and potatoe shows like Bones, House, and Fringe. Go to every news and social media outlet available to protest!!!!!
      We can do this!! WE CAN DO THIS BECAUSE WE’RE THE FANS AND WHAT WE THINK COUNTS!! Now, let’s get out in the Internet world and make our voice heard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!See More

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