Love Bites: Star Becki Newton on Cancelled TV Series

Love Bites canceled Becki NewtonLast year, when NBC announced Love Bites, it was a show that the network had a lot of faith in. Unfortunately, it seemed like everything that could go wrong for the TV series did.

For one, co-star Jordan Spiro was still committed to My Boys on TBS. Though it seemed clear that that show was going to be cancelled, the cable channel wouldn’t admit it and Spiro had to drop out of Love Bites. Then, series creator Cindy Chupack reduced her position from showrunner to consultant because she was expecting a baby.

Co-star Becki Newton also became pregnant and that necessitated some changes to her character because a key part of the pilot was that Annie was a virgin. Newton was happy about the change though and recently told Vulture, “I don’t think that could have played out for long. There’s not a lot of room. It would have become all about who she’s going to lose her virginity to, and then when that happens, it would be over. We used some of that idea for Cassie [played by Krysten Ritter], who pretends she’s a virgin. But happily, my pregnancy opened up the character of Annie.”

Though the now-cancelled show wasn’t a ratings success for NBC, Newton says that she and others associated with Love Bites are very proud of their work.

There isn’t a traditional series finale but Newton says that’s okay. “This is what was great and complicated about the show. Every episode stood alone, and it was never meant to have an arc throughout show with a culmination.”

That’s not to say that the actress wouldn’t have liked to see how her character’s story progressed. Newton notes that, had the show continued, Annie would have realized that having the baby gave her a purpose and that she was very attached to the infant. Newton also said, “If the show had more time to explore the characters, how she related with her sister after the birth would have been the kind of relationship I don’t think has been on TV before.”

What do you think? Would you liked to have seen how Annie’s story progressed? What were your favorite stories from Love Bites?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Jim says

    NBC executives complain that they don’t have enough equity in the market. How are they going to get enough equity. They cancel great shows like Love bites and bring in horrible one like “Friends with Benefits”. Love bites would have made them great and good money with all the reruns and word of mouth propaganda.

  2. Meredith says

    I enjoyed the characters, and it was very well written. Too bad it got cancelled just when some of us were getting addicted. Have a little more faith NBC – this was one of the good shows.

  3. Rebecca says

    It was a funny, sweet show. I liked each episode. I knew it was only going to get one season, the way NBC pushed it to the summer like they did. Same will happen with tonight’s premiering “Friends With Benefits,” unless some new shows in the fall tank and get canceled…hence FWB or even Love Bites could come back and replace them. But I still wasn’t prepared for the last episode to be the very last episode. I assume Becki’s character would eventually wind up with the guy who keeps looking for her (now that he broke up with his “not meant to be” girlfriend). But anyway, it was nice to see something new in the summer on a regular network besides Marriage Ref (which I enjoy). The only other shows I’m following this summer are Drop Dead Diva and Hot in Cleveland and I have to watch both of those online after they air since I don’t have cable. I’m hoping Friends With Benefits will hold my interest, but otherwise that’s it for me until the fall season starts.

  4. Annebell Larsson says

    I love this show!!! It just started airing in Sweden and its My new favorit show!
    Seems iditotic to cansel à show like this while crap shows like
    Smallwille got to go on for ever..

    Fire the people who made the decission to cansel it :(

  5. Francesca says

    How sad! Love Bites was a truly well written, well acted, and lovely show. The recurring and changing characters were all charming and portrayed the many conventional and unconventional relationships and aspects of love. It is such a shame that NBC did such a poor, nearly non-exisitent job of promoting this show. Maybe another network my do or would have done a better job of broadcast management or pormoting this show and would have given it at least a fighting chance. Loved Constance, Greg, and Becki’s characters so much!

  6. Carole says

    Who makes these decisions to cancel good shows. Love Bires was smart and funny. First show since Friends that I really looked forward to seeing each week.

  7. nick says

    I loved the show and hated to see it cancelled. I loved how the stories always intertwined and liked all of the charaters. each segment was different but always connected in the end. I’ll miss the show

  8. Christina says

    I’m really upset that this show was cancelled. I don’t feel like it was given a fair chance or proper promotion. How can you judge ratings for a show during the summer? This show was funny and captivating, the only show this summer that I looked forward to watching every week. Give it a chance!

  9. JESSICA W. says

    I didn’t realize until tonight that Love Bites got canceled! I really loved this show; it was definitely the most unique new one I have seen in a while. I have a 9 month old daughter so I don’t get to watch so when I do, I am very picky about what I choose. I loved how there were different stories in each episode and how they were sectioned out. I also liked how all the characters would just show up randomly (sometimes not so random) in sections that weren’t directly about them. It was a good way to keep all the characters personal stories connected in some way so it didn’t seem like it jumped from story to story too much. I also liked how there wasn’t a specific story, we may see their lives going by but the story was about the little events in life that are more important than we think at the time. Out of all the shows that I have watched (pre-baby I actually got to watch TV) this show had the MOST talented and perfectly picked cast, it was truly UNIQUE and I will certainly miss it! Anyways; congratulations to Ms. Cindy Chupack and Ms. Becki Newton on your pregnancies/new babies! You both did a wonderful job on Love Bites! The rest of the cast was great also and I am hoping the creators of this show can get together again and either continue this in the future or make something else I can replace Love Bites with! I LOVED this show and now that it’s canceled it really BITES!! :)

  10. Kayla keller says

    This was a true and brilliant show. I am very sad to see such a poor effort at making this work, much like the stories sometimes life doesn’t go to plan, so adapt and “make it work”! Maybe the writers will find a network that can do a better job.

  11. David says

    Frankly I thought that Love Bites was a pretty cool show and yeah, I would have liked to have seen how Annie’s story progressed. I liked her character and all the supporting characters in her section of the show. The Venice Beach characters were pretty cool as well but Annie and her group were the centre of it for me. Kind of like Friends but oddly better. Cheers

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