Lincoln Heights: ABC Family TV Series Cancelled, No Season Five

Lincoln HeightsIt looks like the story of the Sutton clan has come to an end. ABC Family has quietly decided to cancel Lincoln Heights after four seasons.

Lincoln Heights tells the story of Officer Eddie Sutton (Russell Hornsby) who moves his family back to his old neighborhood. Other castmembers include Erica Hubbard, Nikki Micheaux, Rhyon Brown, Mishon Ratliff, Robert Adamson, and Michael Reilly Burke.

The TV show debuted on January 8, 2007 and the first season was successful enough to warrant a renewal by March. At that point, it was one of the cable channel’s higher performers in the key demographics.

While announcing that the second season would kick off in September 2007, ABC Family President Paul Lee said, “We really think we have something unique here… The fact that it’s an African American family drama alone separates it from the crowd, but its terrific cast and superb writing also make it truly special and perfect for ABC Family.”

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Following season two, it took several months for ABC Family to decide to bring Lincoln Heights back for a third round. They finally did and that kicked off in September 2008. The audience grew and the show became the cable channel’s top performer among Females 12-34 and Female teens. It didn’t take as long to renew the series for year four.

Season four kicked off in September 2009. It ended up being one of the channel’s weaker programs of 2009, being outperformed by other ABC Family shows, including cancelled Kyle XY.

No specific reason was given for the Lincoln Heights cancellation. However, though it’s been favored by some critics, the series has never been a big hit for the cable channel and has only been given 10 episode renewals each season.

What do you think? Are you upset or surprised that the series has been cancelled? Do you think the last episode of Lincoln Heights is a worthwhile series finale?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. june says

    I was randomly going to watch this on youtube, then suprise suprise, I found it on demand. They should definately bring this show back! And they should make Charles asian. :-) Or he can stay the same, whatever.

  2. Shakeena says

    I think if they brought out a season 5 of Lincoln Heights that would be amazing. Its a great show and besides, us true fans need real closure. We don’t know what happened next. *Sigh*

  3. ajai says

    This Is Some Bull Can THey Just PUt Lincolen Hieghts back on maybe the world will chang the ganges just put lincine heightes it will be even goddrd the kids r oldr maybe cassi had a baby by her soon to be huesbaned ,and may be tay just dont hve to meet tray sons he can meet more there r new rappers and singers ,lindze and her boy friend just found out that that little boy came back and his mother died now the have to take care of him all the kids has moved out util the oldest son still wants to go back to the army and find another wife and have another baby and the fathers fsther him and that lady can get married and if it ispossinle have a baby > You get it just can u make anothers ep. OF LINCOLN HEIGHTS <3

  4. collin says

    i just watched it on netflix and its an awesome show they should really bring it back season 4 was not a worth wild ending.

  5. Latoya says

    I just fell in love with the show on Netflix. I was just searching online to find out when it airs on TV a only to find out it was canceled. I’m very upset I want to continue to follow the Sutton family in their everyday ups and downs. As well as their challenges with making changes in their neighborhood. The fact that the children play a big role along with their parents is priceless. I defiantly think ABC should reconsider their decision or sell it to BET. I think the show would really grow on BET because it’s an African American family and BET is a majority black station. Bring it back please!!!!!!!!!

  6. Shavell Brown says

    I really hated that they cancelled Lincoln Heights I really enjoyed watching the kids grow. I just wish that they could have let Lizzey finish High School because she is a very smart young lady, and Tay with his music is also great….. Not to mention that Cassie is a very good artist…. if way that they could bring them back I would love it.

  7. Charles1 says

    Also as a fellow member of law enforcement….this show is very authentic. Even down to us using the exact same computers that they use in their squad cars. Bring this show back!

  8. Charles1 says

    This by far is one of the best television shows in a long time. I never knew. Thanks Netflix! ABC please get your acts together! Do you not know success when you see it? Please bring this show back!

  9. Tovey says

    You need to continue with the series, I watched all for episodes on netflix and was bummed to find out there was no more episodes and the season 4 left you hanging I thought. The show touched of alot of reality, like how people react to mixed relationships, kids in gangs, the importance of honesty, dealing with loved ones in the service serving our country, lives of police officers and what they face day after day, and the lives of doctors and nurses in what they do and go through to save lives and even what they go through losing a life. It also showed single parent families and what they go through, parent or parents losing a child to a gang outcome, the show dealt with what we people deal with in everyday life, you cannot get more better then that. Bring the show back please .

    • keisha says

      this is true ive lost so many loved ones to gangs drugs prison all of that it just really touches home i really enjoy watching this show it helps me alot i was dissapointed when i found out there was no fifth season

  10. Thompsons says

    My fiance and I watched all 4 episodes off netflix in a 5 days stayed up hours and hours a day and fell inlove with the show. He keeps asking me over and over again when is it coming back on and I just read that there is not or will not be a season 5. He is going to be devestated and very upset and he really doesn’t show his feelings but I’m sure I will see them and have to deal with them when I break the news. This sucks:( Please Please over think this a premiere a season 5 soon or I will not hear the end of this) thank you

  11. Leslie says

    I fell in love with Lincoln Heights and powered through all four seasons on netflix. l do think the last episode of season four was a good finale. However, I would have loved to see the writers take each character to another level. The possibilities for each character are endless.

  12. Hallion5 says

    Hey ABC, I just finished watching all four seasons of Lincoln Heights and all I can say is that it was 42 hours of my life well spent. The thrill of the action of Eddie Sutton(Russell Hornsby) fighting crime and the compassion of Jenn( Nikki Micheaux) as she fights to save lives at the clinic. The whole show has really opened my eyes and made me see a difference in my community. I know the show was not really a hit in season 4 but a season 5 can be a wrapping up of the story showing marriage and other issues in the continuacion of the Sutton family. Wow! I do congratulate you guys on a job well done on airing the show in the first place, and I hope you guys see these comments and change your mind about cancelling the show.

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