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Made in Jersey: New CBS TV Series; Is It Worth Watching?

TV series Made in Jersey on CBSCBS is unveiling a new legal drama tonight, Made in Jersey. Will it get high ratings or be cancelled after just a few episodes? Is it even worth your time?

Made in Jersey follows a young female lawyer (Janet Montgomery) from a working-class New Jersey household. She uses her street smarts at an upscale New York law firm and ends up taking her bosses and co-workers by surprise. The cast also includes Kyle MacLachlan, Felix Solis, Stephanie March, Toni Trucks, Donna Murphy, Erin Cummings, Megalyn Echikunwoke, Drew Beasley, and Alexandra Socha.

Is Made in Jersey worth watching? Here’s what some critics say:

NY Daily News: “Considering the reputation of TV characters from New Jersey, it’s ironic that the opening episode of Made in Jersey conspicuously lacks a bad guy… Sure, there will be bad guys in the crime of the week that she will cleverly solve. But we need something else — a bad seed in the family, a wild card from her past, a coworker whose conniving goes beyond snarky remarks. Until then, Made In Jersey feels curiously half-dressed.”

Salt Lake Tribune: “This is a good legal/crime drama with one big thing going for it — Montgomery. She’s great as Martina. It isn’t easy to carry an hourlong network show, but it sure looks like she’s up to the task.”

Boston Herald: “Here we are, with Made in Jersey, which you might want to write off as Snooki Law. Unfortunately, it’s not nearly as much fun… Oddly, it’s not Martina’s legal smarts or her alleged brashness that saves the day here — it’s most often her knowledge of hair and makeup that leads to cases unraveling against her clients. That’s an odd message to send viewers, but then, Made in Jersey looks like a shoddy product.”

Boston Globe: “Put Working Girl, The Nanny, and Ugly Betty in a blender and you’ll have… No, wait, put them on a cement platter and drop a piano on them, and then drop another cement platter on top of it all, and you’ll have Made in Jersey. In other words, this new CBS series is pretty flat.”

LA Times: “As schematic and derivative as it is, as invested in piling on the feel-good moments past the point even of suspended disbelief, there is something quite likable about Made in Jersey, a light new legal drama — ‘dramette,’ if you will — that premieres Friday on CBS.”

TV show supportNewsday:Made in Jersey does the legal thing, all right. It telegraphs what it’s gonna say, then it says it, then it tells you what it said. The pat pilot overflows with exposition and obvious moments, all pointing straight at That Girl, forever underestimated and invariably triumphant.”

San Francisco Chronicle: “If Made in Jersey were a better show, it would be a perfect candidate for USA Network. As it is, it’s an occasionally entertaining odd duck on the CBS schedule and premieres Friday night… Montgomery makes the show mildly enjoyable and will survive its probable short life span.”

What do you think? Have you watched Made in Jersey on CBS? If so, will you watch again? Would you recommend it to a friend?


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V.M.Cogburn April 14, 2013 at 12:52 pm

I really liked “Made in Jersey” – verydisappointted that the show was canceled!
The show was “fresh and interesing” and the main chaaracteers were also!
Also disappointed the best CSI New York was canceled!

Also disappointed “Last Man Standing” and Malibu County were taken off.
They were decent famiy shows. They were replaced by lewd gay type show.
TV choices have gotten worse and worse!
What about what regular normal people want to watch?


Barbara Lee October 19, 2012 at 6:46 pm

I really liked this show and am very disappointed that it has been pulled. I don’t need a seedy guy, a car chase, a sex scene or any of the other standards that seem to be obligatory in a lot of shows. In fact all of the above make make up a boring part of otherwise interesting shows. In this show the lead character is intelligent, funny, on her toes and up to a challenge. I can’t speak to her accent, having not grown up anywhere near New Jersey. I’d like CBS to take a risk and continue with this show. I don’t agree with the newspaper reviews that I read; they only seem to want more of the same old,
same old.


Ron October 18, 2012 at 7:05 am

I think the “Critics” are toooo critical. They seem to think viewers should watch something with a “message” or something that is “dumb downed” or a show that insults people in the name of Humor. I want entertainment that is ENJOYABLE not trying to send a message, insultingny intelligence, or putting down people and teaching kids that is OK to do. I like Made In New Jersey and do recommend it.


elizabeth October 8, 2012 at 1:06 pm

If this is what an Italian family acts like in New Jersey, thank heavens my parents came directly to California.


Connie Wight October 7, 2012 at 10:56 pm

Love this show.


Barb October 7, 2012 at 9:25 am

I think I may keep on watching…I Love Stephanie March and happy to see her back in a TV series…I question the “Jersey” accent..I am a Jersey Girl form one I know talks like Janet Montgomery and her family…CBS do your research


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