Lone Star: Creator Kyle Killen to Talk About Cancelled Show

lone starOn Sunday, the Austin Film Festival and Conference is hosting a panel about FOX’s Lone Star. Despite many positive reviews, the show was cancelled after two low-rated episodes had aired.

The session will begin with a screening of the pilot episode which will be followed by a discussion with series creator Kyle Killen. He’ll discuss the TV industry, his experiences making the show, and its untimely demise. The panel was scheduled before FOX cancelled Lone Star and Killen expected that the panel would be cancelled as well.

In an interview, Killen said, “I’m as excited as I can be talking about a canceled show. I would love to be at the festival under different circumstances. But I’m excited and bolstered by the enthusiasm on what the show did.”

Killen also noted that he’s still trying to find another outlet for the series and is talking to various cable outlets.

Noah Hawley, the creator of ABC’s recently cancelled My Generation and The Unusuals, is scheduled to appear at the conference on Saturday. He’s scheduled to participate in two panels; “The Business of Writing for Television” and “Showrunners.”

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Todd and Janet says

    We thought we was one of the best new shows to come out. Now that the season is over for all the new shows that it came out with, I can not think of one that had a better story line than Lone Star. The show had so many different directions it could go in. We think with all the possibilities it would not be the same old story told differently every season.

  2. Josh Crawford says

    I really thought the show would be interesting. It seemed like a good show to get into. I know someone mentioned no one wants to watch it post bad economy time, but that kinda helps trigger my interest, because I can relate to modern day times. I hope they bring it back. Give it a chance. Dancing with the stars sucks, infact everything on all the channels suck on tuseday nights. Please network excutives bring a good show back. I have never even googled a show that I noticed wasn’t playing anymore until now. Thanks for listening.

  3. Debbie says

    I really liked Lone Star and found it entertaining. I liked the actors and hope that someone will pick it up so that we can see how the story ends, at least. I hate not knowing the end of a story. I am getting so tired of the reality junk.

  4. Lance says

    I have to agree with Debbie. Lone Star actually had an interesting story. It sucks that it was cancelled and there is so much crap on TV. Hey Fox, why don’t you get rid of Hell’s Kitchen? Why anyone would want to watch that jerk cook yell at everyone is beyond me. That show sucks. How is Lie To Me still on the air? I’d rather watch Real Housewives than half the crap Fox airs and I would rather stab my eyes out than watch Housewives (truly the WORST pieces of crap EVER put on TV, I know it’s not on Fox). Fox should have put Lone Star on a different night to build an audience. Not throw a new show out there against 3 very established shows. Morons.

  5. Tam says

    The show caught my interest! It was refreshing to see something other than “reality” tv…. I really hope there is a way to save the show! I’m anxiously waiting to find out what is going to happen…

  6. Debbie says

    Are you serious Lone Star cancelled?? You pit dozens of new shows up against each other and expect ratings to soar. I thought this would be one of the best shows offered this season but I suppose crap like the Kardasians, Real Housewives etc. is more appealing to the ignorant who think they can mimic these people whose lives they cannot live. Makes me wonder why we watch any Television

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