Louie: FX Series Renewed for Season Two

Louie tv showAt the FX portion of the TCA press tour, it was announced that Louie was being renewed for a second season.

The single-camera comedy is a mixture of Louis C.K.’s stand-up comedy and his life as a newly single father of two daughters, living together in New York City.

Louie debuted on June 29th and the first season is scheduled to conclude on September 14th. FX has once again ordered 13 episodes and they’re expected to air next summer, as a companion to the final episodes of Rescue Me.

What do you think? Are you glad to hear that Louie has been renewed? Will you be tuning in?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Anonymous says

    I think Louie should explore of raising city children and his family life. I loved the playdate episode, how he rushes to school and the season’s start/finish with a touching moment eating breakfast with his kids. There has to be more to raising city kids that he could tap into as a comedian. I think Louie is missing a whole story line of good material of raising children as a single dad in the city.

  2. Anonymous says

    I think the show is fantastic. I read one reviewer comparing it to Seinfeld. This person is crazy. It owe’s nothing to Seinfeld. It is far darker and honest than Seinfeld could ever be. I am looking forward to season 2.

  3. Daniel says

    Actually I finally found a comedian and a show that can be iconic to me. Some shows have flaws being not realistic, some comedians are rude, unattractive and simply not funny sometimes. Louis C.K. is a hero of mine. We are alike in so many ways. Just how he behaves and handles the life itself has just changed my life a bit. Louie, man, if you magically read this stupid comments, just know that you are beyond awesome. You are just perfect. Your comedy and style is totally MY THING. And I don’t give a **** about what anyone says and you shouldn’t also. Go forward. Good Luck.

  4. says

    This show is great. If you don’t like it your probably not smart enough to get the humor. Go watch Jersey Shore which requires no IQ.

  5. Robert says

    I can’t wait for a new season. The 21 minutes of each episode seem to go by too quickly. The struggle of the unattractive middle-aged male in NYC should be fertile comedic ground for years to come.

  6. arbutus1440 says

    Not everyone has to like this show, but to compare it to Seinfeld is inanity. I LOVE this show, and it doesn’t even remotely resemble Seinfeld, which was also awesome in its day, but not nearly as dark or as heartfelt. To call this show a flop is to self-identify as a buffoon. Go watch some Two and a Half Men.

    This is the most honest show on television, bar none. If you want to laugh at “life’s little foibles,” then this isn’t your show, unless you can bear to wade through the nuggets of genius to get to the crowd-pleasing funny stuff. It’s dark, it’s funny, it’s depressing, it’s heartrending, it’s hilarious. You need a heart and a stomach to appreciate this show–either that or maybe you need to live in New York (which I don’t).

    I am ecstatic that this show has been renewed.

  7. Iconoclastist says

    The story of the average 40 year old North American male can be summed up in one word: ALIENATION.

    I not only enjoy and respect Louie CK’s work, but I completely identify with this show. Louis CK is creating a kind of alienation/discomfort comedy genre not unlike the unique genre of jazz that Miles Davis created beyond the club music and be-bop scene. You don’t know exactly what you’re going to hear, sometimes it grooves along, other times it is dark and hard to bear; and you certainly don’t know what you’re going to hear in the course of 22 minutes when you start the ‘track.’

    I can appreciate the comparison to the Seinfeldian Nothingism that certainly must be an inspiration, but an important difference is Seinfeld had a group of losers identifying with each other in their relative alienation from That which they perceived as their world.

    Louie has friends and relations, but the show’s bullet is the sense of struggle this 40 year old North American Male endures daily as he is engulfed within and and just simply survives through an empty, vapid culture. He abides society as one tolerates a line into a movie or a ride, but his line isn’t to get in, its a line to get OUT… and Louie seems to get by because he seems to be ignoring the hype of ‘americanism’ and looking over the crowd’s heads towards the exit sign.

    I mean, jeez… Jerry, George, and Kramer may have been neurotic, but they seemed to have no trouble getting dates and subsequently laid; and Elaine…..well, call her for what she was…. a ****. The joke of Louie’s plodding attempts at relating is the reality of how completely abhorrent most people in North America actually are.

    Nice Job Louie. Eat a slice with no guilt on me… Illegitimus non carborundum est.

  8. supercrone says

    I’m having trouble believing there were actually 13 episodes of Louie…seems like it just started and it’s over already. I’m delighted that it has been renewed…I think it’s the funniest, most intelligent dark comedy to come along since the first few seasons of Nip/Tuck. The finale was the best argument for atheism I’ve ever seen; the horrifying brainwashing of children in religious schools was depicted in hilariously sickening detail. Bravo, Louie!

  9. Roger Dodger says


    Why are you surprised?
    You’ve found an easy ‘in’ by comparing it to Seinfeld, and you’re dismissing it on what I think is an unfair comparison.
    I loved Seinfeld, but Louie is no ‘show about nothing’.

    “Good comedy is borne of tragedy”

    Unless you’re easily offended, you should give it a watch.
    It may come off as crass, but if you’re willing to look a little deeper you may find there’s real depth too.

  10. DNW says

    I love this show…but, it is not suitable for commercial TV. In last week’s episode, about a heckler, numerous words were bleaped out. This spoiled the show, and would NOT have been the case with Lucky Louie, which was on pay TV. Nonetheless, I would not miss an episode.

  11. Lisa says

    For all the fabulously funny hype and commercials leading up to the show, the show itself was a flop in my opinion. Too Seinfeldian without the Seinfeld timing and cast, I’m surprised it’s renewed. I didn’t stay to watch the second half of the first show.

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