Life on Mars: Series Finale Shocker — A Great Ending or a Terrible Finish?

Life on MarsABC’s Life on Mars didn’t catch on with enough viewers and was unfortunately cancelled after one brief season. Sadly, tonight we had to say goodnight to the outstanding cast of Jason O’Mara, Michael Imperioli, Gretchen Mol, Harvey Keitel, and Jonathan Murphy.

Thankfully, the show’s creators were given enough time to craft a true series finale. Executive producer Scott Rosenberg told Scifiwire, “Basically, this episode was always going to be the season finale, so we just switched things up towards the end. But we always wanted it to culminate with him and his parents… Amongst our favorite things that we did was always with his father and his mother. Every time we went to that well, it really worked for us. You’ll realize when you see it Wednesday night at 11:00, you’ll see that the whole theme of the entire 17 hours was all leading up to this. It was all about what we deal with in episode 17.”

Fellow executive producer Josh Appelbaum told Variety, “When you see you see the ending. as much as I think it’ll be wildly unexpected, it’s also sort of the inevitable. Even in the pilot there’s a lot of things that are leaning toward what the ending tells you. There were a million ideas thrown out early in the writers room, but when this one landed we all knew that was the one it should be.”

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Rosenberg concluded, “We’re not only answering the why of 1973 but more importantly, it’s what this whole journey was about for Sam — why it was these particular characters and this emotional landscape. It’s his emotional heroes journey that is answered by the end.”

So, what do you think of the series ending? It was a shocker to say the least. Are you happy to leave Sam and friends on the Martian surface?

Or, would you prefer to think that the Mars landing is actually a hallucination or another piece of Sam’s time travel mystery?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Reteric says

    ok thats it if i have to say it to one more person i will snap so here it is. This show sucked thats why it lasted once season. Get on netflix or what ever and order life on mars season 1 and two from bbc and soon ashes to ashes seasons 1 2 and 3 a spin off. Harvy Kitel is the only reason why i watched this show and he phoned it in and is a blemish to the name Gene Hunt. DCI Gene Hunt forever go suck and egg Lt. Hunt. Also ABC burned through all the story lines from the BBC version in one season i would really hate to see an origional concept from these ass clowns. The show should have ended with Sam coming back to 2008 and jumping of the top of the police station to join back up with Gene and Anne. That right it wasnt a space mission they are dead. Gene Anne Sam Chris and Ray(Alex and Shaz < Ashes to Ashes) now if you dont think thats a great ending you deserve Harvy Kitel phoning it in. Gene is the Gate Keeper of the After Life unless you work your crap out you dont get to move on.

  2. JJ says

    I was stationed over in Iraq and was watching this show before I left. And couldn’t wait until I could get back. My wife had DVR’D it and was told that blasted ABC cancelled the show. I just now got back to write this. ABC you suck!. If anyone knows how to get in touch with them, please copy this message and send it. I know this would be an impossible wish if ABC would bring it back.

  3. jerrin roukema says

    ordered the season 1 from netflex not knowing anything about it . my husband and i were hooked the very first show we found it fresh funny and the music was awesome
    why on earth would you not renew a great show like this really sad that 125 is gone
    when its was so good

  4. Mike says

    Well LOM fans keep posting comments, and send ABC a message through their site and remind them what a mistake it was to cancel that show. No change that word from mistake to stupid. Have you notice their shows are hitting bottom. That is because viewers are getting sick and tired of reality shows. Life on Mars was a well written show from the producers to the acting. I have not watched ABC one time since they canceled the show and that is the way it’s going to be. Have had it with the networks.

  5. says

    I have been waiting for advertisements of the new season. Sadly I have discovered the series is over. It was my favorite show. I was puzzled wht the last show ended the way it did with the sargeant stepping onto the Mars surface. I thought hmm, I will find out next season what this means. Now I know after reading up on it. I too wish the series would continue.

  6. Pietro says

    Life on mars is been a master piece in Tv Drama’s History. Everything should be studied from anyone wants to produce a good quality tv. Greatings from Italy, not to Abc of course

  7. Melanie says

    I still have the last episode saved on my DVR… just can’t let it go. I love this show, and I’m so sad it’s been canceled. If there is any way to keep it going, please do!!

  8. Antonella Caruso says

    The best tvshow i’ve ever seen!!!Its end makes me feel so so sad…I want to see Sam Tayler again, I want to spend other time watching at his crazy adventures!!!Please let him come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From Italy with all the love of the World!!!

  9. Nancy says

    the worst thing you ever did was end this show so soon it was the best cop show EVER since the 70’s!!!!! It would have been great for years to come, I hope someone comes to their senses and makes the “LAST” episode his “DREAM” and the EXCELLENT cast can have a lot more seasons to do the wonderful jobs they were doing!!!!!

  10. stacey says

    the ending sucked competely it was to confusing but ending up on mars? thats just plain old dumb. I loved the show but the end was more like a dream than his atcual dream was and what was with the alien bugs searching for souls?

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