Lost: Still Have Questions after the Finale? Well, There’s More!

Lost extended finaleWith six seasons of mythology and mysteries, we’re bound to still have some lingering questions even after the M*A*S*H-sized finale has been aired and digested. Lost executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have promised a true ending to the TV show but that doesn’t mean that everyone will feel completely satisfied.

Lindelof told TV Guide, “I wish that we could say that the finale is going to be enormously definitive… We found that when we told people that we’ve got definitive answers coming, it’s not as definitive as the fans want it to be, therefore there’s this ongoing and vociferous debate about what things mean.”

“All we can say is: Lost is only ending once,” he continued. “There’s only one finale. There’s not a question mark at the end of the end. There’s not a dot, dot, dot. This is our story and it’s over. Hopefully there’s going to be a lot of interpretation in its wake.”

If you’re one of those people who aren’t completely satisfied or want more of the story, there’s still a bit more to come. TV Guide Magazine reports that there will be an additional 20 minutes or so of the last episode included on the season six DVD set.

Their source says that production is still being finalized so there’s not an exact running time for the new scenes and that, “Damon and Carlton wanted to offer fans answers to additional questions they couldn’t get to in the body of the final show.”

The season six DVD set will also apparently sport “some pretty spectacular packaging” as well. The DVD and Blu-ray sets are scheduled for August 24th releases. The complete series will be released on that date as well.

What do you think? Do you expect to be satisfied by the ending? Is the extra footage enough enticement to purchase the DVD set?

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  1. CF says

    I too was not exactly happy with the ending. I wanted more answers. I get the purgatory explanation but I don’t understand why their purgatory lives were different to their actual story. It could have easily been a purgatory where the island never existed or they had never landed on the island and yet fate still brought them together. That would have been more satisfying. I do know that bringing everyone dead & alive back together (however the explanation) was the only way they could give a “happy” ending to the series & the fans.

  2. Dan says

    The fact there are still people asking about the Polar Bears is the reason some people will NEVER get all the answers…in fact, I’d say if they’re still asking the most obvious questions, they don’t deserve the answers.

    Go back and watch the series a bit more closely next time…this time you should start paying attention to the story and spend a little less of your attention searching for the answers. The funny thing is that living your life and stop wasting it trying to find all the answers is one of the themes of Lost.

    The sideways universe can be almost ANYTHING. It could have been born from Jughead going off. We know that Island Desmond traveled there and then came back. We know that there were things going on in that world beyond Jack’s own sphere. Have these people been leading an Island free existence from the beginning of their lives in this universe? Or did the universe start from flight Oceanic 815? There are so many questions to be asked based on what we’ve witnessed.

    This means maybe we need to go back and watch Flashes Before Your Eyes and figure out whether Desmond went back within his own time or maybe he was in the sideways universe even back then.

    Thats just the start…there are so many things revealed within this last season that can shed a little more light on earlier episodes.

    • sarah says

      if desmond went to the sideways universe back then…. then he would have been dead and therefore would be calling a dead penny? She wouldn’tve been able to send her boat out there to look for them if she was dead. He was going back in time back then. I think there was nothing revealed this season that could shed light on earlier episodes. that’s why I’m dissapointed. I was all ready to go back and watch all the episodes to see what i missed, but now the finale only really explained and tied up the sideways universe. It didn’t explain what side widmore was on…or what the island was..or anything like that… and why ben couldn’t kill widmore but he could kill his daughter… and why the MIB turned into the smoke monster because he went near that light… but nobody else turned into the smoke monster…i expected jack to because he ended up in the same place as the smoke monster did when he died..but.he didn’t..and why the woman..nevermind..so many questions

  3. Theshamrockking says

    Ok so i have read all of the posts here and realy i like all of the thoughts that everyone is bringing to the table but i just have to say to maybe help a few people i remember saying to my self in season 1 wow they realy gave this the right name i am totaly “lost” i dont think anyone was ever supposed to understand fully the show and i liked that also right when the show ended and jack closed his eye my very first thought was wow i love how they did this show all the way till the last second of the show you still stay “lost” yea we can come up with our own answers to fill our lives with what we want any answer we feel right about but i like to believe that the show was a show a very great show that touched all of us in our own way as for hidden meanings we can all look for the hidden meaning but i think everyone makes there own including the producers thats what makes a great show. Have a great life and “move on” to something elese try another show maybe whatever makes you feel the same way.

  4. Jeff says

    When I first watched the ending I was very unsatisfied. The entire time I was looking for answers and never got them. I was promised the answer to everything and, even though I knew that wasn’t going to happen, I waited patiently for the answers. What is the island? How did it come into being? Why could some characters see or sense dead people? Why are some dead people still trapped on the island, like Michael? Why did they have to go back to the island? What exactly was Dharma trying to find out? Why did Eliose not want Desmond to help everyone who was dead? Why/how could Jacob leave the island? What exactly were Jacob’s rules? Why couldn’t they be broken? What did Juliette mean by saying “It worked”?(I could go on forever). All these unanswered questions made me believe I just wasted so much of my life watching this show.
    Then I watched the last 10 minutes all over again, knowing that nothing was going to be explained besides what the alternate universe was, and I thought it was great. I think the reason many people weren’t satisfied was that the creators promised us something and lied about it, which left us viewers expecting something that was never going to come. The whole point of the last episode was just to end the show, not answer questions and not tie up loose ends. The show was never about answering questions. Therefore, if fans can come to that realization and be happy with it, the ending is fantastic and very heart warming.

  5. The Laughing Calf says

    I have to admit as a light TV watcher, it’s rare I get hooked like I did with Lost. It meant a lot for me. I think the ending was reasonable but left too many things unanswered. My thoughts are that possibly they were dead when they crashed. The island was a symbol of purgatory. They had the flash sideways (maybe dreams of some sort) in order to move on with mistakes they made. At the point that they were able to move on they then ‘died’ again on the island i.e Jack dying at the end. But that leaves too many contradictions i.e Lock being killed off the island and his body later turning up on the island. Makes no sense the more I write this.

    To the poster about the polar bears. I believe it was revealed they were part of the dharma experiments.

    I have many Questions
    Remember early on when it was said that the wreckage was found in the bottom of the ocean as if to cover up that they crashed. Why?
    Dharma? It almost suggests to me that the island is a real and actual place. The people did crash there and were surviving. However nothing can explain the flash backs/sideway/forwards. More confused than ever!

  6. James says

    Wow, so they were all dead? That was disappointing!!!!! So many questions i wanted to be answered i guess thats why i’m disappointed. I guess i understand now why even when they left the island they all came back. It kinds of explains PURGATORY. The thing that i still dont understand is WHY DID IT LOOK AS IF KATE,SWAYER,CLAIRE & OTHERS SURVIVED & WERE STILL ALIVE???? Only reason i can come up with is like Jack’s Father said “Everyone dies Jack, some sooner, others later.”

  7. Lollipop says

    I don’t understand. I thought Kate, Sawyer, Claire etc. were alive! And now they and everyone else is dead and they’re all like going to heaven together? WHAT? I’m not sure if i have this right.

      • Sara says

        I think people didn’t listen to Jack’s father closely enough; he explained this concept ^ quite clearly. Usually I have problems with confusion and shows but I felt the way they did this was quite clear.

  8. DHarvell says

    @ADMIN – First off, allow me to thank you for the reply. Any site where the admin(s) interact with the rest of us gets a thumbs up! As for the final image of Oceanic 815’s remains (with not a hint of a previous camp in the area) – perhaps, I might have to get the final season on Blu-Ray, after all. Maybe the extra 20 minutes included on the disc may fill in some of the blanks that remain.

  9. says

    Didn’t like the somewhat sappy “moving on all together” element, could have stripped out the whole Season 6 purgatory/sideways world component and ended it with the real-time “live” action that played out. Great drama is based on placing ordinary people in extraordinary situations and seeing how they react. Lost did that perhaps better than any other TV series, I just don’t think they needed to pile on the other stuff.

    • says

      @Donnie the Lion: I think that was done for our benefit, to give something of a happy ending to the story. Otherwise, we’d be left with just a handful of these characters (that we’ve grown to love) as survivors and never see the others again. More realistic perhaps but not very pleasant.

  10. DHarvell says

    Okay, if they were NOT dead from the moment of the crash, can anybody explain the final scene where they show the wreckage of the jet… with not even a hint of a camp being anywhere? That left me feeling like NONE of it even ever happened. Or am I putting too much into that final image?

    • says

      @DHarvell: I think you’re putting too much into the final images. If you look closely, you’ll see that it was the wreckage of Oceanic 815, what was left of it anyway. It happened (in the context of the show of course).

    • sarah says

      Watch it again, this time look at the sand. You can see footprints all around it. It was just showing the wreckage and that everything was real.

  11. Hannah says

    Ok so I was pretty gutted at the ending. I have spent 6 years following this show and I feel there are so so so so many things that haven’t been explained. I didn’t quite understand the ending until I read lots of posts and explanations. I believe that their whole time was real and as others have said the flash sideways were a method for them to ‘move on’. I also think the reason that Miles etc (characters from the freiter) weren’t there is becuase they did not crash on the island with the original losties. I also think Ben wasn’t there becuase he has not fully atoned for what he has done. He may have done good things but he has killed a great many people (Locke, Whitmore etc) and he allowed his daughter to be killed.
    However there are so many other thnings that were left. Why are there Polar bears there? How was it that Jacob was able to travel to the different parts of each of the losties lives? What does it mean to be ‘like me now’? I just feel that as much as there was a symbolic meaning for the finale of the show the writers majorly let us down by not answering more of the mysteries they chose to create in the first place!!!!

  12. Joe Cornett says

    To be sure there are many unanswered questions and there will always be unanswered questions about “Lost”, yet here we are, personally i feel there has never been nor will there be again, such an Epic Show, its cast , and writers were fated to bring to the world this deeper Story of struggle and ultimately redemption of the Human Soul. To sum it up i think Christain Sheppard put it quite precisely when he said, “Everyone dies Jack, some sooner, others later,” to all those involved in bringing this Epic Story to the world , I salute you all, and thank you.

  13. Amanda says

    I only have a few seconds, but I just want to get it out of my system: I HATED the finale. I thought it was a fifth grade ending to an Ivy League story. Why couldn’t Juliette’s final words of “It worked” really have been true? They could have all come to the realization in their alternate-future lives and celebrated that they made it back to the real world. Instead it was like: How about this? Well, how about this? No, how about this? Never mind – we’re dead.

  14. I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. says

    When Lindeloff and Cuse said that they were not in purgatory, I suppose they meant that the Losties were not in purgatory in the sense that they were waiting for judgment. However, THEY WERE IN PURGATORY. The flash sideways were ways for them to work through the things that were unfinished until they could LET GO and move forward.
    I don’t know how I feel about the fact that the major questions – what is the island, why were they there, what’s the deal with Widmore, etc – being totally glossed over. Either the wheels fell completely off somewhere around season 3, and ignoring all those loose ends was the only way to make any sense of it all. Or Lindeloff and Cuse brilliantly were trying to make the statement that, no matter what happens in life, love and the ones you cherish are all that matter in the end. I can’t decide.
    Either way, it’s over.

  15. seking says

    So, they were dead from the minute they hit the island. Everyone knew that. The ones that “died” before or after the crash just “moved on” in their own sweet time. The ones that were left to the very end had the most “unfinished business”. Maintaining an island of unfinished business being the ultimate in unfinished business anyone could ever have.

    To those who abandoned the show long ago, be happy that you moved on. To those who clawed and clinged onto life patiently watching Lost and waiting until the very end hoping that something will be explained and end your unfinished business, face it, you are dead. Move on.

    • says

      @seking: No, they weren’t dead the whole time. The producers have consistently said that the characters weren’t dead or in purgatory and they weren’t. The time on the island was real. The flash-sideways was a place for them to exist after they’d died until they were all ready to move on together.

      • Shreela says

        “The flash-sideways was a place for them to exist after they’d died until they were all ready to move on together.”

        That almost makes sense, except: Why did Jack’s flash-sideways have him and Juliette having a teenage son, that post-op Locke told Jack he didn’t have a son? If Jack and Juliette really did have a son, it would have been many years before the flight, but he didn’t know her when they met on the island. And they couldn’t have had a child together had Jack left the island still alive, for Juliette was killed when she set off the bomb.

        As far as ending it with being in purgatory, or they all died soon after the crash and had to work through personal issues while in a death-dream, I could buy it had they done it differently. But IMO, the flash-sideways were just extremely annoying macguffins — tricks to keep us watching until a set date.

        “The time on the island was real.”

        Then they should have addressed move viewer questions about the island’s mysteries, even if done slowly over the last half of the final season. At least they addressed the smoke monster, but that’s not enough IMO.

        • says

          @Shreela: Jack and Juliette didn’t really have a son, just as Locke said. It was seemingly their way to work out some of their “stuff” in the afterlife (purgatory if you prefer) until they were all ready to move on. We saw Jack work out his daddy issues. If Juliet had been on the show more this season we would have seen her work some stuff out.

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