Longmire, The Glades: TV Series Hit Ratings Highs

Glades and Longmire ratingsIt was a big night for several cable dramas last night. In addition to AMC’s Breaking Bad having it’s most-watched episode, Longmire and The Glades both hit season highs on A&E.

Here’s the cable channel’s press release about the ratings:



NEW YORK, NY – July 16, 2012 – A&E’s new original scripted drama series “Longmire” was watched by a record 4.5 million total viewers on Sunday, July 15 at 10:00PM ET/PT. This marked the most-watched premiere episode for the freshman series in its seventh week, against increased competition in the scripted landscape. “Longmire” grew by 10% over the previous week’s 4.1 million viewers.

The seventh episode of season three of “The Glades” at 9:00PM ET/PT was watched by a season best 3.4 million viewers, up 6% from 3.2 million last week.

New episodes of “The Glades” and “Longmire” air every Sunday on A&E at 9:00PM and 10:00PM ET/PT, respectively.

“Longmire” is produced by Warner Horizon Television. Hunt Baldwin (“The Closer,” “Trust Me”) and John Coveny (“The Closer,” “Trust Me”) wrote the project and serve as executive producers along with Greer Shephard (“The Closer,” “Nip/Tuck”) and Michael M. Robin (“The Closer,” “Nip/Tuck”).

“The Glades” is produced by Fox Television Studios for A&E Network. The series executive producers are Clifton Campbell (“White Collar,” “Profiler,” “21 Jump Street”) for Innuendo Productions, Inc. and Gary Randall (“Saving Grace”) for Grand Productions, Inc. The series is created by Clifton Campbell.

What do you think? Werte you watching either of these shows last night? Does it surprise you that they’re doing well?

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  1. Dory says

    Something I’ve had a nagging little feeling about. Carlos has always been my Glades crush, Jim sort of younger man crush. Lately I’ve been getting the vibe thatb maybe Carlos and Manus are not so keen on Callie. I’ve noted Carlos never makes any postings on Kiele/Callie but does on others (who shall go unmentioned) Also Jordan but who cares). Could there be something there. Kiele probably could have used a kind word in view of some personal conflict. Only my opinion and if I’m being overprotective of Callie excuse me but she is my favorite.

  2. Dory says

    Suggestion for glades. The director(s) seems not to know how to direct the guest actors. Try a new one. I liked the mike ogletree ep. Maybe bringing back some of the actors from season 1 would be in order. There were some real good ones.

  3. Dory says

    Is Matt Passmore kidding me? Just when I think I’m done with The Glades, he turns in a stellar performance on the season finale. This fine actor along with Kiele Sanchez has kept this show going. i seldom would cry at a cable show but I was misty when he proposed to Callie. (I understand Matt had some training with Shakespere). Please keep this show on. Let the cast develop Jim, Callie, Carlos, Colleen, Jeff and Daniel. NFN, but if Matt has a love interest in real life, she’s one luckey gal.

  4. Dory says

    I recommended Longmire to my pickey lawyer cousin. He loved it. Miracles do happen. Also so sorry for the many Glades fans who are writing in, so anxious about the Sun nite finale. I have not been reading posts for a long time, but have never seen anything like it. Mostly in support of Callie. IMHO all leads me to believe they’ll getting rid of her. Very sad and don’t know where this will lead the show.

  5. Dory says

    Friday Aug. 10th Longmire continues to entertain, even in reruns. There is continuity and common sense. The hula balu over the glades promo for the last ep is really astounding. Its over, no changing it now. Some faceless guy named Dave teases with “possible season 4″, “happy ending”, so far nothing he has written has happened. Why now? In 2 days we will know the fate of Callie,possible romance for Jim & Jen. Chill, if these promos upset you turn them off. They don’t give any clues to the outcome. The writing has been going south since season 2. I expect anything can happen and don’t think the Bc was brought on for nothing. Bad acting means nothing as witnessed in season2.

  6. Dory says

    I watched reruns of Longmire Mon Aug 6. Even though I watched them 1st run I watched every minute. I am so hooked on this guy and his sexy voice. As for the Glades the “tension” is almost over. I wish Longmire was on another channel so I wouldn’t have to click off those sad promos. If next season Callie is on I’ll give it a try. Long way off. If they choose BC I,m done. Of course 1 little fan won’t be missed.

  7. Dory says

    twice burned season 4 shy. No more. Jen & Jim will probably be an item and Callie blamed for their breakup. I might be a little more unhappy if not for Longmire. Really great, makes sense. Ou little group have dropped Glades and will watch Longmire.

  8. dory says

    The promos for Longmire are pretty up front. Love the show, love Walt. Bringing in an attractive lady who has a crush is a nice touch. Who wouldn’t have a crush on him. The glades not so up front . It’s becoming A big WHO CARES. I still really care what happens to my dear Callie. I won’t watch the last 2 eps. I’m sure I’ll hear or read about them.

  9. Dory says

    I have a problem hearing some of Jen’s dialouge. I have perfect hearing, I canhear every one else. I don’t know if she garbles her words. Not that I much of Glades and NFN just curious. Maybe the audio guys should check it. I’m sure they won’t mind.

  10. Dory says

    For those who still don’t know “Be my Baby ” (the song in final scene of Glades July 22) written by Phil Specter 1963 recorded by The Ronettes lead singer Ronnie Specter Phil’s wife at the time. Nice to end with one of the most popular song of the era. The show was one of the worse I’ve seenon Glades July 22. Lucky it was followed by an excellent Longmire. OMG what are they doing????

  11. Dory says

    I agree with Raz. Longmire is really a great view. As for Glades. Let them post their tease on ep synopsis. Sexy woman for Jim. Get it over with guys because who cares. Its getting childish.

  12. Raz says

    I’m not surprised Longmire is doing as well as it is. TV is long over due for a good Western. The series is well written and thoughtful in its presentation.

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