Lie to Me: FOX TV Show Cancelled, No Season Four

Lie to Me canceledSometimes the truth hurts — especially when it comes to television ratings. After three seasons, FOX has cancelled Lie to Me.

Starring Tim Roth, Lie to Me revolves around Cal Lightman and members of The Lightman Group. They’re a team of specialists who help law enforcement agencies uncover the truth by using applied psychology. Others in the cast include Kelli Williams, Brendan Hines, Monica Raymund, Hayley McFarland, and Mekhi Phifer.

Last season, Lie to Me averaged a 2.9 rating in the all-important 18-49 demographic and 8.03 million total viewers. That was down from season one and the series found itself on the bubble for renewal. FOX ended up giving the TV series another chance and renewed it for 13 episodes.

Unfortunately, season three didn’t perform nearly as well as season two. It premiered last October to a 2.1 rating in the demo and 5.86 million. Viewership eroded in subsequent weeks and FOX declined to give the show a full season order. Lie to Me then hit a new series low in January, registering a meager 1.5 rating and 5.43 million viewers.

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In its final weeks on the air, viewers seemed to rally behind it and Lie to Me had its best ratings of the season — a 2.5 in the demo and 7.67 million.

Though the ratings had come way down, FOX execs claimed that they still valued the TV series and saw it as a solid utility player. Showrunner Alex Cary said, “Fox has been very clear with us — they know what the show is, they know what it can do. [The ratings bump] shows that people will come watch the show.”

TV show supportNow, after three seasons on the air, the series is over. FOX has officially cancelled Lie to Me after 48 episodes. All of the installments have aired. Though there are too few episodes for a traditional syndication package, the first two seasons have already been released on DVD.

What do you think? Should Lie to Me have been renewed for season four?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Rhiannon Fugatt says

    I was so disappointed that there was no renewal for season four. I hate it when you get hooked on a show and then it gets cancelled and leaves you hanging like the end of season three did. The actors did a fabulous job and the base story line had to continue it’s movement towards Foster and Lightman getting together, so that also left you hanging expecting there to be more. I think that what really captured the audiences attention *was* the studies of the micro expressions and the training and there was less of that as the show progressed on to season three. Also, since more and more people have discovered this show on netflix who did not previously know about this show, if it was continued more people would be watching it.

  2. Jennifer says

    I’m just like some of the other recent posts.. my husband and I started watching this show from netflix.. it QUICKLY became one of our most FAVORITE shows of all.. I just popped in the last disc for season 3 and watched 1 episode and then realized that was the last episode EVER! We are SOOOO beyond disappointed about this! Fox is absolutely RIDICULOUS! When they have an AWESOME show, they let it go entirely too soon.. they did the same thing with Prison Break. Now everyone is left completely hanging and unresolved at the end of the show! It REALLY makes me pretty sure that I will definitely avoid Fox shows from now on.. I’m sick of getting into an awesome show, just to have it ripped away and left hanging. People invest their time in shows, and you start to feel like you actually know the characters..and it is really disappointing to be left hanging. I know it has been over a year since the show was canceled but I really think Fox should bring the show back for a 4th season..even now. I’m sure there are LOTS of people that would absolutely LOVE for that to happen..

  3. Ana~~ says

    My husband and I also just started watching this show and the last season. We are quite surprised that Fox decided to cancel. Outstanding acting and the chemistry between the main characters is amazing, in particularly…Lightman and Emily! Fox….BRING IT BACK! PLEASE!

  4. Jean says

    Wow! Watched all episodes on Netflix and am so disappointed that Fox cancelled….LOVE this show! Tim Roth is amazing. Wish I had known about it sooner so I could have helped boost the ratings!

  5. Vicky says

    Excellent show. Just found it on Netflix. Too bad I didn’t know about it when it was airing on tv. Perhaps if more people had known ratings would have been higher. Never saw an ad for it. Perhaps another station that has a better handle on promoting their shows could pick it up. It is nice to find a show that is so well written.

  6. robert says

    I loved this show, but found myself losing some interest too as the seasons progressed. I think the main problem with the show was that, as the seasons progressed, there were fewer and fewer analyses of body language and vocal language; those analyses were what, in my opinion, captured viewer interest in the first season. For example, in season one, the characters would replay scenes and give a play by play analysis of each movement another character made. By season three, that element was almost forgotten. Pity. I thought it was going to be the end by that point. This is a case in which I am not happy that I was right about my hunches.

  7. Nancy says

    I am so disappointed had no idea it had been cancelled. I was looking forward to this season . Loved the cast and the show was awesome too bad you are not bring it back Fox.

  8. TrustGreen says

    Please, bring back this serial! Millions people all over the world are love it! Pleease. Bring it back!

  9. anne says

    Love the show, should bring it back only watch the show on Netflix, so didn’t know about it until it was on there,,,, but it is a great show…

  10. Rick says

    Just found this series on Netflix as well. Fantastic series, sorry it got canceled. But I didn’t support it when it was on because I don’t watch tv except for Netflix and Hulu, Time reasons , and now I got hooked on Once upon a time, but only watch it on Hulu Plus. Maybe they should do ratings for people like that can’t watch the programs when they are airing and catch up with them afterwards.

  11. Anne says

    Just recently, I’ve watched the Lie to Me episodes via Netflix. I had never heard of this series. WAY too bad that Fox has cancelled the series. Just when I started to think TV execs might be in touch with folks, this cancellation proves me wrong – again.

  12. says

    Just got done watching the last of the 48 episodes and loved them all..sad it is not still on. Will watch it again! Bring it back!!!! Love Cal hes awsome.

  13. Angela says

    I also just recently found this show on nextflix and really bummed that there were only 3 seasons. I think FOX made a big mistake by canceling this show. FOX just keeps going downhill.

  14. Codey says

    Honestly, i didn’t even really know anything about this series till this year. My family watches FOX all the time and i never saw any commercials for it. Now i feel like I’ve missed out. I tried and ended up paying for netflix only to see this series and watched every episode, later finding out the series was cancelled, to my great disappointment. This was the only TV series I would, and actually did, pay to see. I love it, and I wanted so bad for there to be a fourth season. If there was a way to get it back on the air, I’de do it, cause this was the best TV series I’ve ever watched.

  15. rae says

    I love this show sooo much. I hate that they cancelled it and they should absolutely bring it back. It is one of the only decent shows on tv, and even past decent it is a great show! I just started watching it and if it came back I would never miss an episode. Please Bring It Back!!

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