Love Bites: NBC TV Series Cancelled, No Season Two

Love Bites canceled no season twoAfter many bumps in the road, NBC finally got around to airing Love Bites, an anthology-style comedy that’s a bit reminiscent of Love, American Style. Unlike the latter, this one didn’t even last a full season. Love Bites has already been cancelled.

When NBC ordered the Love Bites in January 2010, it was supposed to revolve around two single women named Annie (Becki Newton) and Frannie (Jordana Spiro). Their friends had all gotten married so they were left to explore the ups and downs of the single life. Unfortunately, Spano was still committed to another series (TBS’ My Boys) and she had to bow out of the project after NBC gave a greenlight. As expected, TBS subsequently cancelled My Boys.

The show underwent further changes when Newton became pregnant since her character had been a virgin. Episodes of the comedy ended up revolving around a common theme or character and somehow related to Annie (Newton), Judd (Greg Grunberg) and Colleen (Constance Zimmer).

Showrunner Cindy Chupack departed, was replaced by Tracy Poust and Jon Kinnally, and the series was pushed to mid-season. Love Bites was delayed again and in December it was revealed that the episode order had been reduced from 13 to nine installments. Some of the cast signed on to other projects.

Love Bites finally ended up premiering on June 2nd to a truly disappointing 1.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 2.64 million total viewers. The next week’s installment did about the same which would have been positive except the debut did so poorly. As the weeks have progressed, the ratings have dipped even lower. The worst performance so far has been June 30th’s with a 0.7 demo rating and 1.86 million viewers — truly terrible.

The show was already doomed well before it began airing but the ratings sealed the deal for sure. NBC has cancelled Love Bites and will end the show’s run this Thursday. One episode (the pilot) will be left unaired, replaced by a repeat of Law & Order: SVU. Unfortunately for the few who watched the troubled series, there are no current plans to release the unaired pilot of Love Bites online or anywhere else.

What do you think? Are you sorry that Love Bites has been cancelled? Would liked to have seen a second season?

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  1. Anonymous says

    WTH NBC?! I adore this series and am so sad to see it go. The only thing that sucks phenomenally more than this show ending was NBC’s *stellar* job of promoting the series…A friend mentioned this show and it shocked me that i’d never heard of it but then spent every week trying to figure out exactly when it was airing in the first place! If it wasn’t of OnDemand I probably would have missed this all together. This is just one more example of why i don’t get “attached” to shows that air on NBC…

  2. Mello says

    I really liked this show, It was funny without being cheesy, and the actors all meshed well together. Plus, it was the only show like that going on right now. I’m going to stop watching NBC all together. I already cut ABC from my line up. These Networks need to get it together.

  3. FER says

    SAD DAY. I just so the 8th episode….. and the first 7 episodes in 2 days (Raining all day in Spain lately…. I think it is one of the best shows I have ever seen.. with no dead bodies, mutilations or crime scene investigator or hospital shows. Great stories and dialogues… and beautiful women by the way…so diverse… so unpredictable. I hope they reconsider.

  4. Jeremy says

    I really enjoyed Love Bites and DVRed every episode after seeing a preview for it on NBC. I enjoyed the anthology format with different storylines and guest stars. I’m also a big fan of Love, American Style. Love Bites definitely grew on me with each new episode and there were some very funny moments and funny dialogue. I will miss it and I hope it comes to DVD with some interesting bonus features.

  5. Tammy Moore says

    I am so sad they cancelled this show just as my friends were starting to watch it! The writing was REAL, they took on everyday situations that nobody could put into words. Love bites, Arrested Development, Life on Mars – all shows that were apparently way before their time – so so sad!

  6. Sonja deBord says

    I am so bummed it’s not continuing – it has lots of potential! It is continually getting better and I am sad another good comedy is ending without being given a chance – especially since it was brought in during the summer – that’s not fair!

  7. Dwatcher says

    So sorry to see this show go. One of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time. I am so tired of “reality” tv and tv that is just crap. This was something different and it’s a shame that NBC didn’t get behind it. Would be great to see another network pick it up.

  8. Monica says

    I’m so sick and tired of all of the good programs being cancelled! I’m going to miss Love Bites; they have awesome actors!!!

  9. MMJ says

    I’m sad to see this go. This turned out to be one of my favorite shows of the season—one I wasn’t sure would be good when I read the premise. I love Becki Newton and Greg Grunberg (who is a pretty good comic actor). Plus, Matt Long is very easy on the eyes.

    I liked how characters and stories were woven around one another. It wasn’t a big group of friends, but people whose paths crossed because they were friends or co-workers, but they all had a circle of relationships outside of that.

    It was a very clever and very cute show with likable characters and actors I enjoyed watching. [Maybe, she said knowing it wouldn’t happen, another network will give it a try. It would be perfect for Lifetime.]

  10. sassafran says

    So sorry to see yet another of “my” shows cancelled. I discovered it by accident, had no idea it existed (go NBC, brill promotional campaign) and was able to watch the first 4 episodes online in a mini-marathon. Loved it! Was thrilled to find it! So I set up the system to record my new favorite show – OBVIOUSLY it was now doomed. Keep up the good work NBC; continue with the idiot reality shows and tired Law & Orders, a show I once enjoyed, but is now way past its expiration date. Love Bites was fresh, very funny and relateable, with great characters and surprising guest stars. Very unhappy to read the cancellation news.

  11. Kirsten says

    Yet ABC family shows with bad acting and lame lines survive… I loved this show. I love how they had different stories all thrown together, but they were all related somehow (reminds me a little in the way it was set up like Pulp Fiction) and because of that I have to say it’s too bad true art isn’t appreciated until after it’s gone.

  12. Laura says

    I am sorry to see it go. I thought it was reminiscent of Love American Style. Would love to see what happens with Annie and Matt. I think the networks have to stop relying on Nielsen for ratings, as Neilsen has no idea how many people watch shows on recording or on You have to watch the show at the time it airs – who does that?
    I record everything I watch and watch it from the recording just so I can skip the commercials.

  13. Tinker Merriweather says

    I’m puzzled by all the negativity. I never knew any of the troubled history, I just discovered it as it aired and I thought it was completely charming. I liked the writing and I thought the chemistry of the cast especially between Judd and Colleen characters was sparkly. I’ll miss this show a lot. Hard to believe they cancel this and leave some of the other total crap out there alone. Stupid. Disappointing.

  14. Wakener says

    I’m sad to see it go. I was a fan of Love, American Style when it was airing, and I thought Love Bites had the potential to be even better with the stories having connections to the three characters. Not to mention that I just adore Constance Zimmer, and have always enjoyed Greg Grunberg–even in the last season of Heroes. I never knew the history of the series; I just watched as episodes aired. Given the background, this is not a surprise, but given the content, it’s a shame. Add another to the Brilliant-But-Cancelled list.

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