Lie to Me: FOX TV Show Cancelled, No Season Four

Lie to Me canceledSometimes the truth hurts — especially when it comes to television ratings. After three seasons, FOX has cancelled Lie to Me.

Starring Tim Roth, Lie to Me revolves around Cal Lightman and members of The Lightman Group. They’re a team of specialists who help law enforcement agencies uncover the truth by using applied psychology. Others in the cast include Kelli Williams, Brendan Hines, Monica Raymund, Hayley McFarland, and Mekhi Phifer.

Last season, Lie to Me averaged a 2.9 rating in the all-important 18-49 demographic and 8.03 million total viewers. That was down from season one and the series found itself on the bubble for renewal. FOX ended up giving the TV series another chance and renewed it for 13 episodes.

Unfortunately, season three didn’t perform nearly as well as season two. It premiered last October to a 2.1 rating in the demo and 5.86 million. Viewership eroded in subsequent weeks and FOX declined to give the show a full season order. Lie to Me then hit a new series low in January, registering a meager 1.5 rating and 5.43 million viewers.

Should Lie to Me have been cancelled?

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In its final weeks on the air, viewers seemed to rally behind it and Lie to Me had its best ratings of the season — a 2.5 in the demo and 7.67 million.

Though the ratings had come way down, FOX execs claimed that they still valued the TV series and saw it as a solid utility player. Showrunner Alex Cary said, “Fox has been very clear with us — they know what the show is, they know what it can do. [The ratings bump] shows that people will come watch the show.”

TV show supportNow, after three seasons on the air, the series is over. FOX has officially cancelled Lie to Me after 48 episodes. All of the installments have aired. Though there are too few episodes for a traditional syndication package, the first two seasons have already been released on DVD.

What do you think? Should Lie to Me have been renewed for season four?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Alissa says

    Here goes.
    The marketing exec was to blame for the shows lack of high ratings in my humble opinion, but this show is -was- brilliant! I love it. It goes above and beyond in character development, relating to current issues, and relating to viewers of all ages. It is -was- one of the few shows left in today’s media fishbowl that is -was- entertaining AND educating. It taught lessons that Snookie and her crew will never even hear of, it had a better story line than Adventure Time, and please, can I get someone to agree that Loker’s sexiness rivals Matt Bomers?
    In the name of oxygen, please, give this show a chance.
    The only problem that I, and millions of other people witnessed, was a lack of advertisement, NOT a lack of interest.
    Please, O Television Deity, I’ll do whatever you want me to, as long as you resuscitate Lie To Me.

    Alissa Smith

  2. Lucy says

    Ive never heard of this show till netflix… I think the show didnt have the correct promotion cause a lot of people that now see it love the show n think its an amazing show.. It would be a good thing if a season 4 was to come now that a lot of people are disapointed that theres no more episodes… I cheer for a season 4 n i know the people agree to this.. I really hope we get a season 4 n this time have the correct way to promote this show because its an outstanding show n fantastic!!!! Love the characters tim roth awesome acting couldnt ask for a better role!!! 😀 hope to see it coming!!!!

  3. says

    i dont think the series was introduced properly which made it to where no one knew about it. The TV show is amazing! It’s filled with suspence, thril, action, humor, and has a touch of caringness plus more. What more could you ask for in a great TV series! If it was properly introduced on fox and talked about more then just a commercial or two, i think the ratings would have sky rocked. It needs a fourth and in my opinion a fith plus more series! Dont let this show be erased, it has the potential to be a great ratings hit. I personally didn’t know anything about the show until i got to Afghanistan and bought it, and from the few comments i seen left on this website a lot of others also didn’t know about it who turned out to watch it and love the series. I love the show. The actors are amazing they fit the roll perfectly. There are so many more episode ideas that can come out of this and it has the potential to be a really big hit up there with Sons of Anarce, family guy, CSI miami, Two and a half men, simpsons (cartoon i know but still had great ratings), Law and Order, although i didn’t like it much. The point of this being though is that I dont think it was properly givin a chance just after 3 short seasons.. Maybe make more episodes in a season, and heir it more on fox, plus introduce it in commercials, bill bordes, news papers, there are quite a few ways of putting it out there and letting people know. Heck even putting signs on buses in major cities where people dont drive vehicles but take the bus more and trains to get to work it would be good to put them there aswell. Just give it another chance and do the proper ways of distributing the show out more to the public and ratings will sky rocket like i said.

  4. Cathy says

    Never heard of this show until it was on Netflix – loved it! Why wasn’t this show promoted more? Terribly disappointed this show has been cancelled. Just went on the web and found out. So many story lines left in limbo . . . Hope someone else picks this up or FOX reconsiders. . .

  5. Tamara says

    I had never heard of this show until finding it by accident on Netflix. I rarely find shows I like and avoid most TV. However, after just watching a few episodes I was hooked. Within a few weeks I have watched all 3 sets of the series. I want more. Honestly, I don’t think this show was advertised properly or I’d have promptly watched each and every show. I truly hope they consider bringing it back. My two cents. Advertise it more and the people will come.

  6. says

    My family and I have watched every single episode of Lie To Me. The Cast is just fantastic, the acting, the writing. If Fox canceled Lie To Me, I wish another network would pick them up. Absolutly, an interesting and intelligent program which is so different from anything out there. There are so little quality programs out there as it is. We would love to have Lie To Me back on the air. Tim Roth, you couldn’t ask for a better actor. Fox was lucky to even have him. I also loved all the other cast members, fantastic team.


  7. Taysha says

    I dont understand why they would cancel this show. This show was great and I could really think about what was happening. This show is sooooo great and educational. How come the good shows get canceled and the corney ones get multiple seasons and they dont deserve it. I wish they would put this show back on. My husband and I really enjoy to watch this together and challenge eachother on who guess whats hapening first. I WANT MORE “LIE TO ME”!!!!!! I am outraged that I can never watch another episode of the best show ever.

  8. Shelley says

    This is one of the ‘good’ shows on TV!! i am shocked and appalled at the way they cut the good ones and leave others of questionable content on for 8 or more seasons!!!!!! why do you think ratings go down? its because they mix up the times and days and people cant arrange their schedules to fit the changes….does that take into account the pvr’s and all recording the shows for people to watch later?????

  9. susan says

    OMG My family of five in Australia who bought seasons 1 & 2 recently, are mortified that this series has been cancelled. Why are all the interesting and intelligent programs canned? There are so little quality programs out there as it is.

  10. Nanna says

    I have no idea why FOX would cancel this show, this is one of the best ever. and like many others said its very educational too, so i dont get it. I’ll be crying and begging for this show to come back.

  11. jayne says

    why do all the really good shows get cancelled. this one provokes thought and is very educational too. good grief, the shows left on the air can be so lame. thank you, at least, for three fabulous seasons. Jayne

  12. Laurel says

    My husband and I LOVED this show. The stories were very good and Tim Roth was really great. We liked all of the characters. We were very disappointed that it was cancelled. It figures, the good shows get cancelled and the stupid reality shows go on and on and on…

  13. says

    I have been waiting for Lie to Me to return. When I Goggled it to fined out why it wasn’t on, I was totally surprised!! It was one of the best shows on these days. My husband and I waited each week wondering what the next show would be about. It had a good story line with some good actors. I will miss the show.

  14. Hector lind says

    I just started to watch this show, i purchased season 1 and I cannot wait until season 2 and 3 get here in the mail. This show is incredible.

  15. Carmen says

    This was one of my favorite shows. So dissapointing that it is no longer on…. Very stupid to have cancelled it…

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