The Life & Times of Tim: HBO TV Show Cancelled, No Season Three?

The Life and Times of TimHBO’s animated series, The Life & Times of Tim has been cancelled after two seasons but there’s a chance that the TV show could still live on.

The Life & Times of Tim revolves around Tim (Steve Dildarian), a nice guy who works for a fictional New York City corporation and often finds himself in embarrassing situations. Other voice actors in the series include Mary Jane Otto, Matt Johnson, Nick Kroll, Bob Morrow, and Peter Giles.

Created by Dildarian, the series has been running on Friday nights on HBO and finished airing its second season in April. To date, 20 episodes have been produced.

Though HBO has decided to drop the animated show, Media Rights Capitol (MRC), the company that produces Tim, is actively looking for another buyer. Possible outlets include Adult Swim, Comedy Central or TBS.

What do you think? Do you like The Life & Times of Tim? Would you follow it to another channel?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Kai says

    AAAAGH!! I’m sorry but WTF is up with TV now, man?

    In the last two years every show I’ve actually liked has been canceled, but the effing BACHELOR keeps getting renewed!? I’ve lost Kings from NBC, Party Down from Starz and now Tim on HBO. All I have left is Spartacus B&S and The Colony on Discovery. Can someone devise a not-crap TV station where all the quality stuff can still live?

    (Oh in address of the question, Tim’s not going to work on Adult Swim although I’d follow it there if they moved it. They drop the f-bomb too much. There’d be bleeps all over the place.)

  2. Mike, Vancouver says

    Damn! I just found out and am very disappointed. I love The Life and Times of Tim! Nick Kroll is so funny and, yeah the Azziz Ansari ep was wicked. Thanks HBO for giving it a second season, although I really wish you had given it a third. IF it does get picked up by another network, I am in the Comedy Central camp.

  3. mary spence says

    Somebody smart will pick this up. It’s a sleeper and one day we’ll be saying, I was there from the beginning. I love Dildarian!

  4. says

    Comedy Central should really take advantage of this. They’re ratings would go through the roof if they could have a weekly line up of

    8:30 Futurama Season 7
    9:00 Ugly Americans Season 2
    9:30The Life and Times of Tim Season 3
    10:00 South Park Season 15

    Not only would it benefit tim, it would do wonders for they’re new shouw Ugly Americans which is struggling despite the high hopes they have for it.

  5. says

    My husband and I loved this show! We were looking on the TV schedule for date and time , could not find it, so went on the internet to inquire and it has been cancelled!!!!! bummer! I will follow Tim no matter what network he goes on. HBO should have ask his followers to take a poll and I am sure responses would be favorable for Tim to go on!!!

  6. Chris says

    Well that blows. I was on the fence about it when it first started but after a few episodes I was hooked. I was so happy when they had season 2 since it seemed to be taking off, but now it’s gone. The episode with Aziz Ansari and the race track intervention was the best. I would have lied about the name of the winning horse.

  7. mary spence says

    By the way, that blonde with Jim Belushi look-alike is not me. I am Mexican. Not that there’s anything wrong with that pic next to my name. I’m just saying.

  8. mary spence says

    What the hell? I am 57, and I am starving for comedic genius. Finally, something I found and loved. I told my 26 year-old son and his girlfriend about Tim, and now they both watch. So, HBO has dropped it. Thanks a lot.

  9. says

    What the hell is wrong with HBO? They put it on Fridays at 9:30 when their target demographic is anywhere but in front of a TV and it still has a steady following! It costs NOTHING to make, it makes South Park’s animation look like James Cameron. HBO doesn’t even use Nielsen ratings, what are they basing this decision on? I agree, Comedy Central is the best bet. If South Park can have Steven Spielberg and George Lucas graphically rape Harrison Ford, Tim will be just fine.

  10. Rick says

    If Comedy Central is smart enough to pick up this show, they’re looking at a monster lineup with South Park and Futurama already onboard. Make it happen!

  11. Jonathan says

    This blows! I’m a huge fan of the show…very witty and good writing. The situations were insane. Someone save this show!!!

  12. Jay Hunter says

    This really sucks, because I love Tim, and this season had some stellar episodes. I also feel it’s HBO’s fault for not advertising and pushing this show enough. Sure my friend, who loves Tim, didn’t even know when the Second Season was out, even when it was during it’s run.

    Maybe it’s because HBO don’t pair it with other shows correctly. I hope Tim finds another home; my vote goes to Comedy Central, which have South Park and Futurama, and sandwich it between those two juggernauts.

    Tim deserves better. I hope he gets it. Thank you to HBO for commissioning it for 2 Seasons.

  13. bean says

    It’s one of my favorite shows on TV. So consistently funny. Great writing, better voice acting. I am seriously bummed out. Long live Tim.

  14. Jeremy Rynek says

    Well that sucks. Isn’t that just a load of crap. It’s not gonna do any better on any other network. It’s an adultrated. It’s not gonna be as good on cable. Maybe Comedy Central late night, but not adult swim or TBS. It’s not gonna work.

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