Lone Star: New FOX Drama Series; Cancel or Keep It?

Lone StarLast night FOX premiered their new drama series about a conman. But, how did Lone Star do in the ratings? Was it a big winner or did viewers feel tricked?

Lone Star revolves around Robert Allen (James Wolk), a man who’s living a double life in order to con investors and swindle an oil tycoon family. The only trouble is, he truly loves both of the women he’s connected to as part of the cons. Others in the series are Jon Voight, Adrianne Palicki, Bryce Johnson, David Keith, Eloise Mumford, and Mark Deklin.

Last night, the new TV show got off to a very poor start in the ratings. Lone Star averaged a meager 1.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic and just 4.1 million viewers. It ranked a distant fourth in both categories.

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The premiere lost more than half of its lead-in audience from House. What’s more, 22% of people who started watching at the beginning of the episode, tuned out halfway through the show. That’s a strong indication that they won’t be back next week. Even if they did, these numbers are terrible.

TV show supportSo, it looks like Lone Star might just be the first cancellation of the new fall season. Unless the ratings have a dramatic turnaround, those who like the show will be lucky if FOX lets all 13 episodes air.

But what did you think? Is Lone Star worth watching? Why aren’t more people watching? Should FOX try to save it or should it just be cancelled already?

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  1. Tim says

    I think this is a great show. It’s about time we finally have something that isn’t all about chasing and killing people, vampires, or dumb reality. It’s nice to have a show that actually entertains and makes you use your brain all at the same time. It’s definitely a nice change from what’s been on TV for a long time now.

    For the person talking about the two wives….1) he doesn’t have two wives…he has 1 wife and 1 girlfriend and doesn’t want to give either up….that’s called a character flaw and in almost any story there will be a character flaw in the main character. 2) Yes, he’s fighting going straight from conning, but doesn’t necessarily want to give in to that on the personal side….that’s called character conflict and once again almost any good story line will have that as well.

    That’s all part of the enjoyment of the story. This is a fictional work, not real life. You want to root for him going straight but you don’t want to because of his background. It creates very compelling drama which is what this show is about.

    It’s just nice to finally see a quality show on TV. I hope Fox realizes that Neilsen, like Arbitron ratings in radio, are very overrated measures of audience…especially given the way Nielsen is distributed (mainly, you have to have a listed phone number in the phone book…cell phones, Voice over IP, etc don’t count, thus you can’t be selected to receive a diary). Not to mention overnight numbers don’t count the people that record and watch later, which is a much bigger part of the viewship these days with DVD recorders and DVRs.

    Bring on the new episodes…I’m ready to see what happens next.

  2. pugmama says

    Keep it. I think it deserves a chance. Love the actors, felt it had tons of potential. Wolk is great. Of course,Voight is always phenomenal.

  3. JC says

    The way the ratings are tallied gives a completely false result. DVR recordings and the general public watching do not count at all. Who thought of this system? Most of the people I know (including myself) recorded Lone Star’s premier and watched it sometime after. Not everyone is home during the primetime TV hours. Many people work a second shift or graveyard hours and are unable to tune in when a show airs. Give this show a chance. Not everyone wants to watch reality TV.

  4. Muzikween says

    I recorded it and watched it. Fastforwarded through some parts because it bored me. I don’t (and I don’t know many women that would either) want to watch a man who keeps 2 wives! NOT an attractive character attribute to the women I know. And what’s even more insane is they are trying to get you to feel empathy toward him! WTH? Really? Oh, but he wants to go straight and get out of the con game….yes, BUT HE STILL HAS TWO WIVES! Maybe this would fly in Salt Lake, but I don’t think the rest of the country is interested! CANCEL IT! Nuff said.

  5. Shannon P. says

    Please don’t cancel this show – it has a great plot and cast, and I am sure it will find it’s way if you let it. Give it a chance!

  6. Sherrie says

    Excellent cast and smart show for TV. I think it will develop a following if you let it, I was so looking forward to seeing it unfold. Don’t cancel it!

  7. Rhoda Barton says

    lone star is a dynamite show–sadly it was up against two and a half men and dancing–both very high rated return shows. This show captures your interest, and should be continued. I am sure it would capture a huge audience, if possibly had a different night. PLEASE DON’ T CANCEL..Give it a chance, and the ratings are sure to go up. Remember how Seinfeld started?

  8. Nevenka says

    The writing team on Lone Star is second-to-none. This was just the pilot, for goodness sake … like watching the first practice session of the US Olympic Men’s Basketball team … all superstars in their own right … and the pilot reflects just the beginning of how this team will come together quickly with brilliant subsequent episodes. GIVE IT A CHANCE, and oh by the way, I never saw ANY marketing for this show in Northern California. I’m a Baby Boomer who wants to care about these characters: the young ones are like our kids, and Voight and Keith are our contemporaries. And bring on Andi McDowell! Expand the market for this show to the Boomers who appreciate clever, smart story arcs that keep us wanting to return every week, and who have deep pockets to attract the right sponsors.

  9. robycop3 says

    Fox should let it run for at least 2 more eps, to judge whether or not it’s gonna build a viewership large enough to retain it. While it’s not a bad show at all, TV is a BUSINESS, & if it doesn’t attract enough viewers to keep the sponsors happy, it should be canned.

  10. Brita says

    This is the best pilot I have seen in a long long long time! I can’t believe that so few people watched it. It reminds me of Friday Night Lights and I love that show so much. I think the story line is fresh and new. I really want to see more and I hope it doesn’t get canceled so soon! Fox should definitely stick with it.

  11. Ashleigh says

    I couldn’t agree more with the comments above. I admit, the pilot wasn’t as engaging as I expected it to be, but it’s a PILOT. I’ve also heard great things about new characters and storylines beginning next week. Without giving anything away, I’ll say that there’s more to Bob’s family with Cat than we saw last night. It WILL get better. Besides, what else does Fox have to fill the time slot right now. Worst case scenario is that FOX pulls the show until “American Idol” begins its run and uses that as it’s lead in (at least that’s what I would do) The show has far too much promise to waste.

  12. Chris says

    The best pilot I’ve seen since “Friday Night Lights”. Solid acting, great writing, beautiful cinematography, and at times it evoked an indie feel. And I almost went into this fall season adding no new scripted dramas to my DVR. Fox has to allow “Lone Star” to get some traction first.

  13. joanna jenkins says

    Fox should stick with the show and let it build an audience. I think the show has potential and the star, James Wolk, is fabulous. Hopefully future shows will get more inside the main character/Bob’s head and the supporting actors (the brothers and wife) will start acting and stop just reading the lines.

    More please!

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