Lipstick Jungle: TV Show Petition to Save the NBC Series

Lipstick JungleFrom the outside, the three ladies of Lipstick Jungle seem to have it all. That’s not true of course and now, they don’t even have a show!

NBC has cancelled the Lipstick Jungle TV show after just 20 episodes because of low ratings. The remaining unaired episodes will likely air on Friday nights for awhile but, because of the abrupt cancellation, there won’t be a fitting end to the storylines.

Should Lipstick Jungle be cancelled or does the show need some more time and another timeslot? Perhaps the show is better suited to a cable network? And, if the show can’t continue, how about some resolution for the series’ loyal viewers?

There are a few things you can do… Tell your friends and family to watch the show, either on TV or online. Click the link below and sign the petition. Write to the network. Politely tell them how you feel about the show and that you’ve signed the petition. Pass the word. Heck, tell your powerful female New York friends too!

To: Black and Blonde Productions and Universal Media Studios

We, the undersigned, have greatly enjoyed the NBC’s Lipstick Jungle TV show. We are extremely disappointed that the series has been cancelled. We ask that you continue to produce more episodes so that it will have a chance at growing a larger audience.

The timeslots that it’s been given are not working. Why not try an earlier one? You obviously believed in this show enough to renew it but delaying new episodes until Fall didn’t work. Why throw that all away so quickly?

If necessary, we ask that you find a new channel in the NBC Universal family to air it or, at the very least, to bring the series to a fulfilling conclusion. There are millions of viewers who enjoy this program each week. Doesn’t the show deserve a better chance?

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • BreannaCountry: USA2015-04-10 04:24:43
  • Alexis BergensCountry: Usa2014-11-29 10:56:43
    Love this show! Just finished the 2 seasons on Hulu and I need more!
  • mike spurlockCountry: usa2014-08-29 08:59:07
    Its not to late to revive "Lipstick". The show was loveable.Brooke and Kim were outstanding, gorgeous and inspieing actresses.
  • Susan FantasiaCountry: USA2014-08-10 14:45:24
    Please reconsider Lipstick Jungle. It touched on so many different life subjects while being entertaining. Bring it back.
  • michelleCountry: US2014-05-15 13:33:13
    I got hooked on this series just recently. Been watching it everyday to catch up. The show speaks to us "normal" career minded woman that do have busy lives. Love the show
  • ShannonCountry: united states2014-02-25 14:16:08
    Please bring this show back. I want to see more of Victory and Joe. This show actually made my husband cry.
  • ShannonCountry: united states2014-02-25 14:16:07
    Please bring this show back. I want to see more of Victory and Joe. This show actually made my husband cry.
  • MariaCountry: Russia2014-01-08 21:55:20
    Please bring the show back!!! One of the best series I've ever seen. All my friends to whom it was recommended are thinking just the same way. Just rewatched it for a third time already and still LOVE it. I am puzzled indeed why such a fab show was cancelled...
  • JENNY GAMBOACountry: United States2013-12-17 23:28:22
    Please bring this show back. I was introduced to these episodes through Netflix and I find them very entertaining. It saddened me to see they only carry 2 seasons. Many other shows out are not as good and they have kept their show airing. FAN disappointed
  • reneeCountry: usa2013-11-08 08:35:34
    I always seem to miss the show when it was on the air and got bits and pieces..frustrated gave up. But was over joyed when I found it online.I was finally able to fill in the blanks and I LOVE IT as i knew i would. Tje least the network can do is bring it back with a little wrap up on what the characters have done. There are not a lot of positive TV shows for out youg ladies. Showing them that the could have a CAREER and a family..PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!
  • Tonya BeaverCountry: United States2013-10-18 23:55:39
    Bring back Lipstick Jungle! Bought both Seaesons and I have NEVER been involved in ANY tv series before in my life! I don't watch TV bc there is nothing good on and this show is AMAZING! Please bring it back!
  • shirleyCountry: usa2013-09-12 01:20:48
    Love this show.....bring it back....we all tired of reality not so reality tv
  • shirleyCountry: usa2013-09-12 01:20:48
    Love this show.....bring it back....we all tired of reality not so reality tv
  • Priscilla AdanCountry: USA2013-09-09 00:35:36
    Love lipstick jungle. Just started it on Netflix and haven't stopped until I was forced to because there aren't any more episodes to watch :(
  • Kary MooreCountry: USA2013-03-01 16:24:29
    Please bring back the show its an awesome show and we need it back! its something different and fun!!
  • Jacqueline PenaCountry: USA2013-02-25 22:51:06
    Please bring the show back it's a new year no shows are anything like this one that are on the air right now! This is an extraordinary show that inspires women! Please bring the show back it will be worth it!
  • Gizelle J PenaCountry: United States2013-02-25 22:45:35
    Please bring back lipstick Jungle I am an aspiring fashion designer from texas that wishes one day to move to New York! I also balance my professional with my personal life and this show was just great! It motivated me to continue with my goals and to never give up!!
  • Brian smithCountry: USA2013-02-20 12:18:28
    Bring back lipstick jungle! None of the actors are on another show and it was the best show ever! The strike hurt the show and it never got a chance to really catch on
  • JadeCountry: Austria 2013-02-03 04:54:31
    Bring them back! It was sich a great show!
  • Kelly AndersonCountry: USA2013-02-01 15:23:02
    I love this show! Please bring back Lipstick Jungle!!
  • shawnCountry: usa2013-01-20 23:49:16
    This show rocks
  • PattyCountry: USA2013-01-09 19:36:50
    I love this show ,I wish thy would bring it back
  • Jayne darganCountry: England2013-01-06 13:22:15
    I used to watch lipstick jungle when It first came out, my two friends told me to watch it (or else!) . I really got into it and Was given the DVD's to watch again for my birthday! Recently my husband downloaded all movies and series from old computer and I stumbled across this fab series again and I'm watching it from the beginning. I really can't understand why this was dropped, it's the new sex and the city which is what was (and still is) needed! This is prob a late submission for this petition but if by some way this reaches the powers that be! Please reconsider and try it again with more advertising (to kick start it again) an i know it will fly! Jayne (I wanna see what happens next) Dargan ;-)
  • Marie louise smithCountry: UK2013-01-04 12:13:07
    Actually devastated. My mum bought me the season one and two boxsets for Christmas.. Ive never watched a series so fast! Literally had the entire two Seasons finished in 2 evenings!! Gutted to discover there's no Third Season. Three incredible Actresses and a great storyline. So nice to see the women with the power for a change! No doubt it was majoritly Males who decided on the axe?! BRING IT BACK!!!! :D :D :D xxxx
  • KatieCountry: United States2012-10-25 17:50:30
    I recently found this tv show on hulu and watched the entire series within a week. I was throughly hooked on the show and believe many other views would feel the same way. Bring it back! Just because people can't always watch during the tv time slot, many do enjoy the show.
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