Lipstick Jungle: There’s Still Hope for the TV Show, But Not Likely on NBC

Lipstick JungleThough it’s seemed like NBC’s Lipstick Jungle was dead in the water, the show is proving to be much more resilient than expected. Though the series’ last filmed episode aired on January 9th, and few watched, there’s still hope that Brooke Shields and company may return.

As you may recall, Lipstick Jungle revolves around three successful professionals from the Big Apple, played by Shields, Kim Raver and Lindsey Price. Others in the cast include Paul Blackthorne, Andrew McCarthy, Robert Buckley, Sarah Hyland, David Norona, Dylan Clark Marshall, Seth Kirschner, Matt Lauria, David Alan Basche, and Marcia DeBonis.

After ordering a second season of 13 episodes, NBC opted not to order “the back nine” installments to complete the season. That didn’t come as much of a surprise considering the size of the Jungle viewership.

Fans of the series have held out hope that the network might change its mind and NBC execs have refused to say that the series was cancelled. As is often the case, it was assumed that the network was just trying to avoid the wrath of devoted fans. It turns out that the show still does have support at the peacock network.

During the recent Television Critics Association (TCA) press tour, NBC Primetime Entertainment President Angela Bromstad made a point to say that Jungle had not been officially cancelled. The exec had a hand in developing the program while working at NBC Universal Television Studios and said, “We have to wait and see what our pilots are and what the mix of shows are.”

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She told the NY Post that the show wouldn’t likely have a future at NBC but could live on via another outlet — possibly on a sister channel like Bravo or even the female-focused Lifetime. She also noted that Jungle could continue as part of a cost-sharing partnership, ala Friday Night Lights. “That would be a way in which you could preserve that show,” Bromstad said.

That sentiment was echoed today by Ben Silverman who indicated that the show isn’t over yet. Though Jungle’s viewership has been small, he stressed that they are a desirable group. As B&C reports, the co-chair of NBC Entertainment and NBC Universal Television Studio said, “Lipstick Jungle is so strong and has such a passionate base among a coveted demographic.”

Silverman continued, “That kind of show will have the same approach, and we’ve already begun that approach, as we’ve used with Friday Night Lights. We have some incredible channels in our portfolio and we have sister networks that love the show as well. We are analyzing what we need to do to keep that show on the air.”

Will the efforts to continue the show be successful? If they are, will all of the cast return? Will viewers follow Jungle to a new outlet?

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  1. Melissa says

    LISPSTICK JUNGLE is super great. Honestly, do you think they will have more episodes in the future. i really like that TV show. what happen. why they did not have a third season.

  2. says

    just checked to see if there was an update on Lipstick Jungle coming back to our screens on another network but no joy. Please someone update me think the networks must be made not to take up an option on another series, would certainly fill a hole now that sex in the city is finished, even though it would better i feel (lipstick jungle) i mean.

  3. Anonymous says

    I love lipstick jungle. We’re 2012 I’m still watching the old episodes because the show is great. Please bring it back thank you.

  4. Natasha says

    PLEASE BRING BACK Lipstick Jungle. I have watched the 2 seasons 100 times. Its the BEST show. They just need prime time and more advertising. All the girls that have watched my DVD’s cant believe how good it is. BRING IT BACK. Aussies want it!!

  5. MARIBEL says

    LIPSTICK JUNGLE needs to come back!!!!!!!!!! Is a really good show and i’m sure with more advertising people would have been more aware that such a GREAT show was on the air!!! It deserves another chance and We ALL want it back!!!!!!!!! what ever needs to be done to bring it back will be greatly appreciated by the viewers, even if it means by a sister network like Bravo or Lifetime!!!

  6. GINA says

    Oh my god!!! I feel as if my life has fallen apart. Lipstick jungle can not be gone, two of my friends and I have been glued to watching this programme, it has been the best since we lost Sex and The City. This programme was worth staying in for and being left the way we where at the end of series 2 without seeing Victory get married is just an injustice.

  7. claire says

    PLEASE COME BACK!!! I hardly ever have time to watch tv, but never missed an episode of lipstick jungle. Once even skipped a shopping trip to watch- honestly! Was the teeniest bit too young to watch SATC when it was first aired, but got the dvd’s and loved it… but loved lipstick jungle more!!! Was fab to have a show that I could watch, enjoy and bond over gorgeous shoes and outfits- alone, with my husband, with my friends or even with my mum!! (SATC bit embarassing to view with the mom!) I keep hoping that it’s not really been cancelled. TV powers that be- pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease pretty please let us have it back!

  8. says


  9. Hayley says

    II have just finished watching the 2nd Series on LivingTV, in the UK. Searching to find out when to expect the 3rd Series and I find out these details. Me and my girlfriends and even my boyfriend, sit down each and ever week, with a glass of wine, to watch these beautiful women. Everyone at work talks about the show. How can they say it doesn

  10. eryka says

    I find it ironic that NBC would want to cancel the show when it was their fault to begin with for not advertising the season properly. True, this is ER’s last season, and may I say it’s about time, but they gave more advertising to their season than any other show. How can anything be marketed with a high approval to any consumer, without any push for advertising. I know personally that the show was popular for linking to any Sex and the City fan, since the synopsis of the show was quite similar and any fan of the author and creator of both these shows are something that we fans crave. I do agree with the last post, most viewers stopped watching tv due to all network’s driving to have a hit reality tv show where they would takes people’s common decency and humanity and push it to where there is no more. I hope another network decides to continue the show as ABC did when they took over “Scrubs”. Let’s pray that someone will continue our Jungle Fever.

  11. sandi says

    I don’t understand why lipstick jungle was canceled. Just because it is not violent or a truly stupid reality back stabbing show, it wasn’t as popular. There are many people who have just stopped watching TV because of this formula. Maybe a little more advertising and others would of found the show. I really had to look to keep finding it. I am sorry to see it go, but I guess it doesn’t matter what some of us think only what is in the high school popularity contest.

    • aniqa says

      i have stopped watching tv bc of reality trash tv. and then the shows that i do like end up getting cancelled.

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