Love Bites

Love Bites TV showNetwork: NBC
Episodes: Nine, including unaired pilot (hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: June 2, — July 21, 2011
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Becki Newton, Constance Zimmer, and Greg Grunberg.

love bites past TV show

TV show description:
A romantic comedy anthology series that features three loosely-connected stories about love, sex, marriage, and dating. Each of the vignettes feature guest stars but are somehow connected to at least one of the show’s three regular characters.

Annie Matopoulos (Becki Newton) is a young single girl from New York City who’s looking for “Mr. Right” — or more specifically, “Mr. Right Now.” She takes on the incredible task of serving as a surrogate for her sister and ends up using it to meet guys.

Colleen (Constance Zimmer) is happily married to easy-going Judd Rouscher (Greg Grunberg). The couple live in Venice Beach, California, next door to their gay friends Drew and Kyle. Judd owns a tattoo parlor, isn’t as fearless as he he’d like you to and has a soft-spot for Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Series Finale:     
Episode Nine — Modern Plagues
“Bad in Bedbugs:” After an initial misunderstanding over banana bread (in a previous episode), Annie’s co-worker Jodie (guest Michelle Trachtenberg) has decided to move in with her new flame, Charlie (guest Bret Harrison). Their domestic bliss is quickly interrupted when they realize they have a bedbug infestation, throwing a wrench in their “togetherness” plans. They have to move out while the place is treated and go to a hotel. They get kicked out of there when the management discovers the bugs have followed them. After wandering the streets, frustrated Charlie chooses to return home. Jodie believes this is a sign that she rushed into their arrangement — until Annie offers her a place to stay. Recognizing that she has options, Jodie realizes that she wants to be with Charlie and returns to him.

“I Was Only Choking:” Judd deftly performs the Heimlich maneuver on his and Colleen’s neighbor Kyle (guest Stephen Rannazzisi), everyone is relieved — until Drew (guest Keegan-Michael Key), Kyle’s husband-to-be, becomes upset that Kyle turned to Judd for help when he was choking instead of him. Drew saw himself as the strong protector in the relationship and is unsure of his role now. Judd tries to help fix things but it backfires. Finally, Kyle takes Drew to a hot dog stand on Hollywood Boulevard where the owner knows his name. Kyle used to go there following every bad date and eat and eat because he felt so empty inside. Since meeting Drew two years ago, he hasn’t been back. Drew did save him; from becoming chubby and by helping him be whole. That’s why Kyle wants to marry him. They hug and all is good again.

“Viral Proposals:” Matt (guest Matt Long), who previously aided Annie in escaping from a bad date, can’t stop thinking about her. He contemplates breaking it off with his longtime girlfriend Amanda (guest Jaime King) but is unsure because he gets wrapped up in helping his friend propose to his girlfriend in a big musical number. In the end, Matt realizes that Amanda deserves someone who loves her enough to propose in an equally crazy way. That’s not him and he lets her go.

Later, Annie somewhat reluctantly gives up the baby to her sister. As Annie tells her about this guy that she’s attracted to but barely knows, Matt passes behind them, checking his cellphone.
First aired: July 21, 2011.


Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. MARIA says

    Bring the show back! I really love it. I was wondering why there weren’t any new episodes. Please, please do not cancel Love Bites.

  2. says

    Why Cancel It? I had many people, women and men who LOVED this show. I will really miss it, it was awesome. Love Bites was my guilty pleasure. Now, I have NOTHING. Thanks for nothing NBCucks.

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