Life Unexpected: Is It Possible the Series Isn’t Cancelled?

Life UnexpectedCould it be that there’s still a glimmer of hope for Life Unexpected? Back in early November, The CW declined to order a full second season of the drama. That kind of decision almost always spells “cancelled.” Combined with terrible ratings, well, the writing was on the wall.

Then, a month later, Warner Bros. announced the upcoming release of the new “Life Unexpected: The Complete Series” DVD set. If the “complete series” was going to be released on April 5th then season two was obviously the end of the TV show. Plain and simple.

Now, Warner Bros. has made a change to the upcoming DVD release’s title that has given some fans hope. They’ve renamed it “Life Unexpected: The Complete 1st & 2nd Seasons.” Indeed, that does seem to leave the door open just a crack that the series could return for a third season.

More likely though, some nervous studio executives didn’t want to box themselves into a corner. If something crazy happened (like the ratings taking a big leap up) and they decided to order more episodes, they’d have a real problem with “complete series” packaging already in the works. The “The Complete 1st & 2nd Seasons” title doesn’t commit to the series ending or returning.

Though the network and studio aren’t willing to publicly admit the show’s demise, some key people have said that the series is truly over.

Back in early November, star Shiri Appleby wrote, “I hate to bring the bad news but our little show is coming to an end. The cast, crew, and I thank you for all your support these past two years. It’s been a little slice of heaven!”

In late November, just after Thanksgiving, the cast and crew wrapped up production. At a recent event, Appleby talked about the special connection between the people working on the show. She said, “The day we got the email that the show got canceled, we were like ‘Okay, we’re going to be done on the 23rd; Thanksgiving’s on the 25th; we’re staying!… And we stayed in Vancouver; we had our last Thanksgiving together, and then we all left the next morning to go back to L.A.. And this is what I think was amazing: we could all be going home to our families, but we’re going to finish this job out with this family and then move. This is the kind of experience I want to continue to have in my life.”

Earlier this month, series creator Liz Tigelaar was asked why the show was only given a 13 episode order for season two and she responded, “it’s called being canceled. which sucks! :)”

Tigelaar and the other writers didn’t know about the cancellation when the script for episode 213 was initially outlined. Fortunately, they were able to make some adjustments that would essentially wrap up the series. She shared, “When I walked into the writer’s room to tell them we were canceled, I said I’m crying about fake people!”

A week before Christmas, Tigelaar wrote, “Just finished watching another cut of 213. I’m so excited for you to see it. Burst into tears with Sheriff Forbes from Vampire Diaries who was watching it with me.”

The last two episodes of Life Unexpected air on January 18th.

What do you think? How would you like to see the show end? Anything that you feel must happen?

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  1. Stephanie says

    I can not believe this show has ended. When I was watching the ending I was thinking to myself this is not the season finale this is the SERIES FINALE! I am in my late 30’s and LOVED the show. Sad to see it go. Warner Bros give it another chance and pick the story back up in 2012. I think there is more to this story.

  2. Jay says

    I hope this show doesn’t get cancelled. It’s such a great show, and brings realistic issues to the table. Most of dont k now what a foster child goes through and how hard it is for them to live a full life….Life Unexpected showed us this and did it well.
    With such a great cast and storyline, it would be an absolute shame to let this show go.

  3. Lisa says

    I just saw the last episode and I had to Google LU cancelled. I will miss the show. Even though it got the happy feel ending it doesn’t seem exactly right. Always sorry to see a good show go. Ratings are just suck. It’s an archaic way of measuring these days. Great work cast & crew of LU, you will be missed across an ocean.

  4. angie says


  5. Katie says

    I love this show and I am so sad if it is ending. I agree with one of the comments above. It that was the ending it was great. I really think they should bring it back with Lux in college and Kate and Base married. It would be great. Please keep this show on!!!

  6. Sandy says

    Please bring it back. I really enjoyed the show. I’m people would watch it if you had it on a different night. Please Please think about bring it back. Show it with them being a family and the bar openned please think about it

  7. Lynda Winger says

    I am so sad the show ended but it ended so well! It is a shame such a great show was cancelled.

    Lynda Winger

  8. Nancy says

    Wow, what a great season finale, but it wasn’t until I went to Twitter that I saw the news you have cancelled the series. What a shame, it was an awesome show, my favourite. Sorry to say this but perhaps on a different network it would have done better. Not everybody gets the CW network. I always wanted Cate and Baze to get together, but I really liked Ryan too. I liked Lux with Eric, I just wanted her to get older so they could be together. I would love to see this show revived.

  9. sarah says

    All I can say is this makes me sad, I was a foster kid and I was thrilled to watch a show that talked about it and didnt cover up the dark and painful things that I have seen happen over and over again with kids in the system. Lux hooking up with her teacher is exactly something a troubled girl who raised herself would do! The show had so much potential to use that story as a way to teach girls to love themselves! Lux should have been the one to end the relationship, I feel the rush to sum it all up so fast was unfair to loyal fans and a missed chance to speek to young girls who need a voice. please bring it back and fix it!!!!

  10. cheramie.s says

    Omgosh I’m so upset that this show is ending this is terrible news to me! I was dieing without it for two weeks waiting for the finale!please someone keep this show going its a great show so much better than so many on the cw!!! Bring it back!

  11. Kelsey M says

    I really want them to finish this series! Its one my parents approve of because no under aged teenager is getting pregnant, plus Its one of the few shows that premotes family time along with communication. In addition, It actually kept you coming back for more with all the twists in the series. Please bring it back!

  12. Angela AF says

    After watching the last two episodes, I think the writers did a fine job on ending it the way they did. If they chose to bring it back, the new season either next or following would begin in the right year. I say leave it as it is.

  13. TK says

    PLEASE don’t cancel Life Unexpected!! It is one of my favorite shows – my roommate and I watch it every week. It is so sad that people are tuning in to such garbage such as One Tree Hill (which I used to LOVE, but COME ON, after season 4 Tree Hill went Down Hill). Point is, LU is a great show and it would be such a waste of a good story if it isn’t picked up for another season. If anyone from the CW network is reading this comment, which I highly doubt, please understand that it is a show that is loved by many!

  14. says

    I’m happy that Baze and Kate ended up together. I understand the ratings weren’t well but it all happened so fast. I really enjoyed watching it. I hope to see them all on t.v. again soon. If not together, I hope to see Shirli Appleby. I recently saw all seasons or rosewell and loved her in that. So I hope she’ll be on t.v. more often and not just disappear again. As for Kristoffer Polaha I really enjoyed his character and Applbys’ character how they had such great chemistry. There all such great actors. Just hope they appear on t.v. again. I hate when shows get cancelled and they just disappear for a while. Also wanna congrats to britt robertson on her role. I also saw her movie avolon high on disney. Also as for Kerr Smith, I’ve seen him in Dawson’s creek and Charmed. He’s great with all his characters on t.v. To watch shows with such great actors really inspires me. I always thought it be cool to me an actress going up. But I happen to have stage fright. I guess if I was working with people I became friends with it be easier. But for now I’m still trying to figure out what I wanna do. But gotta figure it out soon. I’ll be 24 in March!

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