Life Unexpected: DVD Release Confirms TV Show Cancellation

Life UnexpectedThough The CW hasn’t announced that struggling Life Unexpected is officially over, the studio has subtly confirmed the cancellation.

Life Unexpected is centered around a teenager named Lux (Brittany Robertson). She’s spent most of her life bouncing from one foster home to another, decides to get emancipated, and ends up meeting her biological family. The series also stars Shiri Appleby, Kristoffer Polaha, Kerr Smith, Reggie Austin, and Austin Basis.

The TV show was renewed for a second season last spring despite middling ratings. Season one averaged a 1.6 rating in the target 18-34 female demographic and two million viewers. The network no doubt hoped that it would catch on in season two but that hasn’t happened.

Viewership for Life Unexpected has dropped dramatically this season and the show’s been averaging a 1.2 rating with 1.5 million total viewers. It’s easily the lowest-rated show on the network and the only series that didn’t receive a pickup for the back nine episodes. The final installments of the season will air in January.

Warner Bros. has now announced that Life Unexpected: The Complete Series will be released on April 5, 2011. It will contain all of the episodes from seasons one and two as well as a pair of featurettes, deleted scenes, and a gag reel. The set will retail for $59.98.

Word is that writers have had enough notice to at least wrap up most of the show’s ongoing storylines. We’ll have to wait and see to find out if they satisfy viewers.

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  1. Amanda says

    I’m seriously crying right now because the network is canceling my favorite show!! The cw doesn’t give anything a chance…two seasons and it’s over?? This show is original and they are cutting it off? Great…I’m pissed :(

  2. loryl says

    This show is amazing! I dont know how you don’t like it?! Have you actually watched it?! Its about a family who all have faults, the first season was them finding there child and becoming a family, the second season is each of them individually learning why they are the way they are, while Coming closer as a family. This show is more real than anything, more real than your fake reality shows, or your dancing with the “fake people” stars. Which they decided to put this show on at the same time as dancing with the stars, so there goes viewers…. Not to mention changing a time slot, if you tv stations haven’t cought on yet, ALWAYS RUIN’S A SHOW! Its common sense.

    • Kay says

      True that. If a show doesn’t already have a large defined, loyal viewership, changing its timeslot will only hurt. They’re a bunch of morons.

  3. taylor says

    is it possible for another channel to pick up this tv show, or is that finished once they cancel it? why would they cancel it like that if that’s what’s going to happen? another network would do AMAZING with this show, i’m sure of it! the cw just won’t give it a shot.

  4. Anna says

    Very disappointed that the CW would actually cancel this great show. I agree with the comment about Life Unexpected should have been on ABC Family. These are the shows that are interesting, not like those stupid reality shows on t.v. I also agree with the other comment, its so true what really happened to the awesome 80s and 90s t.v. shows. Nowadays they bring crap on t.v., we need LUX to be on the t.v. Come on ABC Family try to pick up Life Unexpected. It reminds me a lot of the many shows you air on t.v.

    • Kay says

      ABC Family would have stripped this show of everything that made it good. All of their original shows are complete crap, and Life Unexpected could do so much better.

      I don’t think it is possible for ABC Family to pick it up and push out new episodes anyway. Hopefully another channel will!

    • Anonymous says

      I totally agree, I got very sick of the love triangle between baze kate and ryan but you should watch the last few episodes of season 2 it got much better and focused on lux and her issue not the cheesy drama the cw loves “to talk about”. But give it second chance.

    • Kay says

      I agree with “Anonymous,” it’s a shame that you stopped watching. Every single episode of the second season was better than the one before it.

  5. Craig says

    I wish I could feel worse about this, but one of the subplots in season 2 just made me wish the show would go away, and thanks to the lack of fans, it will.

  6. Anonymous says

    it really took a while for this show to grow on me. it is the type of show i usually enjoy, but the first season was mediocre. i think theyve made some great changes for the second season though, and in my opinion it’s gotten MUCH better. too bad more folks didnt catch on before it was cancelled. sad to see this one go.

  7. JMO says

    Trust me Walmart and Target will release this much cheaper! I got my Gilmore Girl dvd’s for $15.00 at Target!! It will be pricey at first but quickly drop.
    Sad that it’s going off it had so much potential and it’s now just starting to get so good! Ugh this always happens the CW likes to keep shows on for 15 years and let go shows that could really be something.

    • Lisa Wagner says

      I don’t know they keep on reality shows like america’s top model and a show like life unexpected can’t make it I am very disappointed I think abc family should pick it up.

  8. Jana says

    I happen to like this show, and I am so sick of the crap they keep putting on television. I don’t want to see anymore of these fake “reality” shows, or shows about ghosts and vampires. What happened to the 1 hour drama series? There are very few left out there because there all being replaced with crap!

    • Samantha says

      I agree! I keep saying that there is never going to be anything good to watch because they are canceling all of the shows that are worth watching, reality TV is taking over and I hate it, if you want reality..take a look around you! TV and movies are a fun way to escape reality for a short while! I love Life Unexpected! They canceled Ghost Whisperer and then recently, Medium which were good shows(I know those are a different network) I also enjoyed watching Mercy, and they canceled that show too!!! Geez!

      • Kay says

        I agree with you about Ghost Whisperer and especially Mercy, but Medium is a horrible show haha sorry. That said, Life Unexpected NEEDS to get picked up by another network!

  9. AustiNights says

    I think Life Unexpected is a really good show, but its simply on the wrong network. The CW is NOT the WB-of-old. The shows on the CW target a very specific audience that likes shows that are either ****** rich kids having sex playing with gadgets or sci-fi/vampire related. If LUX was on a different network, such as ABC FAMILY – it would have a much different audience and could be written in the way that’s not network influenced to be ‘******.’ A number of viewers have commented that the new season took a definite turn towards “******” and I can just sense that the ‘suits’ probably noted that direction, since its what the other shows do. Alas, it was a decent run – but that’s the TV biz and life goes on. I’m confident Liz Tigelaar will come up with something even better soon. And, I believe the talented actors will find a home with existing or new shows in the future. Go Bolt!

    • leigh says

      your crazy! obviously it’s a show you havent watched because Life Unexpected is the best show i’ve seen in years and the only one i go out of my way to watch every week. so try watching the show before you say it’s not a good one.

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