Made in Jersey: Should the New TV Series Be Cancelled?

Made in Jersey TV showLast week, CBS aired the first episode of Made in Jersey, their new Friday night drama. Is it time for the show to be cancelled already?

Sandwiched between venerable CSI: NY and popular Blood Brothers, the premiere of Made in Jersey registered a disappointing 1.1 rating in the coveted 18-49 demographic with 7.82 million viewers. Year-to-year, the network was down significantly in the timeslot. Last season’s A Gifted Man also aired on Friday nights and never fell that low. It was cancelled after 16 episodes.

Both CSI: NY and Blue Bloods performed better than Jersey, seemingly an indication that viewers went out of their way to avoid watching the new show.

Should Made in Jersey be cancelled?

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Last night, according to the fast affiliate ratings, Made in Jersey registered a 1.0 demo rating with 6.77 million, a week-to-week decline of 27% in the demo and 13% in viewers. Clearly the premiere’s ratings weren’t a fluke. Not enough people want to spend their time watching the show, even when compared to other Friday night series.

TV show supportUnless the numbers turn around, it’s certain that Made in Jersey will be cancelled. At this point, once has to wonder if CBS will pull the show before all of the episodes have aired — if not soon then before November sweeps begins. If the cast and crew are still in production, the network could also shut them down.

What do you think? Should CBS continue to air Made in Jersey? Why do you think that more people aren’t watching the show?

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  1. Pam says

    For CBS to cancel a show after only 2 airings is ridiculous! I won’t be watching Undercover Boss, because I don’t like reality shows. Give a new drama a chance, CBS, you didn’t even promote it!!!

  2. lynn says

    i had it on for 2 weeks. thought it was ok. really hard to tell in 2 weeks if something is working or not. cbs has a habit of killing whatever is in that 8pm fri. night slot. joan of arcadia, even though ghost whisperer had a good run, it was pulled abruptly to everyone’s surprise, medium’s last season when it moved into that same slot. honestly, who is really home glued to the tv on fri. night at 8pm? if the 18-48 year old demographic is who they are targeting, they’d be better off airing infomercials fri. night at 8pm & anyone else who is home can watch another network.

  3. says

    I don’t think 2 episodes can actually determine the demise a a good show. Cheers would have never made history if it was viewed the same way. Just recently, Ted Danson admitted that the show got a slow start and had to change its time slot before it became a hit. I’m just so tired of these Network Exec’s deciding that they can actually make an intelligent decision by viewing 2 episondes.

  4. SNAPPS says

    I can’t believe CBS would cancel Made in Jersey only after showing two episodes. I thought the show was awesome and it would get better as time passes. Now I won’t be able to watch Janet which’s part of the reason I watch.

  5. Jeremy Rynek says

    Well, it was pretty much over before it started, they wouldn’t even put on the 3rd episode before they canceled it. CBS, you f**king suck. Just like fox, you have some best shows, and you cancel a lot of them.

  6. ml says

    Watched the first 2 episodes today on demand. I liked it and the cast. I am a big good wife fan and i will watch this.

  7. Rena Moretti says

    You put way too much weight on the 18-49 ratings.

    They’re for PR spin, not analysis.

    About Made in Jersey, it’s a bad idea for a show with a bad actress as the lead. It should never have been done at all.

    The question is not if that show should be canceled (it should) but why is 75% of the grid not canceled yet.

    Most of NBC, ABC and FOX’s shows are getting bad ratings and the entire CW schedule is an ongoing joke.

    Broadcast networks are shrinking to nothingness because of so many bad, low-rated shows (I mean who thought renewing Fringe with its 2 million viewers was a good idea?!!!)

    • Craig says

      Fringe being renewed is all about profit. Warner Brothers provides the show for a cost that allows Fox to make money.

  8. AD says

    This is one of the reasons network TV is having problems. A show doesn’t do good in the “demo ratings” area and it’s already on the chopping block. How are shows supposed to develop if the’re not given the chance?

  9. says

    The title is what killed it for me. I can’t watch the show without thinking of “Jersey Shore” with it’s hot and cold running herpes. I just get turned off seeing it on the tv channel listings so there was zero chance I’d watch it.

    They should have called it something like “Back to the Bronx” or somesuch if they just wanted to promote that it was a show about yankees.

    • Davers says

      LOL I agree 100%. I could not help but to think of the show and was a turn off cause the name made me think of it every single time I heard it.

  10. Andy says

    I agree, the time slot stinks! Are they kidding with 18-48 year olds. I don’t know many people in that age group that are home watching TV at 9:oo on a Friday night. I really enjoy this show and everyone I know has been tuning in…too bad your not counting everyone that watches. It’s a great, family show, with a sense of humor, which is VERY refreshing!

  11. Jason says

    This show is toast. If it makes it past November sweeps I’ll be surprised. It’s a shame b/c Janet Montgomery is HOT and talented and she needs a good show to headline.

  12. Jeremy Rynek says

    What they should have done is put this on Sundays after The Good Wife and not the mentalist. And furthermore, why put a new show on Friday nights? I mean really, why? If this gets canceled, I’m definitely not watching too many new shows, they are making a little habit of canceling good shows.

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